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  1. True. I'm just using my common sense here. I woulda thought that this one was obvious, man. Maria came to life because she was created to be the perfect version of Mary...who dies a lot to torture James for what he did (I cant be sure, but I think it says this in the DVD) I would say the fact that she leaves Silent Hill makes her real and not just in James' mind. I worked out how SH1 and SH2 link to one another. County Highway 26 (the road with the billboards on it) is connected to Sanford Street (where Lakeside Amusements and the Lighthouse are). I'll tell you I was pretty pissed when I found out you didnt get to explore new areas of SH1 like the box promised. Or that heather doesnt follow Harry's route at all. Heather approaches the merry-go-round from the direction that, to harry, was nothing (IE: The metal floor had been ripped up, nothing there). Similarly, Harry heads straight ahead to the merry-go-round, whereas heather has to make a left. For further proof; harry never went in the front gate at lakeside amusements, Harry never saw the shopping ring, he never went into the shops, he didn't see a roller coaster (let alone walk on one) and he didnt see HALF the stuff heather sees (Teacup ride, Stage, Fortune teller, haunted house etc)
  2. There'd been three years since he last saw her. That and he wants to repress everything that happened in Silent hill the last time he went (IE: Mary getting killed)
  3. Well, if she spent alot of time with Mary in the hospital, then when James came to visit, he probably met Laura. He DID meet Laura. In Mary's letter to Laura it talks about James. I can't remember the exact text but it's something along the lines of "Don't hate James, he's a sweet guy, he's just very quiet". It's the same letter which says that Mary and James intend to adopt her...which explains why Laura leaves town with James in the Leave ending. So in that respect, she serves (to James at any rate) as an incentive to carry on. Find out what happened and get a daughter, y'know?
  4. I just came out of lesson in which I wrote a little about who Laura is. The main thing I wrote about was concerned with the following exchange: James: What's a little girl like you doing here anyway? Laura: Huh? Are you blind or somethin? Most people use this line to assume that Laura has some deeper meaning for being in the game, but I have my own theory that it relates to James and Laura having met one another prior to the games release. SH4 SPOILARS, OMG As far as Henry goes, I would have to suggest he's related either to James or Angela. I say James because his name was flying back and forth when the game was released {though probably because James was supposed to be the main character in the game}. I say Angela because of his hair colour and the fact that Oroscoe is the only surname that really works with Henry as a surname. Henry Dombrowski is just stupid.
  5. The game will be longer than SH3? I should hope so, too...considering I can walk through SH3 in about a third of the time I can walk through the other two. And I hope it'll be harder, too... I only needed three saves when playing SH2...and two of them were because I needed to go get something to eat. -edit- Thinking about it, there's something in silent hill 3 which really confused me. Around the town are little square shield-like things with facial features on them...some have mouths, some have ears, some have eyes... What the hell do they do? Do they represent something? Cause even I cant work it out and I'm one of the masters of obscure links...
  6. Well then... ...umm....keep it up? *shrug* Does anyone have a link to the Silent Hill fan Calendar? I did have one, but I lost it...It's ages old (its for 2000) but some of the artwork was pretty good.
  7. Oh youre just having maria fantasies. Come on, you know it's true...
  8. Or that the piece was performed live...
  9. Alessa doesnt burn to death, though. Remember? Lisa made a video about it...the "Still has an unusually high fever" one. The reason that it created Cheryl was because Alessas body went through so much pain that half the soul was driven out (which is a belief in many cultures. Put the body in enough pain and the soul will eventually call it quits and leave) And thats why they burned Alessa...to drive her soul out so that they had an empty shell for Samael to come into (also as a sacrifice to show allegience to him) This is also why Cheryl is so desparate to go with Harold (heehee...Harold. You can see why he prefers Harry, cant you?) back to Silent hill, because somewhere in her mind she knows what's there and she knows that she can become one with Alessa again if she goes there.
  10. Not true. It's very rare, but it still grows somewhere out in the desert. It says so when you read up on it (in Cheryl's old room from SH1)
  11. Following on from M@'s ideas, it seems a little odd that Valtiel would not attack you when he has so many chances. I therefore suggest that he is not a bad guy after all...
