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  1. Offhand I can only think of the answer to this question..."AEC Burger"...or "AIC Burger" something along those lines. I didn't know the costumes let you do stuff (save for the Princess Heart one)...'sides, I always stuck with the God of Thunder one.
  2. Thank you. The manual says Morris (or rather, mine does). So I would say that it's Morris...most likely Harry lived under an assumed name to stop people from finding him quite as easily. (Or in real life terms its to create a bit of suspense and to give an "OMGWUT" experience halfway through the game )
  3. Silent Hill: Satans game I think more people would get it if you put in the third part. Otherwise it's not that hot, no. That really is the best bit of the film.
  4. I'm sure Midwich Street is the vertical street that Midwich Elementary school is on. I dont have access to the maps at the moment, but that's what I think. This is true. There's about three bars in the middle of the tune (it plays just after the mid-point of the cutscene (no spoilers, of course)). Actually, I pretty much just copied and pasted everything I'd written for that brookhaven site we were working on...your name was on there, but they must've forgotten to add it. The name of those monsters is Insane Cancer. I thought the insane cancers were those weird chicken things (y'know, the first monster you find in the mall...three of them attack you once you get the bookshop key) And if that IS the case then what do the chicken things represent? (Also, I think the nurse thing is more likely a play on the Eros/Thanatos that SH2 had going for it...'course I could be wrong)
  5. Look who's been busy... http://www.flyingomelette.com/cameos/cameoss.html (Tip: Scroll down to the Silent Hill section) -Edit- Ifrit, if the seven deadly sins theory is true then what are the huge guys supposed to be? (y'know, the ones you find in the dance studio or at the bottom of the Hazel St stairwell)
  6. Those are from the SH2 DVD that shipped free with the SH2 game, not the book of lost memories, which was released seperately.
  7. Didn't you get the image notes that went along with them?
  8. Actually, it's Heather Morris. Anyhow, I have 30-some screenshots from the SH2 DVD and once I get home I'll have someone host them and pass them around for you.
  9. Playing through silent hill 3 again I noticed something (aside from another SH2 poster)...the enemies with the big heads and hands...the really tall ones that shoot spikes from their fists...they're wearing dresses. Not just any dresses mark you...they look like the one that child alessa wears in SH1...just something to think about, there.
  10. Lisa's videotape plays halfway through the labyrinth in Brookhaven. Y'know, the one when she asks what's keeping Alessa alive and so on.
  11. No matter how many times I see her, I cannot get my head round Thesally Lerner...It's just...NO! YOURE SUPPOSED TO HAVE RED HAIR! *my head a splode* -edit- Also, when I can be bothered to get my laptop out at the same time as my SH2 DVD I'll take some screenshots to show y'all...there's some interesting stuff in there.
  12. SH2 Spoilers!!!!11one I wouldn't have thought so...since Laura doesn't have any demons to face. Angela, Eddie and James all killed someone in the past (hence their being in Silent Hill), but Laura is just there because of her connection to James and Mary (IE: Had things worked out differently she would have ended up living with the Sunderlands...something that happens in one of the endings)
  13. Perhaps it's because Eddie doesn't actually face his demons...think about it, James ends up fighting bird-cage woman, Angela ends up traumatised by Bedman (who, for some unbeknown reason decides to turn on you), but who does Eddie have? Nothing and nobody as far as I can see. Incidentally I read a review a while back citing the silent hill franchise as a tool of evil since it promotes the violent murder of innocents. If I'm entirely honest I can only think of one point in the Silent Hill games when you have to kill an innocent and even then it's entirely up to you. for elaboration (and OMGSPOILARZ) highlight away: In Silent Hill 1 when you fight Cybil you have the option of killing her. There is nothing in the game to make you do it (the game doesn't reward you enough to make you WANT to do it) so I don't exactly see how this can be cited as the game forcefully making you kill an innocent person. The only other human victim in the Silent Hill series is Eddie from SH2...and he's by no means an innocent. For one thing you find when you find him in the locker room he's surrounded by six bodies and mouthing off about how he's glad he killed them (not to mention he talks about how he's murdered two people and a dog before that point) so while the game makes you kill him it doesn't class as killing an innocent. Of course Vincent does the whole "They looked like monsters to you?" bit...but even then he follows it up with "PSYCHE LOL!", which is a shame, cause I really think that one could have worked if they played it off right.
