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  1. Yeps they're out. And the hunts beginsins.
  2. Yes Really. I'm not an anarchist. I'm not a conspiracy theorist. I believe that from 2001-2009 we had people operating with far better intentions than we do today. The fact of the matter is however the road to Hell is paved with those kinds of intentions. That being said the ground work laid in 2001-2009 was abused to hell and gone between 2009 and Today.
  3. THere are no good intentions with this. The freedom of the internet is at stake with this and i want everyone reading this to know it. The past six years have shown a Government truly unworthy of the trust of its people. A government that has done EVERYTHING short of provoking civil war to silence dissent. You people who remain silent will not have a choice if this moves forward. Stop it now before you are forced to take sides.
  4. The topic at the moment is the list of reasons its not out yet!!! I cant wait for this to be done. Someone needs to give Djpretzel another 24 hours in one of his days though. =s
  5. I set a McRib on fire and sang 99 problems but a McRib aint one.
  6. I'm in a position to participate in this for the first time! Signed up and filled it out. Cant wait to see what happens!
  7. No updates in a while... I hope this is still on track for a release this year...
  8. Ingress. If you're not playing that. Start. If you want a referal i'll give one!
  9. For me its the opening soundtrack to Bayonetta. The first 3 songs in the Prelude. You could take the visuals out of it and your eyes will still pop out of your head. Incredible build up and it set the tone for the entire game with that.
  10. 19 days to go.. Creator of MegaMan to be there...bunch of other guys a couple in music too... OCR gonna crash this party or what?!
  11. Judging by his twitter feed the delays seem to be directly related to VERIZON BOO HISS BOO HISS!
  12. Somewhere in 2005. Historians debate the exact date and events. =)
  13. Meteo. You're a bad ass. Enough said.
  14. Well not directly. Long story short https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/199235-new-create-a-tenno-tune-contest/ Rules: One submission per user Submission must be your original work (besides downloadable Warframe sounds) Tune must not exceed 2 minutes No collaborated submissions Tune must include a Warframe related sound. (Check out our Fansite Kit for downloadable sounds https://warframe.com/community/fankit) Winner gets in game currency and gets its tune aired on their next live stream broadcast. I just saw this today. You dont have a lot of time for it but its there for those who want a change!
  15. The above post is the single biggest reason. Music in video games has taken a jump to ABOVE the music found in movies. And a lot of it has become down right iconic. To have the balls to remix a soundtrack like The Normandy Reborn or Bayonetta's Now Epic Fly Me To the Moon is one thing. To get it done right is entirely something else. You have a real limit especially with the growing quality of soundtracks in video games. The good games are getting music so strong you're just dumb struck. In older games there weren't many songs outside of the SNES era that really put chills up your spine when you listened. And even then they're one or two per game leaving a remixer a lot of room to work. These newer ones? They're being made with AAA class star power. Defiance's entire game soundtrack was created by none other than Bear McCreary himself. (Aside from Radioactive) And we've had OCR guys ON games already. Compared to previous games where you really have room to work. The real new GOOD songs leave it all on the floor. It took real courage to take on the opening theme to Skyrim especially after i read its full translation. Sometimes you just hit a song so right no one wants to touch it. At which point you have to raise the question would original compositions be preferable in dealing with future games?
  16. *pokes DJP with a stick* *looks at whip* *Looks at who owns website* *wishes DJP could live 48 hours in a day* *still wants this released*
  17. I'll blame whoever the bleep i bleepin bleepity bleep bleeper bleeping yippiekaiyay mother bleeper bleeping please. AND I'LL START WITH YOU!
  18. Well in general the NFL has crossed the Rubicon on several social issues i disagree with. This is just one more. I boycotted the playoffs and i WILL boycott next season if Goodell is still the commish.
  19. Throw at least the first Bayonetta into it (Not sure about 2's music but if its anything like the first....) I can honestly say despite my problems with the games themselves Defiance and Rift have excellent music. ANd while i'm at it. If anyone is NOT including the mass effect TRILOGY on a music standpoint they need their heads examined. I personally have several soundtracks from EACH game on my spotify playlists and i still hold Omega Relay Music Sequence as possibly the best suite composed in videogaming. (From jumpdrive to End Run.) And the SR2 reveal music STILL sends chills up the spines of listeners. I think this guy has not evolved his hearing the more i think it out.
  20. *Trades stick for twin swords and slices Geno to Shreds* IT WAS JUST CHRISTMAS!!!!! I knew both albums for last year was a long shot but this thing needs to be put out already... >.<
  21. *pokes thread with a stick* =o.o= *grabbypaws* i waaaaaaaaaaant
  22. Either primary maker of the card is a competent choice The question becomes the kind of FPS you want. If you're looking for 60+ you'll need a top end card. If you're looking for 40-60 you can work with a middle range card.
  23. Gamers, Musicians, General all around Badasses. In the troubled times we live in the alchemy this website creates is a beacon of hope not only for our little cabal of renegades. But for the entire world. Whether you realize it or not technology and the internet has made this website a true outpost of light in a world growing increasingly dark. On this thanksgiving eve i type this to thank each and every poster each and every song writer, each and every administrator, and each and every remixer here. May this Bastion of light in a sea of darkness never fall.
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