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  1. Iti was stated at the beginning of this ear they were gonna release both albums. That was more a hope/promise than solid fact. Lord knows we want it. I got FF6 as a day early birthday gift....If FF9 was a Christmas morning gift...that'd make up for what has been a generally shitty year.
  2. Well i got the roster planned out. Not having a microphone for my stream is going to suck but i cant do anything about it now. Games are planned food plans are made. I should be alright there. But donations have been lacking. =) Still its a great cause. Even if i don't get many donations i'm standing with those gamers who are going for it.
  3. You may know about this you may not So here's a short spiel Extra Life is a charity that got founded in 2008 thanks to a young girl named Victoria Enmon. She lost her battle with cancer but she inspired the Sarcastic Gaming Community to go through with the effort. Last year they raised 2.3 million and this year i'm helping with the effort. I didnt see anything about this on here so as the big event is tomorrow and i've been busy with other fund raising avenues i'm going to make a last ditch effort here to post. Starting 8 AM gamers all over the world are going into overdrive in a 25 hour drive to raise funds for children's hospitals all over the world. www.Extra-life.org Is their starting page. This is my personal donation page. I'm trying to help the Children's Hospital of Philly. http://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.participant&participantID=62604 Thanks for reading guys
  4. Raw pure sound... in recent memory i'm gonna go because of many levels the Opening to RWBY (its on youtube) This will be the day is something really to listen to. Sound+Visual...It has to be a tossup between the Opera Aria in FF6 which was the most anticipated track OCR has EVER done on a personal level. And the FF7 Death Scene. Both of those affected me on a level few other sound tracks have. An Honorable Mention on that list however is the Opening Sequence of Bayonetta. To say they got that RIGHT was an understatement.
  5. Long time to respond but i forgot all about this topic. Finally saw it on the top of the remix review pile so i'll get to it. Actually the problem i have with that is the fact that the primary song nay the SIGNATURE song of the soundtrack isnt a 'VGM' song. (Fly Me To The Moon) That and close if not a bit over 50% of the game's soundtrack included flat out remixed/updated songs from other Sega Games. Hell as you're about to begin the final area of the game Bayonetta 4th wall breaks with Fantasy Zone. And you can hear it throughout the soundtrack. The Content and intent of the game's music matters imo in a situation like what was outlined. When a game goes THAT route i feel remixer needs to have the freedom to do what the people who made the music originally did.
  6. Defiance. As fucked up as that world is our current world is fucking worse. I dont care how bad defiance gets. When things happen people DO things. Government is nowhere NEAR as bad as it is now and owning a GUN to DEFEND yourself ISNT A FUCKING CRIME! (Plus it doesnt repeat.)
  7. 56k was still a viable option for gamers when i got involved. I had picked up some mp'3s from a now defunct AOL service that made me start hunting around for Jared Hudson. It led me here. Haven't stopped listening since =)
  8. This will seem like a plea to get it done faster but actually...aw hell i cant lie it is. When i woke up this morning (8:30 on the east coast on tuesday) i found out one of my favorite games was getting on on the Extra Life campaign on Nov 2. I'm organizing a 24 hour spotify playlist as i plan to stream and take part in this with Warframe. Warframe's music isnt bad but it needs more spice especially for a 24/5 hour campaign like this. I'm taking tunes from wherever i can find good music and so far i'm up to 17 hours when i include some of the best movie soundtracks and Balance and Ruin. I would love to have this project as part of that list for this endeavor.
  9. *hits with a pie* Hush you. Dont break up my dream sequence!!! XD
  10. Yes but this also has the same Criteria as FF6 in terms of how long most of it has been ready to go. You guys could have posted it a lot earlier but you had other complications No such complications here. Like i said i'm being hopeful. And honestly as good as FF6 is my life has been a jumble these past couple of months since its release. I could use some good news =s
  11. Depends on album size. Should take less than a week but that's me being hopeful because FF6 was soooo goddamned good.
  12. OCR made it official they planned to release both earlier this year. I have to believe the album is done and in the evaluation process. I thought it would have been released already because it looked like 9 was done before 6 was. So Keep your pants on and dont start worrying until Oct 31.
  13. Quoted for truth. This is what drove a TON of people away from capcom pairing that with the original MVC 3 disaster those with sense fled and the fanbois are all that are left. Inafune had been trying to re-establish Mega Man up until the moment he walked out the door. Between the MML3 debacle which was orders from on high and his appearance in that other game i wont even name It became clear what Capcom's lunacy level was. I haven't touched a capcom game in ages and will continue to avoid any game with that label.
  14. It is about time this guy declared open war on Capcom for their bastardization and ruining of one of the franchises that made Capcom the company it is. I'm broke but damn i'd lay money on this if i could.
  15. More like weeks/days. We've been on delay because of the FF6 announcement. I want to see this before month's end!!!! =o.o=
  16. I wont copy what was on the FF6 album thread. But Wow. This track was NAILED Dead on PERFECT.
  17. Well in related news on this one because i was jazzed BEFORE this hit. The crossover just got bigger and better. They just called in the heavy artillery to get this right. http://www.blastr.com/2013-7-31/look-who-just-got-called-help-batman-vs-superman-frank-miller Yes THAT Frank Miller. The one who did The Dark Knight Returns. They worked together to epic success on 300 and now the duo is back at it on an even bigger project. I think some of your reservations of this movie can be assuaged this is DEFINITELY in the right hands.
