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  1. Do it. The ending isn't anything to write home about, but playthrough 2-3 are when it really starts getting fun.
  2. I'll play with my old guildies, but my expectations are currently unassigned. Also, since I insist on being a unique little snowflake, I'll probably join the bleck mentality for character choice.
  3. I've also been inwardly going back and forth on whether to make an offer on the PS3. If Dhsu falls through, I could be very interested.
  4. Aw, see, that was one of the reasons I stopped playing the first one.
  5. This happened to me too. Disappointing, but I got it on sale so no big. So the second one keeps your attention in a way the first one didn't/couldn't? Is the combat system more engaging? Does moving around the map completing quests still feel a little like a single player mmorpg? Might be worth checking out when the price drops.
  6. I am OCR, and so can You. (been a member for awhile, time to give back)
  7. So I picked this up, after not having touched a game since Ruby. Went with Black because it was cheaper (Buy.com, saved like $2). I've never really gotten into the competetive portion of the game, so all of that stuff about IVs and such is pretty new to me. Is it hard to learn/implement or is it worth looking into? Another question, Aside from free wifi hotspots is there a way to connect to the nintendo wifi without setting my router to WEP? I have a USB wifi connector, but since I'm running Windows Vista (64x) that's not really an option (which kinda pisses me off btw). I think I've exhausted my options, so I'm just looking for some kind of work-around. Also, I'm not overly impressed with the starters this time around. Snivy seems like a limbless Treecko and we get another fire/fighting starter (yes, I know this has been beaten to death, but I wanted to get a few licks in).
  8. This makes me very glad I didn't buy this three weeks ago. Note: if you have any previous Penumbra title, Amnesia's only $4.80.
  9. Picked up the King's Bounty pack. Never heard of it, but it looked interesting.
  10. Got my present in today. Gotta say, this made me laugh out loud. Very Awesome, and a big thank you to Mirby!
  11. Heh, glad I did something right then. I found an old post saying you'd finished golden sun 2, then crossed my fingers^_^.
  12. Sorry, that was me. I even wrote up a pretty little note to go with it, guess the guys forgot to put it in. Glad you like it!
  13. My gift should go out tomorrow and arrive in the next week or two.
  14. Currently finishing my last big paper for the semester. Once that's done, I'll see about getting someone a little somethin'somethin'.
  15. I'll jump on the "Whatever's funny/neat/weird/somethingyou'dlike" band wagon for myself. Honestly, not a big deal, just have fun.
  16. Hey, thanks for sharing. Thought the piece was beautiful. Good to see ya again.
  17. I'm not trying to defend fox, really. It's impossible to deny they have a strong conservitive bias, and they've done some truly wacky things in the past, but it feels like our media is very liberal. Sometimes I turn on fox just to see "the other side" if you will, regardless of the fairness of that representation. Back on topic, anyone know of any other stories of a controversial game where the developers stuck to their guns and "won", for lack of a better word?
  18. Fantastic video, needed to be said. Again. 5:15 is really confusing...What the hell is the guy saying? Or trying to say?
  19. I was on the fence after problems shipping to my secret receiver last year...but fire penis convinced me. I'm in.
  20. While its no sqealing, I'd think that suggesting I might purchase a PS3 SOLELY for these games would get my fanboyism across...
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