  12. A list of the alternative death scenes that I have found in Silent Hill 3 (OMGSPOILERS)... 1) If you die in certain places, Valitel will turn up and drag you off (as has been said) 2) If you die in certain places, a closer will turn up and drag you off (The walkway in the alternative lakeside...thats the only place I've seen this one) 3) If you leave the subway train you get to see a lovely 1st person view of going under the wheels 4) If you dont electrocute the tentacle demon, he'll drag you under and kill you. 5) If you stay on the train tracks too long youll get squished (and hear a lovely crunching noise too) 6) If you dont take the Aglophoutis when fighting Claudia, you break out in a blood rash and die. 7) Falling down holes. Sucks, but it happens If the nurses kill you, a puppet doctor turns up and drags her off 9) If you don't turn the power off on the lakeside roller coaster, youll get squished, just like the beginning. And thats what I found (I was bored on my third playthrough so I just died as often as I could ^^)
  13. In the chapel. At one point if you look left, through the mesh wire you can see him holding a nurse by the neck and picking her up before throwing her back down. Also, if you look at certain points, you can see him with nurses covered with a big red curtain (I'm assuming theyre nurses owing to the groans they make)
  14. I dunno..... Good question i have no answer to that.. Are the girl really nurse? they wear long red robes for me (in the intro) Yeah...there're parts of the game when you can see him strangling nurses
  15. Roight...and where does throttling nurses come into it?
  16. I do indeed have the GodOfThunder outfit. I had a list of outside references in Silent Hill 3...these are the ones I can remember off the top of my head. 1) Yura-Sama (The drummer from Psycho Le Cemu) is on one of the posters in the book store. 2) The haunted house is named "Borley Haunted Mansion". Borley rectory is supposedly the most haunted house in the world (in fact, there's a picture of Borley rectory on the signpost for the haunted house. It can be seen here 3) The picture in the confessions booth is the picture that Julian Lennon drew which served as the inspiration for the song "Lucy in the sky with diamonds" 4) We've covered the bit about the fairy being from Zelda 5) On one of Heather's jackets it says "something wicked this way comes" which is the title of a book by, I believe, Dean Koontz (who has a street named after him in SH1) And thats it for now. Also, what in the HELL is that weird thing that you see throughout the game...the one turning the valves and hanging nurses and so on...
  17. Dont forget the unlimited sub-machine gun. Makes the perfume almost worthwhile...
  18. roight! I got me a copy of silent hill 3. And I've been playing it a lot...and it kicks ass. PS: Bump
  19. As I understood from the trailers, it's about a guy going mad in his apartment block. To be honest, it looks like Silent Hill is turning into resident evil...only with a good reputation... Anyways, I sent 13 pages of material to Starzander and Ifrit to use in the construction of the site. I have also been drafted to do the sections on monsters, characters and storyline (possibly the walkthrough also, if I can find time)
  20. Currently clocking up 13 a4 pages of silent hill 1 theories, links, rumours, glitches and other doodads...
  21. heehee...yep. Like I told you, pretty much everything in Silent Hill 1 is a vague reference to something else (Triforce anyone?)
  22. Starzander, ifrit and myself had a couple hours chatting today in which we came up with a bunch of ideas for the site. Currently, the title of the page stands as "Brookhaven. Commit yourself" And we've been discussing variious things which we can put on the site...currently, the majority of which falls to me Star: I should have a skeleton site for the theories tomorrow. If I can take my laptop out with me, I'm sure I can.
  23. Actually, the tape is cut... You pass through it on your way to Blue Creek...cause on the way you have to fight three straight jacket skins (Two walkers, one hiding under a car) Or Harry WAS wanted there and Dhalia was not. Remember how Alessa thanks Harry as she's dying? oh niiiiiiice, I like that one Well I'm at college right now They dont like you using MSN messenger. And now I gots to get back to class.
  24. Sounds good to me... I only put frames in my site (and all sites I ever do) cause they get you +10 marks if you implement it in your AS Level ICT coursework. so yeah, I'll see what I can do.
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