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  1. I put up a slightly new version up. It's just mastered a bit differently since I thought some of the bass attacks where a tad bit overbearing.
  2. Thanks for the feedback. Skrypnyk is right, this might be better labeled as atmospheric jungle, and I really don't want it to get too heavy because I'm not really into heavy mainstream DnB type stuff. I guess that I should have specified that in the thread intro. I personally like it the way it is, as I was trying to go for a somewhat light flowing feel. Using the label DnB seems to be rather controversial in general around here these days. After reading about it on Wikipedia (which claims DnB to be a broad genre with many subgenres), I feel that this track fits under the DnB genre, though it
  3. Here's the finished DnB track I posted a WIP of in my other thread. I'm pretty proud of this one. I learned a lot about synthesis before writing this, and I made all of the synths with Thor. Check it out: Concealment Enjoy!
  4. Thanks guys! Yeah, it'll definitely be a good deal longer. Twice as long I'm predicting, right now it's on the 2 minute mark. I'm trying to think of some creative stuff to do in the piano section. Right now it just kind of builds back into the beat. This is definitely shaping up to be my best work so far in terms of drum sequencing, mastering, and all that good stuff.
  5. I agree with PhiJayy. You're going in a good direction here. Arrangement is nice. When that synth comes in, this really reminds me of something, but I can't quite nail done what it is that it reminds me of. Longer!
  6. Some crazy stuff here. I enjoyed it quite a bit!
  7. Thanks a lot for the kind words zircon! I definitely agree with you. I already changed the snare and now the hats are starting to irritate me. I think the drum sequencing is a lot better in the second half. Also it's funny that you say that considering how much inspiration I take from your work. I think that when I first started this about a half a year back I was reading your tutorials on your site and decided I wanted to give it a try.
  8. Don't really feel like making a new thread right now because I think I've been doing that a lot =/ Yeah, so in my tradition of working on a song and getting A.D.D. then moving on to work on something new, I have another WIP... I swear I will get around to finishing this and "huh" (though I don't think that one will be much longer, honestly). Anyway, I bought a book, and I learned a lot more about Reason, synthesis, and basically what everything does. I also nosed around sgx's technical advice forums and learned a bunch of bitchin stuff. I feel enlightened, really. Basically, I wanted to start
  9. Ok, something really different from me. Bear with me, I've never attempted something like this before. Some growling bass and crazy synths. Then it fades into some more subdued atmospheric pads and stuff. You know, stuff I'm comfortable with. Fractured Mechanics: Stream here: http://www.myspace.com/jerryschnelzer Download: http://blabstation.net/jerry/Fractured%20Mechanics.mp3 I recommend streaming it since it isn't done, download is higher quality though. Things to do: -Write an intro and build. -Change the snare, I think its a tab bit loud, grainy, and noisy. -Maybe add in some weird breakdo
  10. This is some pretty slick stuff. A good listen. Keeps moving forward and doesn't get boring.
  11. I'm loving this. I love the warm, rich strings that come in right away. It all flows very nicely. Can't wait to hear the completed version of this song.
  12. Pretty neato. I think it lacks the intensity for a standard RPG, but it would definitely work well for strategy RPG or something slower paced like that. I can definitely hear the influences.
  13. Thanks a lot for the feedback guys! Really glad you enjoyed it. I just opened up a myspace music page and on it I put up another WIP that's quite a bit different from everything else I've done. Check it out: Myspace
  14. Yeah, so if you've heard anything I've done you'll know what to expect. This is a short chillout groove. More synthy than any of my other stuff. It's done-ness depends on the type of feedback I recieve Having some trouble naming it. Enjoy. http://blabstation.net/jerry/MunchYumFun.mp3 (Maybe I should start tagging my tracks)
  15. Always great to see some SGX awesomeness here. Very cool. The textures remind me of "This Binary Universe".
  16. Thanks a lot for the feedback. General consensus leads me to believe the lead in Steady Nature is a tad bit grating, I'll see what I can do. As for the other WIP, I haven't made much progress on it as of yet because school is kicking my ass around 24/7 and I started another song which is near completion, I'll definitely get back to it though.
  17. Hey all, I just realized that I had Steady Nature finished and I never actually posted it here. First post has the link. Check it out. Some small changes here and there, a little louder, better intro, mixed on expensive headphones.
  18. Yeah, this song is missing a few things definitely. The drums could really be a lot better. The synth is nice, I like it. The bass drum is noisy, needs to be shorter. It desperately needs some drum fills. Also, I was hoping for some kind of soaring melody, but it never came, it kind of builds up then stops, then kind of builds up again then ends. How about adding in some epic melodies? It could also use some layers. I needs more buildup.
  19. Well, my tastes in games have certainly changed. I can't stand JRPGs anymore. Other than that, games are fun.
  20. Huh? That whole middle part looked like the beginning of Crysis.
  21. Actually, you're wrong there. It has nothing to do with looking at the "big picture". 2D platform gaming is alive and well right now, that's what the question was. You're just looking into the future. And while in the future, there may be less 2D platforming games, I doubt the genre will ever "die".
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