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  1. Oh yeah, another one. The Suffering: Ties That Bind. A pretty mediocre sequel to what I found to be an enjoyable game overall, but I was pretty hell-bent on beating it with the best ending I could manage. That is, save all the important NPC's and generally be an upstanding guy. The prison warden, while escorting him, ended up stuck on top of a computer console and wouldn't budge. I tried moving to another room in the hopes that he'd follow me but when I did it auto-saved, and when I went back he was dead. With no enemies around. Motherfucker. The second glitch, during the same game, was similar; I tried to kill a boss while this scottish dude was trapped in a wall of fire. The guy RAN OUT OF THE FIRE and dashed into another room, wreathed in flames and running around in circles screaming "JAYSUS CHRIST" and "WHY WON'T YOU SAVE ME." Even after beating the boss he kept doing it. Whats worse is that both counted as being killed, so no good ending. Not that I could BEAT the game, since the final boss was a combination of teeth-grindingly difficult and bug-ridden instant-death mess.
  2. ATTENTION: CAPCOM IS TROLLING THE FUCK OUT OF US. http://www.escapistmagazine.com/news/view/104551-Professor-Layton-Phoenix-Wright-Crossover-for-Japan-Only-Says-Capcom
  3. I take it you saved just before the bug kicked in? Otherwise I'd say reload from last save/last checkpoint; failing that, just restart the system and it should fix things. Well, hopefully anyway. I had a game-ending bug in Blaster Master, wherein I clipped through a wall inside my tank and couldn't climb out. On the NES days, after spending 4 hours on the game as a kid? Pure, soul-destroying rage.
  4. Nintendo Life: "The fans who clamoured for a "proper" Sonic adventure will be thrilled by Sonic 4" Yeah uh, about that... Really, I'm not terribly surprised by more popular review-based sites and magazines giving it a decent-to-high score; after that Kane & Lynch fiasco a couple years ago, I get the impression many are just trying to keep their job and don't want to rock the boat. "Sonic 4 feels like a wierd, Flash-based version of Sonic 1 & 2 made by a fan who took a course in video game design" is a very apt description of the game. It makes me wonder just WHO they got to program this game and why, of all things, they managed to bungle such a high-profile, anticipated release such as this. Maybe episode 2 and beyond will fix things for the better, but I don't have my hopes up.
  5. Then just don't play the game and return it. Problem solved!
  6. FTFY No, I did read through the thread, and it just boggles my mind that people assumed it would be this carbon copy of Lufia II. I'm seeing it a lot in other places too, so this isn't an isolated thing. I dunno, maybe I just don't see what the big fucking deal is.
  7. I prefer to judge a game purely on its own, without any of that nostalgia bullshit clogging my judgement. That said, the same simply isn't very good at all. The momentum is screwy; I don't like stopping in mid-air for no apparent reason, and uncurling from ball form EVERY TIME I go off a ledge or jump is horrible. The air dash is wonky at best and downright lethal at worst, and the music is just so uninspiring (aside from Mad Gear). But worst of all: why is Sonic so SLOW? That said, I kinda like the special stages--it has the right amount of challenge without being terribly frustrating.
  8. herp derp change is bad. Seriously, what did you people expect? A literal clone of Lufia II with pretty graphics? If so, that's some delusional thinking. SE doesn't know what to do with itself anymore, so this isn't any surprise. What we SHOULD be doing is judging the game on its own merits rather than endlessly comparing it to an SNES game from 17 years ago.
  10. This is ultimately my plan, once I get a new computer.
  11. What. What. Dude, I can go on rule34, gelbooru/danbooru, fucking GOOGLE, and find several dozens worth of pictures and manga of exactly that.
  12. http://kotaku.com/5643105/kinect-creator-hardly-anyone-plays-first+person-shooters-on-pc-anymore http://www.pcgamer.com/2010/09/20/around-266505-people-played-an-fps-on-a-pc-today
  13. First: this is being developed by British developer Ninja Team, with only 3 people from Capcom. Secondly: he's now a self-insert of the producer. No, seriously, just look; he's right there, third from the left. Third: Even the creator misses the old Dante http://www.escapistmagazine.com/news/view/103576-Devil-May-Cry-Creator-Misses-Dante Fourth: lol u mad?
  14. There's no right or wrong way of doing it, just varying levels of creepy. 531.21 gets an indian station, and 548.68 sounds like straight-up "Satan's Radio" when you switch it to LSB. I have yet to find a number station. Only a matter of time, though.
  15. http://websdr.ewi.utwente.nl:8901/ This is fascinating on so many levels.
  16. I will, one day, make a Castlevania map in this. Creepers, creepers everywhere.
  17. I will endorse the album due to it being my favorite goddamn giant mecha fighting series of all time, but has a point; you can't NOT have the garage music somewhere in there, even if only as a 5-second toss-in. It's classic.
  18. Bet you $5 it'll be hacked within the first month of release.
  19. This game borders on inducing rage. I love it.
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