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  1. What I mean is that the lyrics are very cliched, even though they are sung well.
  2. At the 0:46 second mark, the transition from the guitars to the flute-like-instrument is far to abrupt. Also, I felt the ending of the song (when the accoustic guitar cut out leaving just the distortion guitar, drums, and flanger-like-sound playing) was a bit abrupt as well, though not nearly as much as at 0:46. Overall good though.
  3. Its good in many places, except for a few cheesy parts. For example, the voice howlings that occur during the song threw me off a bit. Also, the fast wah-wah trick at 2:30 to 2:33 is overused and cliched.
  4. I like it, even though some small parts really remind me of the james bond theme.
  5. I enjoyed the futuristic feel. Also the phaser-sounding synths were well used.
  6. Thats really simple. You slide your pinky from Bb to A, play E and C with your middle and ring finger, slide your index from Bb to A (an octave lower from the first Bb and A), and use your thumb on the lower E and cross over with your index to hit the final lower C. I like this remix, but his use of slowing down the tempo momentarily occured so often that it lost its dramatic effect, and made me wonder if he practices with a metrognome.
  7. I was actually referring to the parts between 3:15 and 3:40 that were not entirely on key The other "oo-eh" parts were fine.
  8. Given that it is a remix, a certain amount of leeway is granted. For the purpose of the enjoyability of listening, wouldn't it be appropriate to "correct" the off-key part of the source material that is detrimental to the remix? At least it is my opinion that it is more important to make a remix sound good than to stay really close to the original material.
  9. Ever go to a drugstore or museum, and they have those little listening booth set ups with the variety of different cds that you can sample with a push of a button? This reminds me of what I might here when I push the "natures sounds" button. It doesnt really excite me at all. It seems to try something different with the song structure, but instead of hitting a new peak in excellence, it ends up staying level throughout. I wouldnt mind listening to this if I wanted to get some rest, but if I wanted to enjoy a piece and get into it, I would listen to something with more guts.
  10. I don't really like how it has a sort of shallow sound to it. What I mean is the base and drums seem a bit too flimsy and unreal for my likes. It could just be the mixing.
  11. This is a nice chilled-out piece. It doesn't really have any parts that specifically jump out at me and make me really excited, but it still is fine overall.
  12. Very well put together. Reminded me of snowflakes/winter even before I connected the dots to the nightmare before christmas song.
  13. 1:23 to 2:12 , especially near the end, is really sexy. This is very mysterious and compelling.
  14. This song is really fun. The psycho-synth part from 4:07 to 4:47 is super amazing. Great stuff.
  15. I enjoy the instruments a lot, but I don't really like the vocals :/
  16. This is very well done. Very emotional. Its a great trip from start to finish.
  17. Instead of using drums for time keeping, you should really use them to actually add something musical to the song. If they are so-unimportant to what you had in mind for the song, why didnt you cut them from it?
  18. When the lead guitar got up to the higher notes, it seemed like some of them were somewhere between a 1/4 to an 1/8th step off-key. I don't know if it was intentional or not, but either way, its not a big deal. It's just for someone such as myself who frequently checks/adjusts his guitar's intonation, these sorts of things pop up on my radar. Overall its neat, but I dont like how at some parts you seem to have the drums, rhythm guitar, and lead guitar all doing their own thing at once. This alone isn't always a problem, but when you throw chromatics into it, its distracting.
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