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  1. You know, I have all of the images of the Lost Memories DVD floating about my room somewhere. Im not sure how big it is, but Im sure I can pass -some- of it round. The concept art for Dahlia is somewhat amusing...
  2. Well it's pretty hard to see. It's in the corridor behind the shops on the second level of the mall. It's on the door to the right of the closer...you have to zoom in to see it properly.
  3. It's time once again for "Stuff I only just noticed while replaying SH3" (Yes, folks, I'm still doing it). Most of the doors in the mall carry the names of actual japanese companies. Most notably Yggr Drasill; a web hosting company. There is graffitti about the train station pushing "Hell's Gate"; a play on the Heavens Gate cult that was big in america for a short period of time. Hope House is an actual charity...though the actual Hope House is more about recuperating children than abducting and brainwashing them. Still I feel this one warrants comment; the SH team don't put things like that in by accident. In the Amusement Park, you find a travel brochure written by one Roger Widmark. Richard Widmark is an actor who played in the film "To the devil a daughter"...a film about a journalist trying to save a young girl from Satanists: the plot to SH1 And things that aren't referential, but that are cute nontheless... When you step off the train the first thing youre greeted with is a piece of graffitti that reads "MON_TER" (the S part of the wall is missing). Presumably this is some kind of subliminal "OMGLOOKWHATYOUDID!!!1one" thing. On the "Up coming galleries" billboard is a picture of a skull. The bath scene in the apartments...I know I'm stretching it like I do, but I'm always reminded of that scene in Eternal Darkness. Y'know, the mentally scarring one.
  4. Really? Cause...like...it's not actually that hard. Even on hard mode. You just have to know the tricks. Don't fire missiles (or super missiles) at him while he's flying, but just use charged shots. Just before he lands on the platform, turn into the spiderball and drop a super bomb...it burns his wings off as he lands ,takes him down to 1/3 health in one hit and automatically starts stage 2 of the fight. And when he's charging at you during the second phase, just use the side-dash bug and there'll be no problem. It also helps to use the wavebuster instead of super missiles at this point on account of how the wavebuster tends to keep firing at him when he goes back down on all fours.
  5. Another one that really pissed me off was De Roi Le from Phantasy Star Online. Especially in that stupid mission when you had to protect Dr.Mome from the snakey onslaught...hate him so much.
  6. Professor Fortesque from The chaos engine. Most other bosses of the time had some kind of pattern for you to memorise and take a pot shot when a lull in the attack came up. Fortesque, on the other hand, was just a mechanical onslaught...there was NO let up. He just kept on gunning and gunning until you died. I mean, DAMN...
  7. References in Silent Hill 4... The notion of monsters coming through the walls is taken from the Peter Jackson film "Frighteners" The idea of looking through the windows is taken from the Hitchcock film Rear Window. In this film a man is stuck inside his apartment (through injury, not hauntings) and spends his time looking at the people in the street and in the rest of the apartment...just like Henry. The way Henry is chased by a psychotic murderer trying to kill him in his sleep is a reference to the Nightmare on Elm Street. When you go into the back room of your apartment (people who've played the game will know where I mean) you can find the four sacred items from Silent Hill 2, the goblet, the chrism and the two books are all on a desk. Also, did anybody notice a cute little bit in SH3...if you examine Heather's mailbox before going into the flat she says "No mail. Not even from my dead wife." What do you suppose that could be hinting at? Hmm. Also it seems that the same person who voiced Heather Morris also voiced Eileen Galvin. Can't say I noticed that one, really...maybe I'm not paying enough attention. And finally if you want to know where Silent Hill is...the answer is Michigan. All of the cars in Silent Hill 2 and 3 (at least the parts when you're in Silent Hill as opposed to the area where Heather begins) have Michigan State number plates. You know you've played a game too much when you look for things like that...
  8. Fun fact of the day: Heather Morris is the only main character in a Silent Hill game not to venture into the toilets of the opposite sex. Seems the others are a bunch of perverts.
  9. I dunno, I didn't really feel scared playing 4. Like, at all. Fine there were some parts of 3 that were laughable (Boss 1: Giant monster penis!) but there were points when I genuinely felt uneasy and a little scared. 4 was just...bleh. One of the psych-outs was a stick dropping. A stick! Sh1 had glass shattering, windows being put out...SH2 has screams of agony, 3 has disembodied whispers...four has a twig.
  10. Yes. Yes it does. Except for the SH4 part. You're forgiven for not playing that.
  11. Yeah, I'm fairly sure I posted her before, I just don't remember what happened. Did I post that one with the cross and the christian kanjii? I don't think so...I can't seem to find it, though. I think I'll have to open the disk again and take a second look.
