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  1. I'll have to talk to my buddy, his web space might be down.
  2. I love this stuff. Really awesome and really inspiring. As for the no physical CD stuff, I'm not too sure of that. I love physical CDs
  3. http://blabstation.net/jerry/new.mp3 Haven't put too much into it yet, but here's a little clip of a section I'm satisfied with. Enjoy.
  4. PlastikBag


    What does? Portal? $20 is hardly an exorbitant amount for a 3-4 hour game with some extra challenge levels. Especially one that is so well scripted and well done.
  5. PlastikBag


    This was probably the most fun I've had playing a game in years. It was entertaining, hilarious, and extremely satisfying.
  6. 'Chya. This is totally awesome yo.
  7. Double post with tiny tiny update. I lowered the volume of the pads to make it a *little* less distracting. Still needs more work though. http://blabstation.net/jerry/Lonely%20Wandererv2.mp3
  8. Awesome feedback, thanks a lot! I'll probably update it soon, with those changes. You're right, I really liked the fluty sounding pads, and I probably got carried away with them and brought them out a bit too much.
  9. Hey man, I'm a nub. I'm still learning. I was just kind of like "SGX uses Reason, it must be awesome". But yeah, I'd like to learn some other stuff because Reason's limitations are starting to irk me, I had to bend over my ass to reverse a drum sample (?).
  10. This by far my best work so far. It's fairly simple, containing only 4 instruments throughout the entire song, but I think it turned out pretty awesome. I decided to play around with the drums for once, so this time they're actually kind of interesting(!). Ambient stuff, check it: http://blabstation.net/jerry/Lonely%20Wandererv2.mp3 On a related note, I updated "Air". I think I'll just put it here instead of bumping that old thread. Didn't remove the piano, but took it up 2 octaves and made it more interesting, gave the lead a bit more bite by throwing a Scream4 distorter on it. Thanks Skrypny
  11. I see tits! Right, but this is all very cool, both OC's tracks as well as the guest artists. Very good work.
  12. This is incredible. I can't believe I passed this up.
  13. Thanks a lot for the feedback! I may just drop the piano part and write something else in its place. I was never too wild about it either. Maybe I'll have the guitar come in earlier along with another line. Progress will probably be slow though since I'm learning some other software and I've got school and work.
  14. Big update to Adrenaline. A bunch more variation, better build up, much much better mastering, and some more content. I think I'm getting better! Check it out, and enjoy. http://blabstation.net/jerry/AdrenalineNew.mp3 And thanks for the comments.
  15. I love the original and this remix rocks my face off.
  16. This is most definitely awesome. But that's a given since everything by zircon is awesome.
  17. Well, I kinda halted the other stuff that I was working on and went back to writing ambient stuff, because I like it. Anyway, I wouldn't call this complete, but it's almost there. I wanted to share this before school starts, so here it is. I still want to work on the ending bits, and maybe try to spice up the drums. http://blabstation.net/jerry/Air.mp3 Enjoy!
  18. Fuck this. I can't play the game because it crashes on the second load screen, every time. Another friend has the exact same problem. I'm thoroughly disappointed. There's no reason why it should be this buggy.
  19. Thanks much for the feedback. I have to agree with you 100% on the drums for both songs. I'm trying to work on them, though I have no idea of how to slice drums up with Reason. I think you can do it with the Rex player but I don't know how to convert a drumloop I made with the drum computer into a rex file. Anyone know of any good tutorials?
  20. Definitely interesting, and very cool. Shame this got buried in WIP:O.
  21. This sounds great so far. I dig the dual synth solo.
  22. Bucky 'O Hare!!! Seriously though, I love that game.
  23. So I'm enjoying this a lot more than I had ever imagined. If you haven't it checked out, "Essence of a Dream" is done (for now). I might touch on it again once I learn more, but anything I try to do to it right now just seems to make it worse. http://blabstation.net/jerry/Essence%20of%20a%20Dream.mp3 And here's my 2 new WIPs. "Dismembered Puppets" is somewhat obscure. It's somewhat ambient, somewhat industrial. I have more written for it right now, but I'm struggling making transitions into the parts. "Adrenaline" is some DnB, I started making drum loops in order to get better at it, and this
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