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  1. Good to see this one finally posted. I've been following this one for quite a long time, and it's awesome. That guitar solo is one of the best I've heard from the remixing community, so much character in it. And that says a lot considering how many great guitarists there are.
  2. I have to disagree with the above poster. I like the drums. However, I agree with you (Blue Magic) in that they should be more like they were in the previous version. I thought the previous version sounded better, it already had enough bass.
  3. Here's hoping the rest of the ToP/ToS remix project is as awesome as this and Hale-Bopp's tune. This is shaping up to be a pretty awesome project. Anyway, I really enjoyed this. The drums are friggin awesome, and the arrangement is incredible.
  4. Oh yeah, this sounds a lot better now. Nice, I approve.
  5. I just heard the update. And while I like what you've done in the ending, my favorite part of the song now sounds messed up. From 2:20 to around 3:10, this sounds cluttered. Sometimes the piano doesn't sound as articulate as it was in the previous version, and the sounds tend to clash with eachother. The guitar solo at 2:44 doesn't sound as clean, and I think it has too much going on behind it (It sounded wonderful in the previous version). I also think the bass now sounds muddy. Keep at it. While I have my complaints, it still sounds great.
  6. This is awesome. Wonderful soundscape. Edit: Isn't this your second mix of these tunes?
  7. RTF and Malcos' collabs were my favorite songs from the BotA project. You guys do outstanding collab works. I have to mirror what djp said about this. It's so smooth and perfectly put together that it's pretty much impossible to tell who did what on this song. I hope to hear more collabs from you two in the future. Also, I'm shocked as to how far RTF has come in so little time. I remember hearing some of your stuff on vgmix around a year ago and thinking it was all right, and now you've been blowing me away with your music. Props to you, man.
  8. You remember like half a year ago when djp hadn't posted a song for 6 days straight and he made such a big deal about it saying it was a record? Hahahaha. Anyway, maybe I'll still be alive when OCR1498 comes around. We all probably won't be around anymore by the time this project comes out though. Oh well. Edit: So it was a bit more than half a year ago. It was in his write-up for Tepid's "A Rose For Zelda".
  9. Zircon never fails to please my ears. Not my favorite of yours, but that's because you've set the bar for yourself incredibly high. I love the samples you used in the introduction. They remind me a lot of Sonic 3 & Knuckles' soundtrack. Now, we just need a new CD so I can hear all of those unfinished WIPs you post in their completed form.
  10. Truth. I can't wait for house's track. Edit: Rayza's Azure Lake track was sweet.
  11. That was pretty sweet. I hope you finish it, I like it better than Tiesto's mix.
  12. I hope you plan on finishing those tracks Gamebox, because both of them are pretty cool.
  13. I have to agree that rapidshare is just a bad idea. It would take away from the professionalism of this project. With a site as nice as you've constructed (if the teaser site is only a hint of what's to come), it would suck to link to a site infested with pop-ups, waiting in long lines, and putting in a code for average speeds.
  14. This just randomly came up on my playlist and I was very impressed. I immediately added this to my favorites after hearing it. I totally dig this type of stuff and I was delighted when heard it. Great stuff! I didn't like the ending, so I cut the ending off and put in the ending of your newer version. Overall, I like the old (OCR) version better. I didn't like the vocal effects you put in the new version, and I just dig the raw sound. However, I must say that the drums sound a lot better. This easily became one of my favorite songs on this site. Edit: The second version really grew on me. The
  15. I've got about 100 KB/sec up, and I'd be happy to seed this project. I'd be able to seed all day long.
  16. I honestly don't know why people like you even bother writing a review if you have genre bias. You have nothing bad to say about the song on a technical basis, so why bother? Also, having comments like the song being vomit-inducing for you is about as low as you can go. If it's not your cup of tea, leave it at that. Furthermore, you don't need to a hippy to enjoy this type of music; just as I don't have to be a stoner to enjoy reggae. Also, while I really like your new vocal work djp, I hope that you still do some funky mixes in the future. Because "Love Hurts" and "Furtuna Favors the Funk" ar
  17. On first listen, the first verse gave me a bad impression. By about 0:45, things picked up, and from there on it was pretty damn awesome. I still don't like the first verse. I don't think it tops your previous efforts in terms of song writing and production, but for some reason that I can't put my finger on, it's my favorite work of yours so far. Rawkin'.
  18. What's up with so many people being so anti-vocal? What's wrong with the vocals here? They fit in perfectly with the song, they are performed incredibly well, and shit, the lyrics aren't even cheesy. Incredible song you guys got here. Short and sweet.
  19. It hasn't even been out for a full day and already has a good amount of comments. Wonderful mix. Not quite as good as Live from the Yggdrasil, but still a great piano arrangement. A bit sloppy at points, but your playing and arrangement more than make up for it. Now where's the Magnet Man?
  20. Congrats Hale-Bopp, that's some awesome stuff there.
  21. This sounds a lot like something from Phantasy Star Online. Instant awesome (no pun intended, I swear).
  22. I heard this a long time ago. It's still awesome, good work.
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