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  1. Terrific mix. The frenetic drum beat really is awesome. I love the stutter effects in the beginning and the classic '80's metal take toward the end is equally cool. Great stuff*
  2. Sologamer and Smoke, thanks so much. Haha, I feel quite embarrassed. And Sologamer, a million thanks to you for PNG'ing for me (you knew I was technolically challenged, didn't you?). I'll name my next...hamster after you. Thanks~
  3. Why isn't this working? For crying out loud, I've uploaded the freakING image, I can see it spectacularly on photobucket. Dude, I've done this many a time before, but something's awry. The only thing done differently is that the file is a .BMP...don't tell me that's the difference. Hmmm...assistance for the idiot??
  4. Man, if I could JUST remember the Sonic games, then I bet I'd getta heck of alot more out of this... I do really like this though. It's like something that plays during trance sessions @ clubs! A defenite dl must for anyone who *hearts* trance stuff! ~^~Mary_mari's seal of approval~^~
  5. ... , this......... , I have found my end title song! I am SOOOOO writing lyrics to this...yes, I am *leaves abruplty* Oh my, this is the best sounding remix b/c it just...it really IS a remix (the original roots, only fed w/pure groove). The constant violin in the main aspects of the song just make it soooo emotional. Yes, good lyrics for this. DUDE. Listen to this mix...you'll want to cry...or...wait-no...maybe that's just me... oh yeah, this deserves: ~^~Mari_mari's golden seal of approval~^~ and...
  6. Man, what kinda water are these djs DRINKING??? This mix is nothing short of kewl. Literally. You lean in, listening to the speakers like they're telling you you've won ten million smackaroonies. Try it, dudes! Nah, you don't have to. You just will by nature. I can't pick out a fav part in the track (mainly cuz, I'm not listening to it right now ), but the whole thing...ah. The music is compiled w/geniousity and brothaness . Yeah, I don't get it either, Plank. ~^~Mary_mari's seal of approval~^~
  7. You can't beat DKC music(or DKC2 music, they're one-n-the same). No sir, and this mix just adds to the awesome-nicity of the game. I adore the simplicity of this remix. It's like cottoncandy for the soul, baby! Absolutely scrumptious track *feels ashamed for corny review* ~^~Mary_mari's seal of approval~^~
  8. Heheheheheh...this is such a freaky mix. Man, it makes me laugh Itz so krazy! But really, it's a good track, reminds me of the 80's for some strangesque reason *shakes head*. It's great, though. King K. Rool probably listens to this in his spooky liar *que music* Haha! I love it!!! ~^~Mary_mari's seal of approval~^~
  9. Hmmmmmm...wow, it defenitley has an enchanted pagonda kinda feel. It makes me think of a samurai warrior getting ready to battle *nods thoughtfully*. Yes, indeed. It certainly is a different take on the original, ne??? I like it. It has reeeeeeeeeeeeeally good parts, but...it doesn't seem to click w/me all the way. Oriental music fashods should dl this. Moby fans *stands up proudly*, possibly. But weirdos like me...who knows. Who listens to people who like Moby, anyway *looks down sadly*
  10. I could just...just EAT this song. I thought it would sound corny w/the guitar, but uh-NO. It is awesome. Those fade in, fade out effects are to capture and immortalize until...the end of...time, sure. But, heck, I was pre-partial to this song cuz it's title is "DiddyEvolution"! When I was a tiny girl, I had a freakin' crush on Diddy Kong...how sweet/creepy ~^~Mary_mari's seal of approval~^~
  11. I dl'ed this about...hmmmm...let's see tres days ago and I finally listend to it and...I'll be honest *with crossed fingers behind back*...it is SOO kewl! When I heard the end title music (I guess credits music for short ), I felt all reminiscent and like...awww, I remember my mom was the one who actually beat the game. Yeah, my parents were the one's to stay up until four am playing SNES, realize "we have work tomorrow", then...ya know the story Anyway, GREAT piece! ~^~Mary_mari's (crappy) seal of approval~^~
  12. Awwww, it's so nice ^-^. The climax is very good. I like the subtle intro of the drums right before it just blasts into hyperdrums!!!...hmmmm...and then, it's very nice! It's so different f/the original while keeping true to it at the same time! How DO you do it???
  13. ooooooooooooo...love, love, love the beginning It is sooo nice...*melting*. -_GASP_-This majorely rocks...it has an awesome triphop feel (hint: I LOVE triphop). Oh, this track needs some Tricky lyrics! It's got that bittersweet/coming f/a deep depression mood...ahhhh, I love this times9. K, this is the grooviest DKC theme mix *heart, heart* ~^~Mary_mari's seal of approval~^~
  14. Hey, kewl! I feel like I'm chasing Bowser right now... Nah, seriously, awesome, awesome mix. I love the darker sounds in it. Gives it that...that...feel of...darkness. I reeeeally like the smooth calm to krazy fast switch. Makes ya wanna dance like no one's lookin'!!! ~^~Mary_mari's sign of approval~^~
  15. Yeah, it may not be fall on the floor amazing, but I wrote lyrics to the tune of this ReMix. So...it's alittle heart-n-soul to me. HEY! If anyone want to see them (I know, I know, BORING!), just lemme know! I'll happily...make them...available...for...well, reading, I guess.
  16. Wow...what else can ya say? I have always been a big fan of DKC music but this is just...wow, ya know? And it will be totally funky w/lyrics! Anyway, Darangen did a freakin' awesome job w/this! It should SO go mainstream! ~^~Mary_mari's seal of approval~^~
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