  14. Something hit me last night...in Silent hill 2 there's always a TV nearby whenever somebody finds out something about their past and goes on to face their demons. Angela has a TV in the room when the bedman first attacks her (Remember? She hits bedman with it once you go through the hard work of killing him for her) James watches the TV set to find out what happened when he was last in Silent Hill...and shortly after he finds psycho woman in the floaty upside-down bird cage. Eddie I'm not too sure about...which is where this imagery falls down, to be fair. It could be that Eddie is somehow related to James' corpse in the apartment building (he was watching a TV tuned into nothing but static so I guess it could follow), but Eddie doesnt really watch TV at any point during the game. Still, some of the other imagery is pretty good...like the pistons on the wall in Angela's part of the labyrinth. Sometimes it's good to see something perverse in everything you do...
  15. I like how you called it programming
  16. Alright, ladies and germs...It's been a while. The "Andrew thorley was bored in college one day" troupe proudly presents its latest presentation of an andy thorley presentation: SILENT HILL 1: THE SIM CITY 2000 MAP I had to take certain liberties with the map...The mountain, for instance, is there because Harry slides down it at the beginning of SH1...and there are several roads that werent there in the original (but these are only here because in SH1 they taper off into nothingness and I couldnt have that)...oh, and I put in a power station and power cables (cause, y'know, the residents are gonna be pretty pissed if you dont have power). I've put in several notable landmarks...Alchemilla is on there...so is the SHPD station and Midwich Elementary, but the rest of the map is empty so you can develop it how you see fit. Enjoy!
  17. Spoiler that pertains to the semi-spoiler in the previous posrIn the making of Silent Hill 2 DVD the games director said that the guy in the chair was James (as is the dead guy at the end of the alleyway that you get a key from)...and that they did this for two specific reasons. The first was to save rendering another man, but the second, more important one, was to represent how James' nightmares are coming true (about Silent Hill and himself)
  18. It's a simple sprite to reuse over and over and over. It's the same reason every room in Midwich Elementary has the same drawings on the walls. Anyways...about the abundance of light in Silent Hill 4...I really didn't like it. Whereas the first three games promoted creeping about in the dark to make sure nobody saw you the fourth had no creeping, no hiding, nothing like that...just out-and-out running like hell (because killing the monsters was too much of a chore). Some of the creepy things they did with the light could have worked but only if they put more effort into it. Like the custodian in the tower (For those who dont know, when you enter one room you hear thunderous footsteps and you see the shillouette of a person walk past the door)...it would have worked if there had been something there when you got out of the room. But the fact there was nothing made it more of a "oh..." moment than anything else. I should probably get round to finishing four. I got to the forest the second time round and I'm supposed to be assembling the doll...I just thought "oh to hell with that" and gave up. It really did spectacularly fail to hold my attention even with the cameos and giant heads and whatnot.
  19. I would have looked, but I was too busy going "UH OH IT HAVE BEGUN TO MOVE!" and running as fast as my badly animated legs would carry me.
  20. Yeah, if you look through the peephole it shows him trying to bang on the door and shouting for help...
  21. Here's one that's been bugging me. In the opening video (the one you see before you even begin to play the game) you see a ghost floating about in a room with a table/chair set. Later on you find that this is an actual ghost in an actual room in the game...in fact, it is the room in which you find your first sword of obedience. What I'd like to know is why do they show this ghost? He serves no purpose to the game at all...he's just another regular run of the mill ghost...
  22. Quoted for emphasis on LOL What? I'm allowed to say Lol... You'd think so, wouldn't you? Well you're kinda right. There're only 3 endings in the game...Good, Bad and UFO (Which is the best VG ending ever). It pretty much gets explained to you halfway through the final dungeon how to influence the games ending...but I wont ruin it further.
  24. SH2+3 SPOILERS! (but not really) He turned up in the UFO ending and abducted James. Also, it's worth pointing out that James is in SH3...he's having a tea party with Harry and an alien in the UFO ending just before Harry wigs out and blows up Silent Hill) Well yeah, but that's not the TV. Half-way through the game it'd make perfect sense to do something weird with the TV like show that video or have the hand woft out of it... (When you get that far, you'll understand why) Hmm. So why weren't they all floaty like everything else? Why turn them into a big-ass demon that flaunts the laws of physics like they were the speed limit.
