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  1. I'm surprised at how much praise the Mega Man ZX games are getting here. I usually hear people whining about them. I thought they were excellent. And 2D platforming is far from dead, check out the DS.
  2. Woo hoo! I got the album in the mail today. Sexy packaging
  3. Well, I just updated "Steady Nature". Check the first post for the link. I took out 21 seconds because the song went 8 bars without making any kind of progression in those last parts. Apparently that's what was bugging me because I'm a lot more happy with it now. I also removed the pulsating attacks on the choir samples.
  4. Thanks for the feedback. I think you're right about the progression. While I don't want it to build up too much, I feel that the material past 3:45 is a bit lacking and could build up a bit more.
  5. http://blabstation.net/jerry/Steady%20Nature.mp3 This one is kind of new age stuff. Its got a bit of a Metroid Prime sound to it I suppose. http://blabstation.net/jerry/huh.mp3 Here's another, haven't spent too much time on it so far. Enjoy!
  6. Well, I just posted in WIP:O how much I like this album. It's definitely not the kind of album that you pick random tracks that you feel like listening to. It's something that you have to take in as a whole to really appreciate. What I find amazing is that a lot of the songs are longer than 7 minutes, but they never get boring or repetitive and I never get the urge to skip to the next track. That said, none of the songs "feel" long because they are so engaging. Every track fits the tone of the album while bringing something new to the table. I think I've listened to the album from start to fin
  7. Listened to it like a million times already! Every track from your new album is awesome and it's hard to choose favorites because they are all that good. I absolutely love the drums and bass in this one though. And the string hits part is epic. I haven't listened to the short edit though.
  8. My system cost me less than $1000 two years ago. I just upgraded my videocard to a x1950 pro ($150) and I can max out everything but Crysis. Even so, Crysis plays fine and still looks great on medium. I'm actually quite sick of people giving Crysis so much shit, it still looks better than almost every game on the market even on medium settings. Currently I could build a brand new system for less than $1000 that could max Crysis, no AA and not super high-resolutions, but that's a lot to ask for. Some might scoff at the $1000 price tag, but it's a computer and there is far more you can do with i
  9. Stuff: -Socks -Deodorant -Tea -A communist T-shirt (lol) -A new hoodie -RC Helicopter -Picked up a $40 Sansa Clip MP3 player for myself DVDs: -Chronicles of Narnia -Hook -Bridge to Terabithia (Yeah, I love kids fantasy movies.) Games: -Sonic Rush Adventure -Mario Kart DS Fun stuff!
  10. It is awesome! Guess I have to wait for the CD to come out to get a higher quality version. =p
  11. I may participate, depending on if I have the time/doesn't turn out shitty.
  12. Finally listened to it all. This is the shit. The four part i.transmit.this is downright brilliant, and so are the remixes. "A Meal for a Whale" and "i.transmit.this.transfiguration" are my favorites so far from my first listen, and I really dig the Nicole Adams mix, but I love them all.
  13. Awesome! I just preordered the physical copy and I'm downloading the tunes right now. The samples you put are are incredible!
  14. Hells yeah! New SGX goodness AND and a new album. Just in time for the holidays. Can't wait to recieve my copy.
  15. Man, I loves me some Gamebox any day. This shit is awesome.
  16. Hey, thanks for the comments. Glad you enjoyed it!
  17. Awesome. Been waiting for this for like... ever. Great stuff.
  18. From the description it sounds like fun. The archive link isn't working (for me at least) so I'm downloading the individual tracks. Comments to come.
  19. This was mixed on shitty headphones, so it's not really complete since I'd like to hear it on some better headphones. Anyway, this song is basically huge mashup of ideas. It starts off pretty chill and lo-fi until about halfway through I decided to change the direction of the song to some upbeat DnB. There's also about 2 minutes of really new-agey stuff and a minute or so of other junk that didn't make it into the song. The title says it all - I couldn't decide which direction to take the song. I think it turned out pretty well in the end. http://blabstation.net/jerry/Indecision.mp3 Enjoy!
  20. More awesome stuff that I've come to expect from you.
  21. That's pretty horrible. My prayers go out to his family. He made some great music that we will all remember him by.
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