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  1. Tea from Secret Santa. 4 extra hours overtime from work. (Getting paid for another 8 ontop of that 4 i actually work so yeah that's a gift.) 100 for mom. More tonight. (Probably) Cant wait to see what comes tomorrow. Forgot one. Early Christmas Gift to myself 32 inch Vizio Smart Television and Dish network =)
  2. You're probably not as political an entity as i am. A lot of gamers aren't. But i hope it makes you re-examine things. As for me i was OUT of the console wars until my computer died. Now i'm considering buying one while i take the time to build my 3k masterpiece. Recent events made the decision very easy.
  3. Personally if this game is Sony only i'm never going to touch it. Sony over the past week has disappointed me to levels previously thought impossible. If this game is not on Xbox One i dont want it. Just checked. Its on Xbox One.
  4. We're going to have to wait and see but based off this trailer i can say this. They are merging God of War like plot elements and quick time events. They're pushing forward on the battle style combination of 10 and 12 doing away with Turn based in any format giving a more action like experience. Those tend to go to shorter plots. (which can be troubling) But will appeal to DMC/Bayonetta beat-em up type fans. The question with the above is can that sustain a longer plotline and significant boss fights for which the series was previously known for. That being said however the writing of this plot suggests significant modern influence and a more political look than previous final fantasy endeavors. If it goes Overtly political it's gonna be a dog's breakfast. BUT if it keeps edgy while not getting preachy this could be a VERY good turn for a franchise that has had 2 failed MMO's and only one solid game since its 9th endeavor. Final Fantasy has been one of the premier story telling mediums in Video Games. I really hope Square has gotten back to Telling a real story here. You also can see FF8's heavy art influence in this trailer. The cars are Iconically from the FF8 line with a few tweaks and the Clothing screams of that game to this point. I havent heard anything about this being set in the FF8 world. But it wouldn't surprise me at this point if they went there having went back to Ivalice for FF12. (The last good FF imo) Also note the Behemoth they were hiding from. It's taken different forms IIRC but again FF8's influence shows. I mark out the FF8 points because FF8 was imo an remarkably underrated final fantasy. The plot was deep and kept you guessing, the soundtrack is about my personal favorite, and the junction system and card game were flat out inspired. If the thinking that brought that game about is at work in THIS final fantasy. FF15 has the potential to be a return to prominence for an aging franchise.
  5. No pics for this. I'm still in need of a computer. Maybe it'll be a Christmas miracle but i doubt it. No matter building it my way is actually pretty damn fun. I think Esperado decided to wait until i sent my gift to see what he could send me. I gotta tell you, that was a risk. For all he knew i could be someone who utterly hated tea. But the fact of the matter is, i love tea. And i've wanted to go loose leaf for so long it isnt funny. But i've never had the chance to experiment. I spent a long day shopping for the last gifts on my list. i came home to see the door open a crack...normally that doesnt happen. So i hop in the side door and head through that passageway heading into the house and opening the front door and i see an Amazon box. Opening it i find Heavenly Tea... Loose Leaf tea sampler. Esperado, thank you so much. Your gamble was right on the money. =)
  6. Without knowing who you sent it to i can not say. But if it was to me. It has not arrived.
  7. Pretty Much Brandon...Hoping mine arrives before christmas now. Of all the things that can happen i'm praying its not yet another shipping screwup. =s
  8. Nothing today for me either... =s
  9. No problem. Even if i dont get level 2 or 3 status i'm probably buying that microphone if it works as advertised that brings a huge quallity level to a group of people normally cant afford it. Seriously look at the costs of studio microphones. Not Cheap
  10. I'm honestly becoming slightly concerned. I just had a Thinkgeek snafu on a watch i really wanted (Ordered on black friday) I'm hoping that mine is still listed in transit and something hasnt happened to it. Since last Sunday i've just had random piles of crap piling up in terms of things happening. =s Mail just came, nothing else so far today.
