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  1. I picked up my copy of SH4 today (the bastards didn't gimme my free stuff, but what're you gonna do?) The telephone has become my mortal enemy. I *know* they put an easter egg in there...I know it...but I haven't been able to find the right number to make it work. I've tried Jenny's number (867-5309) and that didnt work. I've tried the ISBN from Thriller (apparently Jackson hid his phone number in the ISBN) and that didnt work. I've tried the tech support numbers, I've tried the barcodes for all four Silent Hill games... Ideally the solution would be to wait a month so that people who are freaks like me but have more patience than me can try out all ten million combinations and find out what it is, but I dont wanna... And now, a little on the psychological aspect of the game. The main monsters are, of course, the people. 'Victims' as the game calls them. One of the reasons these monsters are so scary is the fact that theyre human, but at the same time totally inhuman. One reason they're scary is the way they don't move. They glide, slowly and effortlessly towards you, not thinking about what to do. Yes it's pretty scary to see something lurching towards you (See: Pyramid head) but to see something that could very well kill you without even trying...that's where the horror lies. It's like with the Daleks...the Daleks scared people because they were so cold, calculating and emotionless. Take these and you have a wonderful recipie for horror, but take into account the fact that you *cannot* escape them and they're absolutely terrifying. Also the way they move...they look like theyre marionette's being strung along by something...of course this is pure speculation from me since I havent found anything out yet (I've just got to the Prison if anyone cares).
  2. I've picked up 1, 4 and 5. I liked the artwork in the first one...but the way the fourth and fifth are drawn doesnt really grab my attention. I also don't like the way some of the scenes are done. Like the bit in the gun shop...subtlty can work well if you do it right (Eg: the ear scene in Resevoir Dogs) but in Dying Inside it was like "OH SHIT!" *red smudge* "OH SHIT! LOOK WHAT IT DID!" Which, to me, showed the fact that the artist/writers were rather unimaginative...and I agree with you, the ending is far too much of a "Wait...WHUT!?" affair. But overall the three volumes were worth the £9 I paid for 'em...
  3. Update: My stories are progressing about as fast as an arthritic slug carrying heavy shopping. BUT! This week I have written three pages of stuff...so that's always a good sign.
  4. Go to hammersound.net and pick up...I think its called "Vintage dream waves 2" (I'm not sure which of the synth sections it's in...but you have a choice of three, so it wont be too hard to get). Alternatively you could AIM me or something and I'll see about passing them over. Linkage? Look it up at KvR-VsT, though you'll have to pay for it. Best bet is to use SimSynth in FruityLoops to do it, using a LoFi set at 8-bit to do the whole authentic sound. ohhh, I hate paying for things like that :s Y'know, cause it'd be a one-off use...and I'd probably discard it after that >.<
  5. As for Samael... "Samael = (Unk) it is thought this angel of death was the demon who tempted Eve. Also the prince of Air. This is merely another name for Satan" (Source: A dictionary of demons...I forgot the author, sorry) As for Dahlia... I dont think it's right to say she lied to Harry by saying the seal of metatron was the mark of Samael...considering something she says (in the Good+ ending, methinks): "I had no idea the talisman of metatron was being used" Also, in SH3, I've been failing to find some things... Firstly, where are these dolls I've heard so much about? The only grotesque dolls I can find are the two in the hilltop centre when the place goes to hell... Secondly, where am I supposed to flamethrower to get the SH1 pictures to appear? It's no good just having them on Heathers top...
