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  1. Wow... all I can say is this song really did make me feel like I was going through a journey - and really makes cosmo canyon seem alot more real. Good job.
  2. Super Punch Out had some good ones.
  3. Loved it all, but maybe I'm just easier to please. Kudos djpretzel.
  4. ...I'm speechless. Outstanding, outside of the name of course, which I imagine stops people from taking the mix seriously and then not download it. Like the poster above me said, "if you haven't already, download this mix right now!!!"
  5. Props on this wonderful beat, to one of the few games that revolutionized the industry... madd talent, with two d's just so you know I mean buisness, but perhaps that's the nostaglia talking.
  6. Matches the game perfectly. That "cool" street vibe, with undertones of something a tad more devious beneath it all, which really comes out at the end. Well done.
  7. I was honestly surprised at how beautiful this track was, and how eloquently it all flows together. Funny that this sounds, better than alot of professional game music. Kudos to you.
  8. The best thing about this song, is that it's long, over 7 minutes long, which gives us more mp3 to love. What can I say? Superb, in every meaning of the word - I don't see this coming off my playlist for a long long time.
  9. Out of everything I have heard so far on ocremix, this, by far, remains my absolute favorite. The beat, percussion and piano throughout is well... a smooth ride. This song epitomizes, to me at least, gaming as an art form and more importantly the connotations this site has to get people to reconigze gaming as a symphony of art, music and math in its' highest form, instead of all the negative images usually associated with gaming.
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