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  1. They look too big to be the children.And pyramid head has too many muscles. Your point?
  2. Those creatures in the third picture...I think they could be the stabby kids from the school. 'course, I can't say exactly since it's horribly fragmented.
  3. And Harry isn't pyramid head, but that doesn't stop people from saying the opposite See, I got that much...just like I got the fact that all of the places you visit in the game are related to Walter somehow.But this is what I don't get. The general consensus about SH1 is that Alessa is creating the other world to punish people, but leaves items along the way to help you get through and, hopefully, help her. But if Walter greated the world in SH4 why would he help you? I mean no, there isn't an abundance of stuff like the previous games (except for those goddamned golf clubs) but you've still got enough to get through. Personally speaking I usually end up with surplus stuff in the chest at the end of the game. Kinda like how Walter's standing at his door in the second round of the apartments? Gotcha. Doesn't Frank leave a note in his diary about people complaining about "The guy in the long coat"?(Which could be anyone were it not in a video game, when it's only going to be one or two people) SPOILARZ (is it sad that that's how I instinctively typed that? I think so) What I find hard to believe is that nobody noticed the smell of crucified serial killer coming from the back room...even through walls, the smell of corpses is damn hard to get rid of. Does she? I know she talks about a girl taking Bachman road (and how said road is out)...but does she specifically say it's Alessa? It could be another image of Cheryl like you get at the very beginning. Well yes, I didn't mean it like Dahlia carted Alessa off in a bag somewheres...but she gave you the Flauros because she knew it'd trap Alessa. Eventually. Silent Hill 2 is a separate story from SH1 and you won't gain any deeper understanding of SH2 by playing SH1 first.The only games you could do with playing in order are 1 and 3...but Sh3 gives you a summation of SH1 halfway through anyway, so it's not a necessity.
  4. I have seen it, yes. I also noticed they paid homage to it shortly after you fight the hangers in SH2...y'know, strapped to a table roaming the hellish asylum.
  5. In the game it was a mystical artefact used for sealing power. Dahlia gave it to you knowing that sooner or later you'd run into Alessa' date=' which would cause the Flauros to activate, thus weakening Alessa an allowing Dahlia to take her to Nowhere.In real life Flauros is supposedly a mischievous demon who has the body of a man and the head of a cat. He enjoys bringing the pain. Samael is just another persona for Satan. You can look it up in most any mythological encyclopedia.
  6. Well, the thing is...the previous three (four) games had some kind of explanation as to why crazy things were happening. The craziness in SH1/1pn was created by Alessa Gillespie manifesting her pain/fears (either to hide from Dahlia, punish various people, whatever...it doesn't really say explicitly, just hints). SH2 is James' mind torturing itself. SH3 is Claudia being a bitch...SH4 didn't really give a reason for the weirdness. Not an explicit one like the previous three, anyhow. As for the two worlds being related, stuff in silent hill 1 explains this away (and as I type this "all good girls" by the wingless comes on...CONSPIRACY THEORY!) For example, you only meet Lisa in the otherworld Silent Hill. Likewise, you only see Alessa in the otherworld...shortly after the first boss in SH1 you see her watching you, but as things fade from bloody and burnt to normal she fades away. Likewise in SH2, only certain people can see certain things in the town. Eddie, for example, can't see Pyramid Head. Presumably he can't see the burning stairs either, but Angela and James can (she says something to the effect of "You see it [the fire] too? For me it's always like this" They kinda...shat all over that idea in SH3, though. So I dunno. I'm still confused as to my query...
  7. I knew I wasn't the only person who spotted the head outside Henry's window...I take no credit for this further than finding it floating about somewhere (Pun intended). http://home.comcast.net/~andydthorley/head_0002.wmv
  8. I shouldn't enjoy that, but I do.
  9. Know what's sad? I knew that off the top of my head ;_; If only they held competitions for this kinda crap
  10. I said it on MSN and I'll say it hyah... They could have gotten a worse composer, some of the stuff Danna has been involved with has been pretty good. 8MM, for example. He's good with the moody music, so you can count on him not using a stupid techno soundtrack.