  6. Request: If anyone has a SID sf2, could they please pass it my way? (And I dont mean the crappy drumkit one...I dont like that one. No, I mean the one with the warbling noises like the one in Gecko Yamoris "SID of rage")
  7. I am very *VERY* pissed off. I had typed up a nice big long synopsis of the plot of SH1 but the window crashed as I hit submit. It didn't even register that I'd copied the text to the clipboard >.< So here we go again. Synopsis of the plot of SH1 and SH3 assuming you get the good+ ending in SH1 (which the game wants you to do, and which SH3 assumes you do). As if it needs saying... ZOMG SPOILARS ABOUT SILENT HILL OEN AND TREE!!!1" Seven years before Silent Hill 1: Harold (harry) Mason and his wife are on holiday in Silent Hill. The hope house cult (those who worship Samael) burn down the house of their leader (Dahlia Gillespie) with the intention of killing Dahlias daughter Alessa so that they can resurrect her with Samaels soul inside of her, feeling that if they give Samael a new body she will give them all they desire. The sacrifice, however, doesnt go as planned and Alessa ends up only losing half of her soul. Half of Alessas soul escapes her body and manifests itself into the form of a small baby, which Harry and his wife find as theyre leaving Silent Hill. They adopt the child and name her Cheryl. Half of Alessas soul stays in her body and slowly grows in power while she plots her revenge on the cult who tried to kill her. Alessas body was put into one of the hospitals (I'm guessing Alchemilla, since this is more of a hospital, whereas brookhaven is a psychiatric institute) and she was tended to by Lisa Garland. While in hospital she sympathised with another terminally ill patient, Mary Shepherd-Sunderland and grew angry at her husband James for being such a cold man...losing her temper when he killed Mary, dragging James back to Silent hill so she can torture him some (but now I'm straying. Back to the story) The days leading up to Silent hill 1: Harrys wife has died and Harry himself works as a freelance journalist. Dahlia has enlisted the help of a Doctor/Drug dealer (Kaufmann). Lisa probably died. While there's nothing concrete in the game to prove this, it's the most likely situation given how she is portrayed in relation to the rest of the game. Harry decides it is time for the annual holiday that he and Cheryl take: deciding (on account of Cheryls request) to go to Silent hill again. While driving there, Harry sees a vision of Alessa stepping out in front of his jeep, which causes him to try and turn the jeep, sliding it down a hill and into Silent Hill (We know he spun the jeep out of control from the opening video and we know it slid down an incline owing to the position its in when the game starts. Harry was driving next to crash barriers and whent he game begins the jeep is nose down in the road with its back wheels up in the air). When Harry arrives in Silent hill, Cheryl ceases to exist as an entity on her own and becomes part of Alessa. Harry sees a vision of her and gives chase, however he finds himself backed into a corner and killed. Alessa realises what she's done and brings him back to life (some people say so she can torture him more, but I choose to see it as an apology and a cry for help) and Harry ends up inside the cafe (Cybil most likely took him there, since she is not at all surprised to see him) and in the cafe he meets Cybil Bennet, a police officer from Brahms, a town near Silent Hill (Supposedly to the east, since Portland is north, Paleville is west and the lake is to the south). She tells Harry she'll go looking for help, gives him protection from the monsters and leaves. Harry then goes through hell trying to find his Daughter...all the while helped along by Alessa who puts items and the like around town to give him support. As Harry gets closer to alessa, the monsters he encounters become bigger, stronger and more grotesque...this signifies to the player two things 1) Alessa is getting more powerful 2) Youre getting closer to the source of the monsters. In the end, you wake up in Nowhere...an ironic title since the level consists of pieces from everywhere in the game; the school, the hospital, the churches and so on...and after fighting your way through it, you find yourself confronting Dahlia Gillespie. She tells you that youve been seeing Cheryl all along...and before you can get a proper explanation from her, she's gunned down and Kaufmann turns up, angry at being used (Quite how he was used he doesnt say, however Im willing to put a small sum of money on the fact that it's to do with his drugs and such being used in the resurrecting of Samael) and throws a vial of red liquid (Aglaophotis) at the angel-like figure standing in the middle of the room...who then collapses and turns into Samael. After Harry manages to gun down Samael, Alessa once again appears. She stops time briefly and hands Harry a baby...which he then takes and runs, Cybil in tow. Lisa, previously thought to be dead, turns up and assaults Kaufmann (for reasons I discussed earlier. If anyone wants a recap I can give one), leaving Harry and Cybil free to go...the two simply run as fast as they can into the fog of the town and don't stop...eventually Harry finds himself alone in the