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  1. I say Remixers. The orange looks a bit nicer against the planet with the light fading out on the right.
  2. The lyrics are quite well written, but sometimes they change topics too suddenly. Best case is at 1:53 where the "If I could have anything I..." begins. Everything else = YES. The Ice Cap tune drops to a more minimalistic tone and more promenient at appropriate times.
  3. It's been a long time since I've heard something so true. My only, and I mean my only, complaint is the sudden break in the flow right as the second verse (about half way through) where he says "I'll be alright. I'll be okay" and then goes right into the rest of the song. I feel this could have been stretched out a little bit more. It's got a really moving effect, but it could have been better. EDIT: Is there anyway that we can get some lyrics in here? There is a really nice message in here, but I'd like to read it all.
  4. You fooled me then. I am a visitor to OCR for over one year and half and when I see loutish actions like these it makes me shy away from participating or sharing my own music at OCR. Well, looks like music isn't for you then. People need to stop expecting opinions like "OMG U R L33T". "OMG U R L33T" is an exaggeration. You may have been trying to help Gray or he may have asked for your help but the way I read you it read like you were being a boor. I'm with Jared on this one. It's hard to get real critiques on your work. Everyone is too kind, doesn't actually know anything, etc. Hell, I'm guilty of it. Go look in the WIP section. People really want honest reviews to help them get better, but everyone says "Good work" or "Keep going", as if the remixer knew what he was doing perfectly. The songs are not going to get any better until someone stands up and says what is wrong with them (at least anytime soon).
  5. I'd like a sig too please. All I can think of to put on it is some crazy origami like this one I don't care if there is text on it or not.
  6. I actually have this file you speak of, and yes, it is in this song. In case anyone cares, this voice part is played by (insert some instrument that I cannot name here) that comes in at about 1:33. I kinda hate to say it, but I'm not hearing any kind of remix here, just additional background parts. As to if that still counts or not, I don't know. In any case, good stuff. 9/10
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