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  1. There is still interest for this contest. I tend to lurk, but this is one of my favorite thread series.
  2. I think you might be on a bit early, it says it starts at 6pm pacific and 9pm Eastern...that's this evening.
  3. Merry Christmas from Houston!
  4. Haha, ok well you have to admit that some of the english voices from Advent Children could have been better. I think the point is that instead of focusing on getting the voices that will be a closest match to what we've heard already, we're trying to get the best quality voices that match the personality of the characters. If that means having a british tifa because the british voice actor can make it fit better than the american voices that tried out, so be it. At least I think so. If I'm way off base feel free to call me on this.
  5. Sorry if it sounded like I was attacking you, you're getting enough flak without me adding trivialities. I just have a thing for words being abused^^.
  6. Livid 1. having a discolored, bluish appearance caused by a bruise, congestion of blood vessels, strangulation, etc., as the face, flesh, hands, or nails. 2. dull blue; dark, grayish-blue. 3. enraged; furiously angry: Willful stupidity makes me absolutely livid. 4. feeling or appearing strangulated because of strong emotion. 5. reddish or flushed. 6. deathly pale; pallid; ashen: Fear turned his cheeks livid for a moment. Sorry, I kept seeing this word in the thread and wanted to make sure I'm not the only one who thought it sounded like the wrong word to use. Now, to make my post (at least a little bit) relevant: Would pasteing that definition be an infringement on copyright law. I'm genuinely curious.
  7. This. If you let something like this slide, you run the risk of losing the copyright. It sounds ridiculous, but it happens. These guys might have the purest intentions in the world, but there is no way Nintendo could be 100% sure of this.
  8. Of course, but some people aren't so great at that kind of stuff, and I've heard complaints of such people ruining 2 or 3 batteries (After the first mess-up, I'd have just paid for one). As it stands, I got one for $10, but the shipping was ridiculously slow. Guess you get what you pay for. EDIT: ya, I completely forgot you can also use a hacked phat somehow to get the same result.
  9. I can't remember who, but someone said PSX games work flawlessly on PSP. This isn't Strictly true, follow link: http://www.gamerspress.com/index.php?title=PSX_on_PSP_Compatibility_List Also, if you get a Slim, I'm pretty sure you're gonna need a Pandora's Battery if you wanna run CFW and homebrew.
  10. Some PS1 games work better on psp than others. I had a heckuva time getting a good version of ff8 on mine, and I'm not even gonna bother with ff7(not my fave anyway). The idea is you rip the ISOs from the game disk onto your computer using free software, then (also using free software) create eboots from the ISOs that can be put on a memory stick.
  11. Hmm...I might audition for a couple of the male voices I didn't try last time...It would be cool if this thing got a bigger response. I would personally urge anyone who is even remotely just a teeny-tiney bit interested to give this a go. You might surprise yourself. EDIT: that is, unless you're even remotely just a teeny-tiney bit interested for just a few weeks....then you probably shouldn't audition....b/c that's what Mesden said.
  12. I use a pretty decent gaming headset my brother has (maybe ~$30-40).
  13. Hmm...maybe. I happen to be a member, so it's a good guess. It's really easy to sign up for it though; the only reason I did is for the project.
  14. Cool. This makes me wonder how many OCRemixers are in this thing. I know Pezman has a pretty big role(s), I'm playing Heidegger....I don't know of anyone else.
  15. Right, if every single gamer walked for 1 hour of gaming time every day, or even every other day, it would definately put a dent in the stereotypical image of an overweight kid sitting on the couch all day scarfing down potato chips. If you're serious about getting in serious shape and meeting goals, you're obviously going to have to focus without distraction, but if you're doing something other than sitting while you're gaming then more power to ya!
  16. Just out of curiosity, are you one of the voices, or do you do one of the technical things? btw, you can get updates from the FF7Voice section of the Qhimm forums.
  17. That seems kind of...brilliant. I mean, you probably won't be running any marathons, but you are getting fit doing something most people get un-fit doing.
  18. Right now they are working on a website. There were some issues with communication, and as far as I can tell the website will solve or make easier most of those. Hopefully that will happen soon and then we can get on with this thing.
  19. Huh, not that I've actually bothered looking up the lyrics, but I thought it was "it's a free ride, when you've already paid." ... << >> Please continue
  20. Hey Prophet, if you would kindly remove all of the GBA games I put up here, that would be greatly appreciated. You can leave the Portrait of ruin thing up there.
  21. Got some GBA games I want to sell, like many here these prices are negotiable: (I have manuels for most/all of these but no boxes, all games are in great condition) Advance wars ~$15 Castlevania: Circle of the Moon ~$10 Castevania: Harmony of Dissonance ~$15 F-zero: Maximum Velocity ~$5 Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories ~$17 Mario Kart: Super Circuit ~$5 Megaman: Battle Network ~$15 Metroid: Classic NES series ~$5 Also, I'd like to sell the pre-order material for Castlevania: Portrait of ruin (no game). There were only a couple on ebay with like 6 days left, so make an offer and I'll accept it if I like it.
  22. This is great news. I recently tried to replay CoM on my ds, but the dang controls make my hands cramp up like nobodies(nopunintendedreally) business. I just wish it came with the Final mix II...Imma be kinda mad if they release that for full price later...
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