dark again...only now he is holding a baby, which he adopts and names Heather. Seventeen years after SH1: Fearing he would be hunted down and asked about what he did in Silent Hill, Harold Mason (then 49) had changed his name to Harold Morris (though he still lived by the name Harry) and was living in Portland. Dahlias sister Claudia tried to do what her sister couldnt (IE: Bring Samael to life and unleash hell upon the world) and so hired PI Douglas Cartland to find Heather, which he manages to do. When she has a positive address for Heather, Claudia hires the missionary to kill Harry...partly as revenge for 'kidnapping' Heather and partly to make Heather angry so Samael will be born quicker and will be more powerful when she was. Douglas realises that he picked the wrong side to be on when Heather first unleashes her powers and sends the mall to hell. After the missionary does his job and is killed by Heather, Douglas switches sides and offers to help Heather all he can...though this simply means driving her to Silent Hill (Since he does nothing useful during the rest of the game). Before coming to Silent Hill, however, she meets a man named Vincent who knows all about her and her past. Later, Heather learns that Vincent was working with Claudia (or rather, Claudia was working under Vincent) and the two had been sharing knowledge on Heather. (Although vincent protests "You mean Claudia? Please! Don’t lump me together with her", the game later reveals this to mean they simply do not share the same views on God and what she does as well as the power of money, since Vincent is the father at Claudias church). While in Silent Hill, Heather is contacted by Leonard Wolf, Claudias father...who tells Heather that Claudia must be stopped before she can bring the false paradise to the world...however he soon changes his tune when Heather doesnt play his way and so attacks her (or sets a monster on her. One or the other, I'm leaning towards the second, since I dont buy into the 'monsters are people' schtick). Heather learns about her past, coming to the conclusion that she is, in fact, Alessa Gillespie...and thus Cheryl Mason (while she doesn't especially care about this fact, it is something worth noting). Heather continues through Silent hill...going to the amusement park and finding out more about her fathers journey...eventually ending up in Hope House...a bizarre church that, like the first game, comprises parts of previous areas in the game. In the end she finds Vincent and Claudia arguing about who and what God is as well as what she should do. Claudia kills Vincent for betraying the principles of God and begins to summon Samael out of Heather. Heather, however, recovers (giving one of the funniest lines from the game "Shut yer stinkin' mouth, BITCH") and takes a pill of solidified Aglaophotis (that Harry had had made for her after his second trip to Silent Hill...the one when he found her), causing her to vomit up God's foetus, which Claudia then devours, saying she will give birth to God if Heather wont. Heather then finds Claudia has vanished and been replaced with a grotesque demonised version of Alessa. After killing this God, Heather leaves the chruch and goes back to Douglas who is waiting for her...after joking a little, the two recap that Heather Morris is, in fact, Cheryl Mason. What happens from here we dont know...the game doesnt tell us, though it does hint that Heather went to live with Douglas. [/spoilers] Stuff from SH3 that refers to other things: There are posters about the mall that feature the girl from Les Miserables There're posters about the mall advertising "Tirn aill" and "The revolt of Tirn Aill". TA is an old MUORPG and The revolt of tirn aill is a webcomic. There's a poster for SH2 up in the mall (near to the phones, if I recall correctly)...its the one of Angela that they put up in video game stores when they were about to release SH2. Obviously the toilet joke in SH3 is a reference to the wallet from SH2. Borley haunted mansion is a reference to Borley Rectory, the most haunted house in England (in fact, the poster for the house has a picture of the rectory on it: http://www.unexplained-mysteries.com/gallery/displayimage.php?album=11&pos=12 http://www.unexplained-mysteries.com/gallery/displayimage.php?album=11&pos=10 http://www.unexplained-mysteries.com/gallery/displayimage.php?album=11&pos=11 http://www.unexplained-mysteries.com/gallery/displayimage.php?album=11&pos=14 There's a remix of 'mad world' in there. In the next to last cutscene (the big long one when Claudia and Vincent argue, then Heather turns up) a quiet piano version of the Gary Jules track 'Mad world' (Yes, I know tears for fears did it...but Jules' version is better, so nyah) http://tkey.net/midi/madworld/jules_mad_world.mid <--There's the original. That piano riff plays in the background of the video Also, I worked something out. For the longest time the puzzle in SH3 confused me... 14 + 7 + 17 = 38 I got the 7 and the 17 (Cheryl and Heathers ages added together) but I couldnt get 14...until just now. It's how old Alessa was when Harry killed her the first time round. And now, as my fingers are falling off...I hit the submit button, pray to Zanzidorf, the great many eyed squirrel of the four winds and go for a cup of tea.
