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  1. I saw this movie today. Twice. I'm pretty sure it was the manliest movie I'd seen since the original Conan. What made it for me, though, was at the first showing, some lady brought in her 7-year-old boy. Now, my friend got a little bothered by that, and while I share his sentimentalities to a point, I pointed out that we're both in our mid-20's and when we were that age, we were watching far, faaar gorier shit than that. And on cable television. So, I felt that the kid probably experience his first truly epic movie of his life.
  2. I could always pop open MP2 over the next day or two, depending on when I have the free time, and make a quick sketch of the little bugger for ya. Beat the everloving snot out of the game, so I've no shortage of enemy info on my memory card.
  3. HOLY SHIT ITS FUCKING ON PEOPLE. An art competition about my favourite gaming series of all time? Oh yes. Things will roll. Most likely heads.
  4. I need to stop lurking on the front page like a retard and notice the sub-forums.
  5. This reminds me: What the hell happened to the OCR fanart competition? Haven't seen any topics for it in a while; last I knew, there was the Pokemon month and then...nothing.
  6. I don't see anything that requires a sense of disbelief; it seemed more like it was tied to that whole urban myth that a camera will steal your soul. And considering a ghost is often considered a lost soul of some kind, then using a camera to fend them off seems logical...in a semi-backwards kinda way.
  7. SEGA has been doing this for years, and people don't realise. SEGA: Hay guys remember when Sonic was good? We're bringing that back with the new one! Honestly this time! Fans: Yay! Sega: Oops lol, sorry guys. Fans: Boo! SEGA: Hay guys remember when Sonic was good? We're bringing that back with the new one! Honestly this time! Fans: Yay! Sega: Oops lol, sorry guys. Fans: Boo! SEGA: Hay guys remember when Sonic was good? We're bringing that back with the new one! Honestly this time! Fans: Yay! Sega: Oops lol, sorry guys. Fans: Boo! SEGA: Hay guys remember when Sonic was good? We're bringing that back with the new one! Honestly this time! Fans: Yay! Sega: Oops lol, sorry guys. Fans: Boo! Repeat for the next 7 titles.
  8. YES. This is the best news I've heard all day. I question who is gonna be who, though. Will we get known stars, or nobodies? Whoever will be playing The Kingslayer better be fucking GODLY, though, or Imma gonna hit somebody.
  9. http://www.d20srd.com All your basic needs for D&D. They've intergrated the 3 core books, and have included a couple of things from the Player's Handbook 2 and probably more of the Monster Manuals. Its all very base, though, and doesn't usually have descriptions of monsters and suchlike, but its good enough to get by.
  10. I'm an unabashed tabletop gamer. D&D, Rifts, and Warhammer are my top geeky pleasures. While I've tried MtG a few times, I could never really get into it. That kinda goes for any card game, really. I demand that people share their tabletop experiences! Retarded MtG moments, insane dice rolls, whatever; lets here'em, folks. Hell, I'll even start. We're playing D&D, the party consisting of: a tiefling rogue/barbarian, a true werebear druid, a half-giant psychic warrior, and myself, the sole human bard. We're about 11th level at this time, roughly the second session in this campaign. Due to a series of indicents involving a pissed-off minotaur and severe property damage, we're run out of town and end up having to hike through the woods, heading towards the dwarven kingdom to rescue some people. We're confronted by a mob of demi-humans--roughly 30 orcs, 2 ogres, 2 ettins, and 2 ogre shamans. Not something we can handle at that level, so I try and Dimension Door us out of there. The shamans counter-magic that, and we're elft in the middle of this massive cluster-fuck. In a severe stroke of bravery, luck, and fantastic teamwork, we cut a bloody swath through them, killing them all to the last man. The moment of the night came from the half-giant, Baccus, who waded through 5 orcs and an ogre on his own, to stand toe-to-toe with an Ettin and dealing a critical hit for over 90 points of damage. We're still playing this campaign, and we're getting close to epic level now. We gotta find a way out of Sigil that doesn't involve pissing off the Lady of Pain, though, which is proving to be...difficult.
  11. So I found out how to get the Onion Knight. Sucky thing is? I don't have wi-fi connection at my house, nor know anyone with a copy of the game I see on a regular basis. So, yeah. Fuck that noise.
  12. Master Javelin, so yeah. I was so hoping that mastering everything would get you something neat. But the game doesn't even seem to care. Boo. I'm going through the alternate modes right now. The sisters mode is interesting, if a bit cheesy--raping Legion in one minute? Ye-ah, balance issues here... Why is it that in Richter mode, he never stops? The man runs like a bat out of hell, rolls when he lands, and then keeps sprinting like there's no tomorrow. Axe Armour Mode. Um...yeah. Fun is had due to incredible cheesiness. I got FF3 yesterday, and while I'm digging it as a whole, I've got two issues with it. One, the top screen isn't used for anything significant, aside from cinema's and the map. Why no dungeon map thats drawn out as you move, or stats to view during battle? Seems like a huge waste of potential there. Second, there's no real need for the touch screen. I can do everything with the buttons, and usually faster to boot. Bleh.
  13. Electric space heater for my brother Hazelnut-scented candle for my sister Leather coat for my half-brother New shower head for my mom Virtua Fighter 4 and two spiffy PS2 controllers for my nephew Same pair of controllers for a friend (they were on sale!) Tyrant Guard for another friend House stuff for another friend who just moved into a new apartment ...and thats about it.
  14. Casltevania: Portrait of Ruin (Which I annihilated in 2 days) FF 3 New slippers Sweater Socks Box set of 3 Eldar War Walkers Dragon Ogre Shaggoth Keeper of Secrets Chaos Defiler Tome of Corruption (WFRPG sourcebook) Invader Zim DVD (eeeh...) Gift certificates to clothing stores (YAY NEW PANTS) $140 loose cash from relatives ...and probably the oddest one of all, a box of 5 soda bottles. But not any kind, oh no. These are from the Jones company, and every year they release these holiday-themed drinks. Such tasty flavors are: Turkey & Gravy, Sweet Potatoes, Dinner Rolls, Pea, and Antacid. Even comes with a shot glass. So far, I'm trying to convince two friends of mine to sit down and take shots of these. Whatever is left, I'm gonna mix into one giant, disgusting coagulation and down it.
  15. Tecmobowl would like to have a word with you.
  16. I all had this big post an' shit, until the internet ate my post. Most of it was what Coop listed, but here's a few to add: Terranigma. EVERYONE must play this. Metal Warriors. Fun mecha shooter, that lets you hop out of your mech and pilot other mechs in the middle of combat. Has an entertaining head-to-head mode. Shadowrun. I'd advise checking out both this and the Genesis version; they're radically different in just about every department. Ogre Battle. Not everyone's cup of tea, as its pretty slow-paced an' all, but if you like a giant game of Risk then this is for you. Cybernator. Another mecha shooter, with fluid controls and animation. Pretty damn difficult, too. Aladdin. Don't laugh, its actually really good. On that same vein, Earthworm Jim. Phalanx. I'm kinda surprised Coop didn't mention this little gem of a shooter. Childhood fave, even if it did make me break a controller.
  17. I think that would be too epic for this forum to handle.
  18. I have neither the time, money, nor PS2 to do that. just draw a colossus. pleeeeeeeeeese one of those things Not that simple. If I draw fanart, I do so on the basis that I've actually played the game and have some sort of personal connection to the game itself. If I'm lucky, I might convince a friend to rent it, but don't count on it.
  19. I have neither the time, money, nor PS2 to do that.
  20. Yanno, it'd be FANTASTIC if we could do two months in a row with games that I've actually played.
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