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  1. It was okay, but there wasn't anything that really stood to me.
  2. I love this remix! Although it's hard to tell it's kefka's theme for a while, This is incredibly catchy and all of my girlfriends love it. You could pick up chicks with this.
  3. This is so classy and original! I love it! Especially the "se...ga" in the begining.
  4. I am loving this!! Very creative, nicely done! although the gutair solo gets a little strange in the middle, this is still a wonderful idea. Thanks for making my valentine's day.
  5. I haven't played much donkey kong, and this wasn't the kind of remix I was expecting. You really blew me away this is great...keep up the good work!!
  6. I love this remix. Probably the best vocals I've heard so far...and I love the creativity ...The beginging is bit awkward, but the chorus and 'bridge' (if you will) is wonderful. three cheers for Arkimedes!
  7. I didn't like this song at first but the melody gets stuck in your head and then you just can't help but like it...
  8. I love the middle eastern sound. What other game but Xenogears, right? The vocals are wonderful and what I really admire, besides the fact that this is if not the best, one of the best remixes I've ever heard, you have arabic in it! lovely, lovely, I say.
  9. Oh this is way too easy The MATERIA KEEPER in final fantasy 7 nibleheim mountain! and the HYDRA from Chrono Cross!!! they are just horrid
  10. I hated the materia keeper in ff7.... OH! and the Hydra from Chrono cross.
  11. Well, I'm more of a sonic person myself, but still...this remix is one of my top 10
  12. man the two philharmonic suites are so...professional. there are a lot of insturmental remixes, but dang man...these were definately something else.
  13. I liked this one because of it's sheer creativity. Although the cell phone tend to overpower the guitar, I really the the guitar's rhythm
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