  12. Well...that's an interesting theory, but I dont think it's true on two counts. First of all it makes the grass crunchy. I can't say I've been around too many fires (certainly only one or two that would cause ash to fall like that) but I dont think the ash makes the grass crunch when you walk on it. Secondly it doesn't explain the rain. Though the rain only happens in certain parts of alternative silent hill, which could also have some kind of meaning. There's also the possibility that I'm looking too much into this game and that I should really just enjoy it as a game Next up on the list is this young lady... She was found tucked away on the SH1 disc with no indication of who she might be. Let the wild, unbased speculation begin!
  13. Now here's a question...why do you have weather effects in SH1, but not the other three games? SH1 has the snow and the rain...the others just have fog. I mean, there's the technical aspect (Look what the PSX can do when we push it!) but I'd have thought there'd be some kind of symbolism behind it.
  14. Okay, I said I'd wait...but I'm impatient, so here's what I've picked up about the game from flipping through the strategy guide. (there will be spoilers, but they're in white) - This one isn't really to do with the game, but Popping the right analog stick in will cure James. He'll automatically take one healing item that will restore his health to green (IE: If you're not damaged too much he'll take the health drink, if youre kinda damaged he'll use the first aid kit and so on). - The guide lists some of the monster names differently to their colloquial names: Lying figure (straight jacket skin), Creeper (cockroach), Red pyramid thing (Pyramid head), Abstract Daddy (Bedman/Doorman) and Flesh lip (hangers) - It is easier to kill some monsters with certain weapons. For example, the pipe or even the plank will do more damage to the final boss than the hunting rifle will. The guide gives a full list (and I mean full) at the end, but I'll save it unless anyone wants me to post it. - The guide gives the complete texts of the Swamp monument and the bloodied newspaper. They read thus: Swamp monument: The X meters of land surrounding this monument were originally a swamp, but were later filled in. From long ago, the swamp was nicknamed Blood Swamp because the executioners poured the water used to wash the execution tools in here. Perhaps it's for that reason that many people claim to have seen ghosts in the area and The body of a man later identified as Thomas Orosco (Lumberjack, age 39) was discovered in the middle of his room lying face up. The probable cause of death was multiple stab wounds to the front of the neck and left side of the torso by a sharp edged weapon. The estimated time of death was somewhere between 11:00 pm and 12:30 midnight. Due to signs of struggle in the room and the lack of a murder weapon, police are considering this a homicide and have opened a murder investigation. Furthermore, given the fact that the cash in the room was untouched and Mr. Orosco had a history of drunkenness and violence, the police suspect that the motive was not robbery, but some sort of crime of passion - If you play through the game loading a previously completed file the game then several documents will appear (in the hospital mostly) that hint at how to get the other endings or what happens in these endings. One of these texts reads: When life is filled wit nothing but despair, some people choose to end it all. I once chose that path for myself as well. At the time I felt I had no other choices. After I made my decision it became the only thing binding me to this world. Sometimes I would cry to myself while thinking of the past, but mostly all I did was plan over and over again how and when I was going to kill myself. I did stupid, dangerous things. I figured it didn't matter since I was going to die anyway, so I went out of my way to invite disaster. I stopped talking to people and it didn't bother me even when friendships grew distant. This text refers to the Water ending. - The guide gives you three pages about how to get various endings (including a brilliant table that outlines the score system the game uses to grade your ending) - The guide tells you what is making the noises in the prison. It says there are green blobs crawling around on top of the prison cell area (this is why you can't see them, but can shoot at them; the roof doesn't have physics). - The game also tells you how to exploit a glitch, which is interesting. It says how you're invincible while you using a weapon (IE: Swinging the chainsaw, firing the handgun) and it tells you how to use this to your advantages. - If you tap left or right on the save/load screen you can view what endings you have seen on a particular file characterised by a letter (L,M,W,R,D; each one corresponding to an ending in the game) - This is something that I had never fully noticed before...but several people may have done. It concerns the letter you begin the game with. As you go through the hotel the writing slowly vanishes. After watching the video tape you only have an envelope and no letter...and after you fight the pyramid heads you lose the envelope, too. - If you go back into the room where you meet Eddie after seeing the cutscene you can go into another room where it is revealed you are in the bedroom of a football fan: the bedroom of Eddie's first victim. This raises questions about the nature of SH2...if you can see things meant for other people (the stairs are another good example of this) then why dont they see your demons and why doesn't Laura see anything? - About the opening video: Two of the scenes in the opening video don't appear in the game...they're just filler material. Maria lying down in Heavens Night and Eddie/Laura talking on Saul street don't happen in the game and can't be forced...like Lisa and Kaufmann shouting at one another in the first game - About the pyramid heads. Both times when you fight a pyramid head the damage you do is not important, but the time you take is. In the first fight it will end after a set period of time no matter what you do. The second (in the hotel) has a timer that runs down after you fire a shot at the pyramid heads. So all you need to do is fire a single shot at one of them and then run about waiting for them to die...anything from 1 minute (on beginner difficulty) to 60 minutes (on Hard difficulty) I had another point, but I've completely forgotten it. Hmm. No matter, I'll leave it there for all to discuss.
