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  1. One word can describe what i have heard...BRILLIANT! A very well done piece...towards the end though another piece is brought in so dang familar that i cant place it....It compliments this remix perfectly i wish i could place that 2nd piece at about 5:15....
  2. I guess in this case its a matter of taste I found it a very well done piece granted not as good as compared to some of our elites but still a very well done piece here. It really picks up towards the end and this one just gets it right as far as i am concerned good job
  3. I thought of the character in this song along a far different line when i first played the game but after taking 10 minutes to truly listen and hear this piece i couldnt agree more with some of the stuff said here Well Done.
  4. Good Lord...This is quite possibly the best FF7 remix i have ever heard. And yes that includes the Killer RedXIII theme and the concert pieces. If squaresoft were to ever come looking for a new sound track on a redone FF7 (not that it well ever happen This piece would be at the top of the list. By god this is beautiful in a way i never thought possible. It captures the epic level i have only found in a total of 10 remixes on here and the LOTR SoundTracks. This Is a true credit to the FFVII game and a truly well done remix. I dont see how ya top this one...I hope it can be done though
  5. .....Good Lord what a piece This piece is perfecton personified. This ranks in the Top 5 of the best music to be put on this site. Jared used to own the first 10 of my personal fave songs...No longer this is in my own top ten.... When i came here i thought Jared Hudson was the best and couldnt be beaten ever....That opinion has just changed...Jared you got competition Sheer Beauty and Perfection
  6. I am listening to it right now...God damn this is good...I dont know where some of you go and say that this takes off from the theme so far...Speaking from expereince this actually stays pretty close to the one used in game. It does give a bit of a more epic level to it. Gray does this one justice. And i think if they ever decided to redo chrono they would walk up to this guy and pay him a ton...Because IMHO this should of been his theme in game... at least at the end of time. I would of liked to of heard a bit more between 2:09-2:30 but this is a stellar remix. Well Done Gray.
  7. Nothing else can be said except this guy is the master of the mix. The people who run this board should change his title to that. Every piece he has done has set a new benchmark for others to try TRY to achive. Once again Perfection personified.
  8. Once again OCRemix brings out the best. I continue to find absoulte gems of songs on here. This is another of what has become a long running history of some of the best music to grace the label of MP3.
  9. Loop it once and i think everyone will agree it is up there with Chu Chu and some of the major orchestrals! This is by far one of the coolest tunes i have ever found. I this being used in a movie or somthing it just rocks so much I LOVE IT!!!
  10. This is one of the best remixes i have come across Not on the level of Chu Chu's flight and other orchestrals But it is up there. This is a very very well done mix with a lot of energy and just a great sound to it
  11. Once again another masterwork piece by Jared. Absoultly amazing. This is amazing...
  12. This has the potental to be one of the best OC remix has...But it truly needs to be cleaned up. I love it but clean up the static!
  13. You got to be kidding me right? Good lord some of the recent suggestions are off the wall stupid I beat all 3 forms of Yunalesca with in less then 10 minutes. Its easy if you know what you are doing. Seems you didnt. Since you got me so ticked off let me break it down for ya. Dont use Overdrive in the first 2 portions Always keep yuna or rikku in for healing purposes NEVER LEAVE ZOMBIE ON A CHARACTER Haste if you have that spell is a godsend When you get the final form let it rip with everything you got! Start with the overdrives If you are smart you have Yuna at overdrive at this point let it rip with Bahamut!Follow that up with Shiva asap. The combined effects of the overdrives should cut her health in half right there also one key thing...ANTI ZOMBIE omfg how anyone can forget that kind of armor right then and there is beyond me. As for the last boss in 8 This is one case where one of the side quests wasnt just a good thing its essental. The Card Game in that is so friggin vital cards you need for this fight are as follows Angelo=100 elixers Gilgamesh (ESSENTIAL!!!!)=10 Holy Wars (COMPLETE INVINCIBLITY FOR A LIMITED TIME) Bahamut 100 Mega Elixers (Forming the ulitmate team no matter what) This is a long process but worth the trouble First off you need every card level 4 or higher Preferably mutliples of those All the 8-10 cards are once and done refining. If you were smart and got the refining ablites right out of the box you will be able to take full advantage of your collection. If you manage to get every card in the game then you will be able to create superior GF's And superior characters without having to use the devour ablitiy. which route you take is up to you. Honestly if you got Angelo Bahamut and Gilgamesh you wont have too many problems. (Weapon Refinement is essential though) Hardest boss i have ever faced. Try the CNC general's Boss in General's challenge mode then tell me one of the above ones are harder.
  14. This is up there with Chu Chu's Flight in caliber. Once again OCRemix brings out the best and brightest. VERY VERY WELL DONE PIECE HERE! I usually wait for the torrents so i can DL them all at once. But being the FF master i am (1-X2 Yes tactics and the minor ones) I decided to DL this. I am glad very very glad i did I love it.
  15. Hey Uh i dont know size limits on pictures...and i cant seem to find any in the tech forum... So i am shrinking these down to i think respectable sizes... Blend these 2 with the Sword in the background (remove the text if possible) (Hang on too big too big!) Make Squall's pic look transparant more backgroundish while the ship is in front. if you want to add my name thats cool too. Second attempt There we go.
  16. Nice to know a lot of people think the same thing i do about this one...when i first heard it...i couldnt belive how good it was. Several months later i can still only come up with one word that truly describes it Perfection. Keep it up Jared This is some of your finest work.
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