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  1. What I mean is that the lyrics are very cliched, even though they are sung well.
  2. At the 0:46 second mark, the transition from the guitars to the flute-like-instrument is far to abrupt. Also, I felt the ending of the song (when the accoustic guitar cut out leaving just the distortion guitar, drums, and flanger-like-sound playing) was a bit abrupt as well, though not nearly as much as at 0:46. Overall good though.
  3. Its good in many places, except for a few cheesy parts. For example, the voice howlings that occur during the song threw me off a bit. Also, the fast wah-wah trick at 2:30 to 2:33 is overused and cliched.
  4. I like it, even though some small parts really remind me of the james bond theme.
  5. I enjoyed the futuristic feel. Also the phaser-sounding synths were well used.
  6. Thats really simple. You slide your pinky from Bb to A, play E and C with your middle and ring finger, slide your index from Bb to A (an octave lower from the first Bb and A), and use your thumb on the lower E and cross over with your index to hit the final lower C. I like this remix, but his use of slowing down the tempo momentarily occured so often that it lost its dramatic effect, and made me wonder if he practices with a metrognome.
  7. I was actually referring to the parts between 3:15 and 3:40 that were not entirely on key The other "oo-eh" parts were fine.
  8. Given that it is a remix, a certain amount of leeway is granted. For the purpose of the enjoyability of listening, wouldn't it be appropriate to "correct" the off-key part of the source material that is detrimental to the remix? At least it is my opinion that it is more important to make a remix sound good than to stay really close to the original material.
  9. Ever go to a drugstore or museum, and they have those little listening booth set ups with the variety of different cds that you can sample with a push of a button? This reminds me of what I might here when I push the "natures sounds" button. It doesnt really excite me at all. It seems to try something different with the song structure, but instead of hitting a new peak in excellence, it ends up staying level throughout. I wouldnt mind listening to this if I wanted to get some rest, but if I wanted to enjoy a piece and get into it, I would listen to something with more guts.
  10. I don't really like how it has a sort of shallow sound to it. What I mean is the base and drums seem a bit too flimsy and unreal for my likes. It could just be the mixing.
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