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  1. It was good until the rapping and overuse of scratching.
  2. I first downloaded the MIDI of this and I thought "y'know I really hope this guy re-does this". And he did. Its brilliant, wonderful, well worth it!
  3. A brilliantly put together piece. One of demi0s' best works.
  4. Many people complain that there are too many remixes of the crystal prelude around and that no-one should even think about remixing it. This remix smashes that theory into little pieces. Its brilliant. I love it.
  5. The intro=good The middle=good The end=good I advise you all to download this one.
  6. wheeee! I love remixes that use SID. This has lots of SID I love this remix. Simple as that.
  7. SAWEET MERCIFUL BELGIUM! Where were you keeping this? This, this rules! Such a brilliant idea, I'd like to hear more remixes done with SID. The ending is a little abrupt but still........ I dont care! ITS A SID MIX WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  8. sweet. There's just something about symphonic pieces that makes them superior to all the rest, and this is no exception. I love this. Its just great.
  9. mmmmmmmm. Its a good track. Its cool and laid back but you can still (sorta) dance to it. Go. Download. Now.
  10. This is one of the best silent hill remixes I have ever heard. I especially like the way that the tune is as far from the original as possible without ruining it (doing it in trance or something inapropriate like that) and you can still tell what it is. The extended piano riff. This is the only (minor) problem I have with this track. I cant help but think how this would have sounded if the piano riff was more of 'tocata and fugue in D minor' which is what it was in the original 'true' and whether the 'tocata and fugue in d minor' would have made this track better. Nevertheless, the extended riff is just excellent. Well done sir.
  11. I liked this. It's good for a summer BBQ thing playing along in the background. The thing I dont like is that at 3:45 it started sounding like something from RollCage. Nevermind, this is really good. Yes indeed.
  12. I noticed a couple o sounds that appear in other remixes. There just seemed to be too much going on for pretty much the whole of the remix. Still, a fair attempt for a song consisting of about 10 notes.
  13. When I heard it, I thought, 'wow. This is a good remix of the original' There are only two things that I disliked about it. 1) The bubble thing going on in the background. It sounded, I dont know, sorta wierd and out of place. 2) The cymbal noise was a little overused. Thats just me, other people may like the bubbles/cymbals but aside from these, it's a really great track.
  14. I think one of the hardest bosses ever is the sorceresses in FF VIII, you know the one, where the scenery melted and you ended up fighting queen slug-for-a-butt off earthworm Jim.
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