  25. Seeing as how he produced SH4, this news somewhat irritates me now. On SH4 (Spoilars ahoy!) Like most games I play, I once again found myself directing the game in my head; coming up with little snippets of "I would have done that better" or "If I were in charge, I would've done it this way..." One thing I found myself complaining about again and again was the pace of the game. There's almost no character development throughout. Example (spoilers): "Hey, I'm the fanservice character. But I'm dead now." "Hey, I'm the token nutjob. But I'm dead now." Another thing I would have done would be to edit the way the monsters (specifically the victims) look and behave. Look at the victims as they fly along...the way their legs are slightly bent at the knee suggests that their model was sitting at the time of creation. Frankly I would have thought they would have been scarier had their legs been straight and it looked as though they were hanging from a noose of some description. The nurses. I would pretty much totally overhaul the nurses. Their model is fine, but that's about it. For starters I would have them lurch about more rather than the confident swagger they seemed to have. Secondly I'd have them recoil in some way when you hit them...that really REALLY irritated me about them; when I hit a monster with neck severing force I want to see them recoiling in immense pain, not just sliding back a little. Thirdly I would take out that stupid STUPID burping sound they made as you hit them. The team didnt even TRY to disguise the fact that it was a burp. The hospital was ruined enough as it was, but the burping nurses just ruined it. On the same vein...am I the only person who thinks they let the teaboy design the hospital and everything in it? The nurses suck (as described above) the maniac wheelchairs suck, some of the puzzles are stupid and the only things that redeemed it were the giganto-head and the cameo of a mannequin from SH2 (if you look out the window in one of the cells on the second floor there's a mannequin stood there. I can't say which room since that floor is randomly generated every time). And they didnt put Harry in it! I mean what the hell's up with that? He's been in all three so far, so why not the fourth!? (Yes, I get so worked up over the smallest of things). Things I did like: Pushing monsters down the stairs and watching them take other monsters with them. This one bit when I was on the rooftop of the building across from Henry's appartment I smacked a gorilla round the neck with the bat and it rolled down the stairs, crashing into another gorilla and taking it down too, killing them both. I paused and I laughed my ass off for about ten minutes...and soon after this became my tactic. Camp at the top of the fire escape charging the baseball bat and using it to drive any attackers down the stairs before crying "Yeah, take THAT you big gorilla bastard" I dont have any qualms at all about the real-time item selection since it's cheatable. Just hit select to pause the game and open up the item help thing, position the cursor over what you want, hit select to unpause then square (or whatever your designated button is) to equip. The only waiting time you have is for Henry to shrug his shoulders as the weapon appears. The way you didnt need a radio like in SH2. I cannot have been the only person who did this...just turn the radio off and let the music guide you. Take the hospital for instance...normally you had a quiet howling of wind or a gentle sine wave. When a nurse came by, you had the evil clangings of the "Ashes and ghost" track. It got louder and quieter as the monsters got closer and further away and it stopped when all the monsters had been vanquished. I didn't find NEARLY as many cameos in this game as the others. Eileen has a Robbie the Rabbit doll on her bed (I swear that rabbit is a psycho bitch...he's going to murder me in my bed and I know it!) Robbie's head sometimes floats by outside your window (over the hotel, around that kinda area)...though I gotta gives props to Starzander for finding that one. There are posters from SH3 littering the subway. Those for "Fruity Rouge" and "Havocs business daily" are the most obvious ones, since they appear the most. The bit with Richard in the appartment (when you get there you'll know the bit) is a reference to that scene from the film "The Green Mile." I'm pretty disappointed they didnt do anything with the TV. I would have loved to see a Ringu reference or something like that bit from Poultergeist. "Theyre heeeeeeere...." Thoughts (SPOILAR!!1) Weren't two of Sullivan's victims little girls? You find an article about it in Blue Creek and there's a question about it on the Trick or Treat show (both from SH2)... So why aren't there little girl enemies? Or at least little girls parodying that bit from the Shining "Come play with us Danny...forever and ever and ever" *DEADED* Not about SH4 My SH stories are coming along nicely. I've come up with another idea (bringing my total to 5)...and I'm kinda writing that, but it's not going to be a story, but a comic done by me or one of my friends (who cares if I can't draw well...it's the story that matters, AM I RITE!!!?1!1/) I'll put out some stuff just as soon as I'm good and ready, alright?
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