  8. Thanks for sharing that Dr.Eccles earlier on, I just read it and I found that to be a very interesting read. If you've got more stuff/thoughts around like that, please share more. I will do when I've gotten enough to constitute a good post. Yeah. Well it was a good verse, so I had to use it. The rest is all original though. Came up with it one lunchtime at work Yeah, well my speakers suck-ass. So I'll change the diary to read Colleen, rather than Carly.
  9. what...nobody liked the pyramid head poetry? I know it was cheesy, but surely not that bad... Alrighty, a little synopsis of what I wrote, there (Cause I got nothing better to do). I took the liberty of referring to Pyramid head as 'executioner' owing to his origins in Silent hill jail/toulca prison. The young girls diary referring to her playing games with Carly was based off the letter from the lost days that's in SH3 (one of the lines in the song reads: "Am I still friends with Carly?/I'm sure that I'm still laughing/Aren't I?/Aren't I?) Though in retrospect (and listening to the track through *good* speakers it could also sound like Colleen...if so, I'll change it. The first (and last) verses of the poem are a slightly altered version of a verse on a M:tG card. I can't remember what it's called (Phyrexian reaver, I think) but its a relic card and carries the verse "It doesnt think, it doesnt feel it doesnt laugh or cry. All it does from dawn till dusk is make the soldiers die". Incidentally, the guy who I credited with writing an alternative version of the poem (J.Gaskell) is one of my friends, James. The picture painted in 1820 is the one in the historical society (to be honest I forgot the name, so I worked round it). Harold Agannis is the name of a guy who stars in an interesting ghost story. Apparently Telly Salavas (Kojak) got a lift from Mr.Agannis in a blacked out skylark...and just before Salavas got out, Agannis said to him "I have to go now and face my destiny." So the next day Salavas called the Agannis family (obviously he'd known the guys name when they'd talked as they drove) only to find that Harold Agannis had been dead for several weeks. Apparently he'd been driving his skylark and had hit an oil tanker on the stretch of road he'd dropped Salavas off on...the impact and explosion only burned him so the driver of the tanker broke his neck to save the pain. Absolutely no relevance to the story, mind you, I just think that Harold Agannis is a good name to have put in there as an in-reference. And yes, I think that's it. You can figure out the rest easy enough.
  10. From the story I am writing about Silent Hill (the third one...the one that's gonna be a series of reports). Looking over the archived diaries of residents I found recurring references to a 'demon' that supposedly stalks Silent Hill: "I must be going insane. I coulda sworn I saw the executioner today...but I dunno why, I never did nothin wrong in my life, not to warrant him turning up." "I saw something strange today when I was playing with Carly. A funny looking man with a triangle hat on...he was just watching us play, but it made us feel weird so we went inside and told daddy. He says we were going crazy and acted kinda nervy...but I know I'm not mad, I saw the man" "The worst demon is the one with the pyramid helmet. He just doesnt give up until he's killed...of course, you could try running from him...but then all that happens is you die tired." So I did some more research into this thing that'd freaked out so many townsfolk. It turns out that what the people were describing is a kids horror story...a monster going by the alias of 'The Executioner'. Supposedly the reincarnated soul of an old hangman gone nuts, he takes out anybody who he doesn't see as worthy to live in 'his' town. I asked some kids about him and they all knew who he was...one of 'em even recited a rhyme about him; I managed to look up the full version of the poem...but I warn you, it's somewhat morbid: -Executioner (Anon)- He doesn't think. He doesn't feel. He doesn't laugh or cry. All he does, from dawn till dusk... Is make bad people die He makes sure you hearh im coming. To fill your heart with dread. For when you hear his awful noise. You know you'll soon be dead. You can take up arms against him and try and try and try but you will not succeed, my friend because he cannot die. Dont try to run, dont try to hide Dont find someone to tell If you do, the executioner Will send you straight to hell. He doesn't think. He doesn't feel. He doesn't laugh or cry. All he does, from dawn till dusk... Is make the sinners die ----- Did I mention it was morbid? There're several variations on the poem, but this seems to be the earliest recorded (and most consistent) version I've been able to find. I think it's worth noting that no matter what version you read, they all start and end with a verse talking about how emotionally detached executioner is from his work; all of them varying from the one in the above poem (for instance: He never thinks, he never feels, he never laughs, he never cries. He does, however, make sure that whoever sees him dies. (J.Gaskell, sometime