  11. Damn right. To be fair, though, when you see Thesally Lerner it's pretty easy to see why they won't be scripting her as Lisa. 'cause...y'know, they look nothing like one another. Also she's more suited to doing kids shows...if you look up the voice acting clips on her site it's all like "HEY KIDS! WOW, CRAZY THINGS! WHEEE!" and Lisa doesn't even get a look-in. I suppose this is why the crew went for her: yes she has a soft, gentle voice, but so do lots of other actresses...a kids show voice would be virtually unknown in the gaming world. umm...did I not make it clear that I wasn't going for a Silent Hill thing? 'cause if I didnt, I meant to. Writing it as a silent hill story would greatly restrict what I had to work with and piss off people when I took it in my own direction (as your post shows).The stuff I sent you wasn't a "What do you think of this as a Silent Hill tale" deal, but more of a "What do you think of this as a story in general" thing. So...I dunno, you wanna read it through again or something? Hopefully you get this before you go on your loooong rant about how its nothing like a game I'm not trying to copy
  12. Though I get the feeling he'll chuck it in given the pile of story notes I sent him yesterday
  13. So I have been doing some discussion...ing...and have come to a pretty nifty conclusion. I've taken allthe stories I have ideas for and condensed them into one story. I wont be submitting the stuff in this thread...but I'll see if I can find some writing sites to submit to. If you find me and post some here then I'll let you know...Think of it as an excuse to do more reading
  14. So I've been wondering whether or not I should pick up my stories again (or rather, start over on my stories since everything I had written for them seems to have vanished...not even searching the word cache reveals anything!) I've got ideas for four or five, but nothing solid...so I think I'd be best if I take these ideas and condense them into one, maybe two stories. As it stands there are three problems that I face... 1) Silent Hill is a predetermined cityscape. I can't say "Hey, there's a starbucks now" or whatever, because there quite clearly isn't. I was thinking of rectifying this by taking one of my own fictional towns and setting them there...but this would mean I'd need to write my own back-story, which I can't really do since most of the stuff I'd planned was based on the idea of a house burning down, a little girl dying, said girl taking revenge...y'know, Silent Hill fanfiction-y stuff. 2) I really don't have anything resembling faith in my story-writing ability. In my mind the scripts for my cartoon are pretty good, but that's because I can do whatever I want (I've sent the scripts for episodes 1, 2 and 3 to people and they thought they were great). When it comes to stories I just...lack confidence. I could probably get round this by using an assumed name on a writing group or something. 3) Writing my scripts is taking up a lot of time...I'm not getting very much done on them as it is (I've been writing since February and even though I've got pieces of scripts for ~50 episodes only two are totally finished) and distracting myself with something else would probably just get me frustrated. I dunno. Words of advice and encouragement and help and not-STFUECKELZ would be welcome.
  15. Yeah, well...your mom's available at Silent Hill Media.
  16. Ive got a couple of MP3's that might warrant posting if only for their "Oh, that's kinda quaint" charms. The first is Laura reciting a prayer (If I should die before I wake...) The second is Mary reading her last letter to Laura (My dearest Laura, I'm leaving this letter with Rachel...) The third is the audio that was going to be on the videotape that James watches in his room. As soon as I can get them uploaded (my new PC doesnt like my FTP software) then I'll post them.
  17. Ive got ten bucks says it's penis related.
  18. I play silent hill too much. Y'all may be aware of American Edit (http://www.americanedit.net/)...track 1 uses the radio wailing from SH1 that plays when you fight the final boss. It's sad that I notice this.
  19. I'm all for controversial comics. Gimme.
  20. Don't forget David Lynch's "Twin peaks"...Bob the serial killer served as the basis for Walter Sullivan Rawr! Other things... Silent Hill 1 has a poster for The Exorcist on the side of the wall of one of the night club (El Encanté) SH1 also has REDRUM scrawled on a garage wall. Also the Jim Beam whiskey logo. SH1 also references the Wizard of Oz twice. The three keys are Scarecrow, Lion and Woodman...and Lisa Garlands surname is, on admission of the character creation team, referencing Judy Garland. And don't forget John Wyndhams book "The Midwich Cuckoos" and South Park, possibly...that could be a coincidental name, however. --- Offhand I can recall SH2 referencing Lewis Carroll and and Ruth Rendell in street names. I can't name any specific books, but Brookhaven is supposed to be a real FBI lab. Several stories have been based off it, though...as I say, I can't name any specifically. --- SH3 doesnt have many that haven't already been done. I've heard some people suggest the X-Files has been referenced in the cigarette you find smoking in the apartment block. --- SH4 references the 4 ring films. (those who have played the game will know what I mean). It also references a Peter Jackson film: Frighteners. This happens in the way the ghosts push their way through the walls.
  22. Mild spoilers about how to obtain each ending The way you act while playing the game dictates what ending you get...as opposed to the first game when the ending depends on which characters you manage to save from the monsters. If you show you care about Maria (checking on her several times in the hospital, not letting her get hurt, always following her directions etc) then the chances are you'll get the ending revolving around Maria. If you show you care more about Mary (looking at her photograph several times, reading her letter (even when it's gone) listening to her memories in the tunnel without interrupting her) then you'll probably get the ending revolving around Mary. It also depends on what shape you keep James in...if you try to keep him as healthy as possible and heal him into and beyond the green zone (often healing when you dont really need it) and avoid taking damage and looking at Angelas knife then you're less likely to get the water ending. Likewise if you show that you dont much care for James (take damage, dont heal much, look at the knife (thus contimplating suicide)) then the water ending awaits you. SPOILARX Yeah, it's true. About halfway through SH3 Heather returns to her apartment to find Harry dead in his chair. It's what encourages her to go to Silent Hill and deal with Claudia
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