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  1. ...wait, what? ALL of Konami? Thats retarded.
  2. OA-kun! OA-kun! I has a question! Whats the next art contest theme going to be? "The Power Glove." Nyoro~n...
  3. Wait, there's going to be a Contra IV? JESUS FUCK WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?
  4. Mine is the only boss that scared the piss outta me. Whether or not he classifies as a boss is irrelevant.
  5. Interesting. Hopefully, someone will record it and post an MP3 of it somewhere, for those who can't attend.
  6. When they DO finally end it, they better show whats under that damned hat.
  7. May wanna change the topic title to reflect that, hombre.
  8. There was no due time set, so I have NO clue. I'd imagine midnight of the actual day its due.
  9. http://paizo.com/paizo Posting because SOME people here play D&D. 30 years of tradition will be gone. Makes me wonder what prompted the decision.
  10. My interest in MMO's is directly proportional to how much porn of it is out there. So, get cracking, people.
  11. [quote='[\()/];261647']mudamudamudamudamudamudamudamudamudamudamuda!!!!!!!!
  12. I haven't really thought of what to draw. And its not a real priority to me at this moment.
  13. Metroid, THEN Castlevania? Its like I'm personally gettin' some love up in here. Now here's hoping I'll do better than 4th fucking place this month.
  14. Well, there goes my chance to be even in the top fucking THREE, nevermind first.
  15. She laughed when I told her. I'm scrapping my original because it was way, waaaay too ambitios for an out-of-practice Slim, so I'm switching to something else. As my friend said, I'm stressing too much over this, so I'm gonna just flip through my Metroid folder until something jumps out at me. Its either going to be Metroid II, or Fusion. The former because it was my first Metroid game and I love it to death; the latter, because it was hella-fun and the SA-X was REALLY FUCKING SCARY. OMG BRICKS WERE SHAT.
  16. I'm having the same problem as Rambo; the more I look at mine, the more I despise it. Mind, its just a sketch at this point. But not drawing for weeks at a time, and not really having the drive to go through the effort of doing so, makes it frustrating. I got a friend hounding me about it, though, saying it'd be blasphemy to NOT draw something Metroid. Thats incentive enough, I suppose.
  17. Something to do with Mother Brain from Super Metroid. Probably tangling with Samus. Barring that, maybe Metroid Fusion, with the SA-X. Because she inspired TOTAL FUCKING FEAR in me.
  18. Dude. Its the 11th of the month. If we only get, like, 3 submissions by the end of it, THEN you have grounds to complain (and honestly it wouldn't surprise me if we did...)
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