in the 1900s)) The earliest mention of the executioner as a monster is in 1820, when two came at once. Firstly in the form of a picture by artist Allen Smith, which depicted a large man with a red pyramid-shaped helmet weilding a large sword in front of masses of hanging bodies. The second sighting comes from a townsperson calling himself Harold Agannis...he claimed to have seen "a man in a large redde [sic] helmet who did not move, standing as if dead. I watched him for nigh on three hours when he did vanish before mine eyes." Sadly, however, there's no way to tell which came first. Did the guy see the executioner and from this inspire Smith? Or did Smiths tortured images put the ideas into Agannis' head? It could be either...and frankly, it's not important, just know that the executioner made his debut some time in 1820. As for what he's supposed to represent...that was ever so slightly easy. They don't call him executioner for nothing...during the civil war, the hangmen in Silent hill prison wore triangular hoods when they were performing the executions. It seems that whoever came up with the monster did so by demonising the executioners from the war. This is also supported when you consider the monsters role according to accounts/the poem: taking sinners and bringing them to the ultimate justice. Naturally I have more to do. but this is just a clip from one of the story's I'm writing (I wrote the poem during my lunch break today...pretty good, ne?)
  11. Silent hill 1 is more of a body shock game...though it can be quite block and looks kinda dated (some people have issues with that, for some reason). SH 2 looks a lot more realistic but works on scaring the player on an entirely psychological level. It'll either be one of the most disturbing things you ever played...or just a really creepy game. I dont think I've found a middle ground. SH3...it's not a prerequisite that you play SH1 before SH3, it's just that SH3 will make a lot more sense if you play SH1 first (despite heather giving a total plot synopsis half-way through, the game uses a lot of clips from SH1, that make a lot more sense if you see them in context)
  12. Yeah, they probably were...it's just I was always told Mary magdalene was a hooker, so thats now I repeat it when talking about her.
  13. Well it was very touch and go with Silent hill 2 going psychological...a lot of people didn't find it very scary at all because they opted to wage psychological warfare on you rather than shocking you. Personally I think they got the right mix of shock and psychological horror in SH3 (voices in the morgue, anyone?)...it's just I think SH3 is the least scary because (a) it's so easy, ( it's so short and © it's just silly in parts. They didn't necessarily think that giving him a big head would be scary, but that if they dehumanised him further than just covering his face he'd be scarier. And they were right, it was scarier than just a man in a mask. People know how to kill a man...but very few know how to slay demons. It's one of the reasons the Daleks were so terrifying when Dr.Who came out...these small, unthinking, unquestioning, emotionless killing machines...they wouldn't have been half as scary had they been humans running about screaming 'EXTERMINATE! ANIHILATE! DESTROY!" or if they had had human voices rather than monotone (emotionless again) robotic ones. This would mean something along the lines of "Angels deathwish" If I recall correctly this one comes after the water ending...though I dunno, so I wont speculate as to the meaning until I know for sure. The titles of the tracks mean quite a lot...especially in SH2. 'Magdalene', for instance, is the music that plays when you find Maria dead in the jail cell. The title almost certainly refers to Mary Magdalene; a prostitute from the bible who was the woman who found Jesus had come back to life (or at least that his tomb was empty)...only rather finding that someone lives again you're finding that someone had died again. again. again. The reverse will...the track that plays when James goes nuts and tries to resurrect Mary (rebirth ending, for the 2 people in the world who havent gotten there yet)...obviously this is referring to the fact that it was someone/somethings (God, fate, chance, science, whatever you wish) will for Mary to die and James is reversing this. True: the music that plays when you find out why you're in Silent Hill (I gots to say, I love the way they had mary talking to you over the radio at this point...that was classic) You could say the same about SH1: Not tomorrow (1 and 2) play when youre talking to lisa (1 plays when she does her 'I get it now' bit and version 2 plays when she starts bleeding) My heaven is the music that plays when you fight Samael/the godess, She (or 'house of the rising sun' as Stan calls it) Killing time...now this can be taken in one of two ways. Killing Time as in 'to waste time'...or Killing time as in 'time to kill things'; I'm leaning towards the latter, since it's the music that plays when you get the bad ending (having killed Cybil and Alessa and having let Dhalia and Kaufmann die).