  11. Lets Dance Boys from Bayonetta 1. Believe me when i tell you it may be the finest performance of a solo Saxophone EVER. When the top Youtube Comment was: Warning Saxual Content ahead? There was a reason for that. Another one i'd love to learn would be The End Run on the Piano. (ME2.) I have to believe that would be another soul moving experience. Moving onto the Trumpet...Super Mario Brothers. And if it were the Violin...There's one piece that stands above all. Melodies of Life. Final Fantasy 9
  12. If i had a setup like this it would probably be Fly Me To The Moon. (Bayonetta 1 version) Though Moon River (Bayonetta 2 version) is friggin kickass
  13. First off Razer's got a new microphone that everyone should take notice of called the Seiren. Great microphone cheap for what its being advertised for. But in concert with that they also launched THIS http://www.razerzone.com/sponsored-streamer. If you're just starting out or an established personality looking to grow they're willing and able to help you along. I've signed up myself because i do have intentions along their lines once i can get my computer built. Figured i'd pass it along to others who might not follow such things =)
  14. My list of possible gifters is growing shorter...
  15. No arrival of gift...i am holding out hope for a pre-christmas miracle. Lots of work ahead to rebuild what was lost. =s I'm glad my gift is being enjoyed. =) Hint. BACON
  16. Glad I got this out when I did. I might not have been able to later. My main computer has flat out bricked. Recovery chances are nil. I'm going to need a replacement. And I don't know if I'm going to be able to get credit to afford one. So whatever has been sent to me or is going to be sent my way. Thank you in advance. My ability to comment on these forums is going to be severely hampered in the days ahead.
  17. I eagerly await the arrival of my gift. Mine is hopefully on its way.
  18. Pretty sure its being sent out today. I chose something i am certain my recipent will not expect. Hope he enjoys it. =)
  19. ...Wow. Just wow. Coming from YOU? Is your coaching gig a Volunteer thing or do you have aims at actually being on the Olympic staff at some point? Because a Lawyer? They do cases Pro Bono. I knew i was goi9ng to get this kind of crap response from some people but you Taucer? No I didn't expect that.
  20. That's her decision not mine. I'm only posting this to inform of the Opportunity She was originally going with Gashouse Gorillas but that never seemed to fit right imo. HOWEVER: If i had to guess i think she'll be looking for something Patriotic but Fun. probably with a few of her choice quotes mixed in. Or a Couple quotes from others. (Her first Theme song had a couple of lines from Monty Python (Holy Grail)) She wont be looking for 'Star Wars' or uber serious. Depending on the sound Retro might just work with her.
  21. I've lurked and posted around these forums for quite a while. But i don't believe i've ever had a chance to post anything like this thread. I'm posting on behalf of Sam 'Politibunny' Janney. Host of Red White and Bunny. On twitter she has over 35k followers none of them bought. Her show was formerly called Politibunny on the attack. They're part of We Are America Radio. I will admit they are openly conservative/libertarian and if the political differences are too much for you guys then you can stop reading and move on. But if you think you can work with a great woman who's shown nothing but Class i ask that you read a little bit more. Among the changes coming to this Woman's life is as i stated a New and revamped Radio show. The music this website constantly produces is utterly magnificent and with a new show we think a new Theme Song is appropriate. This piece will likely for copyright issues with streaming need to be a 100% original piece. You'll need to be comfortable around bunnies wielding chainsaws. (Her Trademark) Occasional harsh language as well. This will most likely be a Pro-Bono class job, however the exposure this will give you is significant WAAR is not a small force in the political circles and the show is growing in both audience and presence. I'm damn proud to call this woman my friend and i'm now reaching out to you guys on her behalf. If anyone here is interested in what should be a very fun project for both you and your client contact her on Twitter: @Politibunny using my name (Hyperion) or through me if you prefer not to use Twitter and we'll get this project started. Alternatively you can contact her at: politibunny@gmail.com (E-mail)
  22. I know what i put as what i wanted for Secret Santa. And i knew from the outset that it was probably far too much for anyone here to handle. But I spoke honestly and from the heart. I've overcome a lot of trials and troubles in the past few months. And all of my small problems have been handled by my own doing. I have bigger plans and dreams ahead of me now. Any help i can get to be able to work towards those will be greatly welcome. So whoever ended up with mine. Good luck, god bless, and thank you.
  23. My gift goes out this coming friday. Just need to handle some things. I think my recipient will get exactly what's been requested.
  24. That would be because Kumail Nanjiani overdoes his accent on purpose. #DUNDUNDUN!!!!
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