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  1. I'm gonna second Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Hilarious anime. Plus it's got a chick in it wearing a flame bikini and carries what I would guess to be a .50 cal sniper rifle.
  2. 50, I believe. It got to the point where I quit hacking stuff and just bought it all out.
  3. I actually kinda liked the Game Fuel. I beat BioShock, and the first thing that went through my head was, is that it? The end of it was really underwhelming compared to the rest of the game. Also, if you guys want to play something, Halo, Bomberman, Gears, whatever, my gamertag is OutLanderRed.
  4. Count me in. Gamertag is OutLanderRed. Also, cool videos.
  5. Awesome. So that's why images of some 16-bit randomness popped into my head when I heard that one. I take it then that you just kinda start messing around until something comes to you, then?
  6. So far I'm liking what I'm hearing. I do have one question though: how much did video game music influence you when you started writing these?
  7. Makes me glad that I didn't get one then.
  8. That's actually part of what makes the game fun for me. Especially when you can use corpses as meat shields and then promply throw them at your enemies with Telekinesis. That actually saved me from about a dozen security bots yesterday.
  9. That was so innuendo laden that I don't even know where to begin. Anyways, I like my DS. It has served me well in the short time I've had it.
  10. I've heard that the skins are a bitch to get off. And they leave all kinds of residue on it. As for restricting airflow, all the ones that I've seen have holes cut in them so they don't restrict it. As for everything else, meh. I could care less about the theme I have. Especially since any text that's on it I can't read because I don't have a high-def tv.
  11. I was waiting for it when I first heard about it. When I got the demo, I was excited. When I played it, I was hugely disappointed. It just didn't feel like a C&C game to me. I'll probably buy it when it drops in price to about twenty or so bucks. The only thing that was really cool about it was the sidebar. And I could probably find a few gripes about that as well. I was afraid that it would fall into the mediocrity that is known as EA Games. And it seems I was right. It doesn't help EA gain any points with me when they insist on releasing a patch the day a game is released. It supposedly fixes bugs that shouldn't of even been in the final release anyway.
  12. And that's the problem with A LOT of MySpace pages. There are alot of people that I know that I couldn't stay in touch with without Facebook, and there are the odd few that have MySpace. So, that being said, I have both. But I prefer Facebook.
  13. It depends on the style of desk. I just use a regular mouse pad because my desk wouldn't pick up all of my movements. But I can't say anything about mouse pads that are specially made for optical mice.
  14. That makes sense. I know it was live. If it were either all live or all electronic, I might like it better. But the sax just sticks out like a sore thumb to me, and that kinda kills it for me.
  15. This is a good mix. My only problem with it though, is that the sax felt too human. I also think I might've liked it better if you had played it in the upper register, instead of the middle.
  16. I think that's the only difference between Mario and Dr. Mario. But, if you think about it, that's also what sets the two apart. While they are basically the same character, Dr. Mario deserves to be a character in his own right. So what if they play the same. The good doctor is a completely different character from your normal, every day, garden-variety Mario. It gives you a choice.
  17. There are a couple of flaws with this idea. While they have nearly identical movesets, Falco is actually stronger than Fox, while not being as fast as Fox. Not to mention the fact that Falco is his own entity with his own history. Kinda like how you can't have Samus and Zero Suit Samus be alternate costumes, or all the Links be alternate costumes. While they're basically the same characters, they're not. All because they are so alike, yet so different. You can do it with Peach and Daisy, because from what I've seen, they are nearly identical physically. Fox and Falco are not, and all the Links are not, and Samus and Zero Suit Samus are not.
  18. How the hell is Falcon better than Ganondorf? And Jigglypuff on the High Tier?! And how the hell is Mewtwo on the lowest tier with Pichu? You should see my brother use him. He's crazy-good with Mewtwo. I can believe it. I think the tiers are broken up into how easy it is to use the characters. Your brother must be very patient if he's as good as you say with mewtwo. I can find that list very believable, if I'm understanding it properly.
  19. It all depends on how you mash it. I've managed to do it several times, but I still haven't figured out exactly how to do it. IBu tonce I get it going, I often lose it after a second or two. As for the rest of your problems, I've never encountered those kinds of anomalies. I also don't remember ever fighting a Giant Luigi.
  20. Yeah. That got it to work. Thanks.
  21. It doesn't work. Finale can't open it. Says its an invalid file type. You have to have Finale 2006 or better in order to open the file. Anything prior to 2006 won't recognize the file format... I know. I have Finale NotePad 2006, which shouldn't make a difference. I've opened files created in every version of Finale before. Just won't work. Right-Click Save As, and the like. Won't work. It's almost like the link is bad, or something.
  22. It doesn't work. Finale can't open it. Says its an invalid file type.
  23. The sax is one of the hardest instruments to master. Like someone else already said, you will need at least a year to really get good at it. The way you play really depends on you. I find that on my mpc, I can usually get by with about a 1/4 to a third of it in my mouth at any given time. My band director once said that the sax is the easiest to play, but the hardest to keep in tune. With most instruments, they have at least one note that will always be out of tune. With the sax, one note is in tune and the rest are out of tune. You really need to work on emberchoure(sp?) to be able to play the wide range of sounds on a sax(in tune). When it comes to choosing a sax, people can reccomend certain types to you, but you really need to play 'em to find the right one. What works for one person may not work for you. I'm going to reiterate what has already been said: buy used, but only if you are serious about it. If you do that and have five or six hundred dollars to spare, you should get it overhauled and turn it into a really good horn. I'm fairly certain some of this has already been said, but just thought I'd reiterate it.
  24. I haven't had that problem. It should just convert the file to the updated format(or something like that). I use Finale Notepad 2006. Don't got the dough for a better version. EDIT: Never mind what I just said.
  25. you guys did a good job with this. the whole thing blew my ears away. my personal favs are "Vast Inner Depths of Brinstar" and "The Galaxy is at Peace". it rules!
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