  14. A little on the psychological aspect of Silent hill 2. Unlike Silent Hill 1 which mostly relied on body shocks to scare you (who didnt leap out of their chair the first time they saw the kid fall out the locker?) Silent Hill 2 went deeper into the human brain to try and shock and unnerve you on a whole new level. One of the ways they did this was to tap into Sigmund Freuds idea of the two basic instincts that make people tick; Eros and Thanatos. Freud said that Eros was the sex drive...the concept that people are constantly acting in ways that can be seen as preservative, either to themselves or others: going to the gym, eating healthy food, having sex and so on. Thanatos is just the reverse...the idea that people are constantly acting in ways that can harm them or get themselves killed; drinking, smoking, having sex and so on. Freud suggested that these two work in perfect equilibrium...and that if one of the two was more powerful than the other, serious psychological disturbances would occur. Now, Silent hill 2 works on this concept. They appeal to the sex drive whilst also empathising the death drive... Take maria. She represents James' sexual feelings (it's obvious that he has some degree of feelings for her, not to mention the fact she's Mary's clone)...the way she acts towards James is usually very sexy and alluring (save for two instances I can think of. The first being when she snaps "I'm not your mary" and the second when youre in the asylum basement...although even then she calms down and holds James) and yet whenever you get the idea that a relationship might be formed between Maria and James...bang, she's dead. Now, this also represents a torture for James, but in psychological terms it's appealing to the eros/thanatos equilibrium. They also did this when they came to designing the monsters. A lot of the monsters in SH2 are meant to depict sex and death as a combination...that's why the dead nurses are wearing such sexy outfits (it's a common male fantasy...the kinky nurse...how better to shock someone by demonising their fantasies?). Also, the mannequins are supposed to appeal to people who have leg and/or latex fantasies (hence the shiney, curvy legs). Like I said, the principle behind this was to toy with peoples basic instincts and unnerve them on the lowest, most commonplace possible level. Also, while I'm talking about monster design; The fact that the humans appear as monsters also represents James' vision of Mary. They look human...but horrible, disfigured humans...just like the dying mary did. Similarly, the straight-jacket skins could be indicative of Mary's predicament: trapped inside their own skin with no way of escaping, doing all they can to avoid James once they know for sure they can't go on. (There's an interesting story behind how they were created. The monster designer saw his friend walking towards him wearing a hooded top...he had his hands in his pockets and was strutting...so the monster designer jotted this down and created the straightjacket skin) The original design for pyramid head was also a lot different than the final design. They initially created him to look like Venom from Guilty gear X: http://www.sammystudios.com/games/ggx2/images/S_char_venom.jpg http://www.sammystudios.com/games/ggx/images/venom_img_04.gif http://klub.zary.com.pl/WWW_Klientow/GGx-%20pliki/Fotos/Male_Tapety/320x214/VENOM_small.jpg but they realised that this didnt fit the image they were looking for: All it was was a man in a hood, and that doesnt make for a very good scare factor. So they went nuts and gave him a pyramid helmet...According to the DVD: "The triangles represent the monsters role in the game and the sharp edges and corners suggest the possibility of pain". They dont say what the monsters role is exactly, but this gives us something to consider. I dont think the PH has much to do with Angela...because she doesn't see him (or at least, she doesnt SAY that she sees him: Considering silent hill 2 works on the 'hell is what you bring to it' concept, I think they were made for James and nobody else). I think he's representative of James' thanatos...considering maria engages his Eros, then it seems only right that the Pyramid head is appealing to his bloodlust: since PH is the only other person who sees Maria and Maria is the only other person who sees PH. I'd love to go on...and I could go on for hours, just like I did with my FF7 term paper (in fact, I'm thinking of deconstructing the series like and making it into a term paper) but right now I need to go to bed. So goodnight, y'all... Class dismissed. You can go outside and play now.
