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  1. Red Light District

    OCR01349 - Final Fantasy VIII "Everything = Nothing"

    I love a mix with passion
  2. Red Light District

    OCR01383 - DarXide "Starman (don't lose yourself)"

    It was okay, but there wasn't anything that really stood to me.
  3. Red Light District

    OCR00969 - Wolfenstein 3D "Nazi Requiem"

    You sir, are daring.
  4. Red Light District

    OCR01382 - Human Race "Bando alle Seghe"

    I love how this song opens
  5. Red Light District

    OCR00826 - Tetris (GB) "Gift from Moscow"

    very creative.
  6. Red Light District

    OCR00977 - Final Fantasy VI "Kefka Goes Carnival"

    I love this remix! Although it's hard to tell it's kefka's theme for a while, This is incredibly catchy and all of my girlfriends love it. You could pick up chicks with this.
  7. Red Light District

    OCR01346 - Sonic the Hedgehog "Live at the Springyard"

    This is so classy and original! I love it! Especially the "" in the begining.
  8. Red Light District

    OCR01342 - Final Fantasy X-2 "Chauffage au Gaz"

    il est beau! J'aime! Vous remix bien!
  9. very diverse. I like the begining...
  10. Red Light District

    OCR00434 - Street Fighter II "Spicy Curry"

    my thoughts exactly.
  11. Red Light District

    OCR01064 - Final Fantasy IX "You Are Not Confined"

    Very...relaxing.. it's very deep, the base is perfect.
  12. I am loving this!! Very creative, nicely done! although the gutair solo gets a little strange in the middle, this is still a wonderful idea. Thanks for making my valentine's day.
  13. Red Light District

    OCR01306 - Final Fantasy VII "Ascension to Cosmo Canyon"

    Very classy. I love the pianos....
  14. Red Light District

    OCR01307 - Donkey Kong Country "Chekan Winter"

    I haven't played much donkey kong, and this wasn't the kind of remix I was expecting. You really blew me away this is great...keep up the good work!!