  18. In what is a terrifying article dated earlier today Cnet just dropped a MASSIVE bombshell http://news.cnet.com/8301-13578_3-57595529-38/feds-tell-web-firms-to-turn-over-user-account-passwords/ This can be summarized from the first couple of sentences of the article
  19. In a world increasing in darkness websites like this and the people that make them successful are dwindling. The ones that survive are islands of light we must protect at all costs. DJPretzel i dont know if anyone on these forums truly understands just what OCR has become in these times. But i'll tell you right now. Overclocked Remix has become one of the true bastions of expression and freedom on the musical front. Every remixer on here is more important than they may ever truly realize. And so on this day on that great news you received DJ I thank you for your hard work and wish you many more years of health and continued flame. For in this time of darkness places like this shine all the brighter for the world to see. Never believe what you do here is not worth it.
  20. For Deathbattle it was actually their most requested fight of the entire series so far. To be fair the guys did an incredible job figuring it out.
  21. World's Finest is also the name of the Animated Dual Episode/Movie that was the foundation imo for the Animated Justice League. Which is why i think that DC is going to take that Arc in plot at least in the basic footsteps. Batman movie -> Superman Movie > Teamup > enter another DC hero in some form (They introduced only ONE other JL hero in the animated series BEFORE JL hit. And that was Flash) > Justice League. That i think is the plot arc they've decided on giving them the best chance to make it to the big screen using the characters most likely to gin up the interest. Batman Supes and Flash. It'll be interesting to see how they cast JL since several characters will likely be cold entries. The most likely Supes Bats WW Flash Manhunter -----also likely----- Hawkman/Girl Aquaman (variant is unknown) Green Lantern Now here's where it gets interesting. They may choose NOT to go this direct route in which case i only consider 5 of that list locks. Given the route they apparently want to go with Arrow. Its not IMPOSSIBLE that they could call upon the actual Green Arrow straight from the TV show. Don't bet on it. But Arrow and Canary are also two important components of the JL. Anyway its all speculation but based off previous evidence and how DC/WB did it on the animated level it LOOKS like they're going to try the same thing again. uhhh...yeah about that. It got done....well sort of. And i'm not talking about the 1980's magazine thing either. http://www.screwattack.com/shows/originals/death-battle/death-battle-goku-vs-superman These guys put four+ months of planning animation and voice acting into that one. Best one of that series so far. Would it sell sure but even without invoking pre-crisis superman it boils down to the fact Goku has limits. Aaaand superman apparently doesnt. For the record i dont believe the result gets any different SSJ4 gogeta vs Blue Sun Superman.
  22. I'm going to disagree. They went with a more organic batman for Nolan (but they've already stated Nolan's isnt going to be the one they use. Much to most dismay imo.) They went with a Batman who used what he had in the timeframe he had. That Batman wasn't as much 'Detective' as 'Guardian' One of the key things here was that they wanted to give it an arc. Rather than an unending sequence. Which is why they made it look like Dent got killed by batman at the end of TDK Which runs COUNTER to ALL of the Canon Material for the record. When you're the #1 wanted criminal in Gotham its hard to go with Standard Operating Protocol. I personally think that Nolan's Batman fit the time and Era of the world he was dropped into the one thing about THIS batman? He wanted it to end. Not knew it had to. He WANTED it to end. He believed in TDK that Harvey Dent was the solution to cleaning up the city. To Truly reviving Gotham. That's why he went so far as Bruce to back him up. He didnt want to BE Batman the rest of his life. That cant be said for the Canon version. But in a straight up fight, where Canon Bruce has an IQ of the head of Star Labs. This guy makes up for it in improvisation. And i dont mean 'right tool right time' I mean just making it up as he went along. He wasnt thinking 200 steps ahead. You were lucky at times if he was thinking more than three or four. But that also made him unpredictable. This project is a Gamble dont get me wrong. But as a launching point for Justice League. I cant argue it.
  23. Soooo yeah...this just happened. On the heels of the epic success of man of steel at SDCC WB and Zach Snyder made this epic announcement. "I want you to remember, Clark…in all the years to come…in your most private moments…I want you to remember…my hand…at your throat…I want…you to remember…the one man who beat you." For those who dont know. This is from the epic The Dark Knight Returns comic and Animated Movie. http://www.blastr.com/2013-7-20/confirmed-zack-snyder-will-unite-superman-and-batman-one-movie. Scheduled for 2015 with a Flash Movie not far behind and Justice League at 2017. I at this point need to point people to how they started the ball rolling with the ANIMATED versions of Justice League. Batman got his own animated series. Supes got his own animated series not that long after. At some point (i dont have specifics) they started showing back to back. And they got a BIG crossover. World's Finest was the episode name it got made into a full blown animated movie (i think it took 3 eps to tell.) After that the road to Justice League was pretty clear. And the only OTHER DCU character to get an animated showing was FLASH. In the run up Pre JL. I think WB is going to attempt to apply the ANIMATED formula to this. So yeah...this just happened. Update 7/31 http://www.blastr.com/2013-7-31/look-who-just-got-called-help-batman-vs-superman-frank-miller This is also in my latest post on the thread but for those just cruising to see what changed. Yes That Frank Miller. The one who wrote The Dark Knight Returns. The other half of the epic paring that gave us 300. They're together again for this project.
  24. Fulfilled in the most epic way possible. FF6: Balance and Ruin. Download it now.
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