  15. Miriam K is a character from Alfred Hitchcocks 'Psycho' But why include her in the gravestone bit? Does it have a symbolic meaning or something? If so, then what? I haven't seen the film myself, so I know nothing of what's happening in it. Cool to see that someone had figured that one out. It's worth putting in because it's an outside reference which Silent Hill *LOVES* (Though there weren't half as many in Silent Hill 2...guess James didnt watch as many horror movies as Harry) Also: Ifrit just explained somewhat why they put her in the catacombs. Also, does anyone notice how totally different their Silent hill game stats are in the second run through? Take SH3 for instance...my first playthrough: 6 hours 37 saves. My second playthrough? 1:30 hours, 2 saves. Love it
  16. Miriam K is a character from Alfred Hitchcocks 'Psycho'
  17. Excellent idea mate...put some illegible stuff in there too for effect and you're flying - diarys, accounts, random scribblings, wills, (remember the diary of the guy who bursts out of the closet in resident evil after you read his diary?) it'll be sweet I think I'll put that one out after my three main stories...since the reports will talk about the stories, most certainly. 3 isn't the best Silent hill...personally I'd say 1 was.
  18. Why yes, yes I do I've just got to type it up...which is looking unlikely since I'm concentrating on other things at the moment...but I shall give you what I come up with as I come up with it. I'll also post what I write story-wise, considering I've got about 5 silent hill stories on the run at the moment...though its very likely that only 3 of them will see the light of day, since I don't really like the other two... (one of the two I dont want to put out is set in about 1500, the other is a series of reports and diary entries and so on and so forth, rather than a story...y'know? Kinda like the Adrian Mole diaries only (A) something will happen in my version and ( it'll shed some light on the other writings I've done for Silent hill...)
  19. http://home.comcast.net/~andydthorley/James.jpg Don't ask why Eccles has no hands.
  21. Surely the fact that we're discussing it (in white of all colours) shows that it introduced something into the series?)
  22. I dont think I've come up with this point on here before...so I think its worth doing now (OSHIT SH3 SPOILARS) The monsters CANT be humans, because very few of them look like humans. The missionaries look like humans...as do the fat guys...but thats it. The closers don't look enough like humans to be human (for one thing, they shoot spikes out their fists. I dont know anyone who does that). The dogs could be dogs...thats fair enough (even though if you'd like to get technical they couldnt do ANY damage. There's a reason dogs teeth are the same as their mouths...the worst heather would get from the split dogs is a graze from the open skull), but the flyers? Sorry, but I think Douglas was just messing around when he did that "they looked like monsters" bit
  23. An interesting theory, but one which doesnt take into account two things. 1) Why pyramid head keeps raping things 2) Why pyramid head uses weapons other than the knife. Only two of the...what...8, is it? However many Pyramid Heads there are in the game, only two use the knife. - The one in Blue Creek uses no weapon - The one in the basement does - The one on brookhaven's roof does - The one in Brookhaven's basement doesnt - The two you find in the labyrinth don't - The two in lakeview don't I wish I could say more about Silent Hill 3...but my fugging PS2 died (the day after the warranty ran out, would you believe), so...y'know
  24. *looks around* Whut? Why me, man? Actually, I was just wondering how long it would take for some |337 dewd to program the nude heather skin. The rumour that you could do it has been flying round since day 1
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