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  1. * Sigh * No response needed. x_x" Mod plz close thread. I'll go and look for help somewhere else..
  2. * sigh * outta my whole story you guys could only watch my way of writing. Concluding I must be a 'damn kid' 'using slang'. Really sad.. . '
  3. Sup my fellow producers/listeners, Got a question for y'all.. I got this school project where I have to make a presentation about music production (with the use of Microsoft PowerPoint). I want to tell some stuff about this subject and I would appreciate your help. It's not that I don't know nothin' about music obviously (cuzz I produce myself ), but rather my question is what assets or factions about should I be talkin' about? Just askin' this to make sure I don't overlook something. The presentation has a time limit of 10 min. So in about 10 min I have to tell all the important stuff about music production. Youtube is allowed. So if anyone know some good tubes which explain something about music production please holla..! Anticipatin' your answers..! Talk to ya soon..! - LooPKiD...
  4. Just press "F10" and check your midi sound settings. Also make sure you have it set that FL Studio will enable midi output. You can the option somewhere in 'Tools' can't remember it straight. That should solve your problem without usin' the FL LSD all the time.
  5. LoL ><' He's kinda right. The recording function errr'body is talkin' about is "Automation & Score". I guess he didn't knew lol..
  6. The quickest way for finding bpm is TAPPING the bpm in the respected sequencer:D (If it does have that option.. That always works for me (gots to have rhythm though)...
  7. With this interview I see no more reason to lurk, gotta give my propzz here.. Welcome back McVaffe. Your songs is the reason I came to this website:).. Love your songs. Keep at it Dogg.. PeaCe..!
  8. Thnx G, You are the BOSS.. I figured I gotta get into synthesis after this one.. I fixed the sound and continued my project..
  9. Yo peoplez, Help me out here. I'm looking for a particular sound, called a worm sound. If you're looking for an example of that sound. Go on youtube and search for the following song: Deepside - Lets make love. The main tune (it starts from the beginning) is (some might call it) a kind of flute sound. That particular sound (worm) is what i'm lookin' for. I'm willing to pay to get it. I already got the worm sounds from the soundfonts proteus presets & phatt presetss and so on.. But i'm not satisfied with the quality (especially when I hit the high notes). So can someone help me out here? Thnx in advance... Greetz..
  10. Check out my newest diamond 'Forever Yours'. This is a new school rnb track. Please take a look here at my soundclick page. The track is a snippet. Feedback is really appreciated. Greetz, LooPy
  11. What'up, I've been away for some time (not like anyone should miss me:P ). I'm back with some new trax. New School Hip-Hop, so if you don't like (new school) hip-hop I guess you can probably quit reading this one. JUDGES I STILL CHALLENGE YOUR OPINIONS! . Here's the link -> http://www.soundclick.com/bands/pagemusic.cfm?bandID=592171 .. Check it out & enjoy. Feedback would be appreciated. Stay up, LooPKiD.
  12. I'm still lookin' for FX Sweep samples. the 1 or 2 bar climax soundin' samples .. Plz.. help me..
  13. If ya wanna know more about vocal ripping techniques, there's no better place than HERE to ask about it.. Those guys do it all the time.. Hope that helps..
  14. I'm searching for een pianist who's interested in a R&B collaboration. I wanna create some grown n' sexy typa stuff, with a super slick piano loop.. Who's interested? To make sure my skills aren't 'that' crappy, check sum of my stuff here: www.soundclick.com/toointegrated and www.soundclick.com/toointegratedbeatgroup Hope to hear from you soon guys!
  15. Hi, I'm looking for all kinds of 'Sweep FX'. Can anyone help me? Thnx in advance..
  16. OMG, why am I getting the feeling people are relating a simple produced song to a song that sucks ass.. Say if a hiphop beat got that (simple) nasty hook, aren't you still diggin' it?? In the end it all comes down how the song is received by the public. The complexity of your production doesn't tell you how great the song is. You can make the most difficult production ever and still make it sound whack.. So what's the point then?!
  17. I want all the countdowns you have.. Hard male voices if possible.. I'll check the list thoroughly later on, and I will let you know if I need anything else from that list, but for it's all types of countdowns..
  18. Oh yeah, I need all kinds of countdowns. Countdowns in numbers, letters. Preferably hard male voices.. Hope you can help me ..
  19. Exactly what I was planning on sayin' Lil' late though lol
  20. Wazzat? Couldn't follow that one either .. [offtopic] Yo myf sup with dem soundfx you promised me in the sample request forum? still waiting men. Get at me. [/offtopic]
  21. I might have a couple of things. I'll upload them when i get back from work tonight (11pmEST~) Ehm Myf ?? plz don't forget me Myf ?? Never guessed I had to pull out the (in)famous quoting technique. Ehmm..
  22. No, you do not have to have experience. Experience is what you will gain right now. So play around with FL as much as you can. Read the manual and/or the Helpfile.. N Joy.. P'z..
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