  15. Right so...I picked up the Silent Hill 2 strategy guide today (£1! Hooray for finding stuff underneath racks of neo geo games) and flipping through it, it seems to have a lot of information about the game...why certain things are the way they are, for example. I'll have a proper read through it later on (studying for exams most of today) and I'll post anything that takes my interest...and I'll keep it as spoiler free as possible.
  16. SPOILERS! The bit on Neely's bar is supposed to be referring to Maria's role in SH2. When it says "There was a hole here" it's referring to Mary's being dead; something important from James' life is missing...as if there was a hole there. When it says "It's gone now" it's referring to Maria filling in for Mary as well as the other things James has used to cover up his missing Mary (drinking, Laura etc).
  17. See, I used the candles to clear the room out (save for two or three hauntings that happened when I didnt have any candles) and she still got in pretty bad condition. With the hitting herself and the "Where mommy? I'm scawed" and whatnot. Okay, something else that the game doesnt answer... Why does little Walter save Eileen, but not Richard? He's there for both of their deaths, but he stops big Walter from killing Eileen (she said so). Also why can other people leave their apartments? Presumably they're going through the same thing Henry is, but they can get out of their rooms (you can see them through the peephole on the door). This one isn't a SH4 one, but the others in the series...why does it change who can and can't see the alternative Silent Hill? In SH1 Harry had to explain to Cybil what the other world was like...but in SH4 Douglas and Vincent both see it as its alternative version. What's up with that?
  18. Having completed it three times over, I present questions that Silent Hill 4 left unanswered (spoilers ho!) 1) Why didn't Sullivan kill Henry when he had the chance? Henry wakes up in the ER and Sullivan is attacking a nurse...why didn't Sullivan kill Henry? He'd already completed the other sacriments so it doesn't really make any sense. It could be because Eileen hadn't died like the others, but that raises the question of why does Sullivan attack you in the field rather than eileen? 2) Continuing the questionning of the ER...why doesn't sullivan follow you out of it and why isn't he in there when you go back in? 3) Why does Eileen act like a child when she gets beaten up? I dunno if anybody has ever let her get damaged a lot, but she will often cry for mommy and daddy or whine "Im scawed". She'll also start hitting herself sometimes. There were more, but I forgot them.
  19. It's twue. Though I have to say I like the artistic style used in the first two comics. It's not as good in the third fourth and fifth ones, though...I prefer actually being able to see what the hell is going on in the pictures.
  20. Technically it is. According to the timeframe, SH2 takes place fifteen years after SH1 and SH3 takes place two years after SH2. Something like that, anyways. Yeah, it's a double post...call it an impatient bump.
  21. Dark forces are at work, gentlemen. I'm not being weird I really do mean it...I'm playing through Silent Hill 4 again. For *shame* Anyways, I have a habit of doing this, because I like noticing all the things that make sense with the knowledge of things to come. For instance the first memo you get makes a lot more sense when you know who wrote it and why. Another thing I've noticed is that Silent Hill 4 has quite a few parallels to a film...Eraserhead by David Lynch. The first thing that tipped me off was one of the locations; The Lynch Line in the subway. Nothing really special there, the Silent Hill guys love putting in little nods to people like that and have done ever since SH1. But what got me was the fact that Eraserhead and SH4 are really quite similar. They both follow a man named Henry who finds himself trapped in his apartment slowly going crazy. The differences being that the film follows Henry Spencer and the game Henry Townsend (and obvious physical differences that don't warrant commenting on). Both the film and the game blame crazy events within them on the same thing SPOILER A demonic child of some kind. They both feature the main character peeping on the outside world for more information (though the woman seen in Eraserhead is infinitely more freaky than the woman seen in SH4). There's also the fact that after each ordeal both Henries find themselves back in their apartments as if nothing had happened. I don't feel like listing every single line that could be drawn...and it's silly to say that SH4 is like the video game of Eraserhead...but suffice to say there are a LOT of similarities.
  22. And the rest of the t-shirts? ('cept the golden rooster, apparently, since we've still got a question on that one outstanding)
  23. Oh, really? Could I get some more information on that?
  24. And that was a good choice...serif fonts (IE: ones with the little flick at the end of each letter like Times New Roman) are not good for comics and other documents...at least, that's what they taught us in the second year. Of course, they taught us that serif fonts were the way of the future in the first year, so I dunno what to make of it. If I were you I'd make it un-bold...or if that IS the version without bold I'd go for a different, thinner font. Arial is quite good...or you can always go to a free font site and pick up some good comic book fonts.
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