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  1. Any news on backwards compatability with DS game carts? I'd love to finally finish Mario 64 DS with an ACTUAL JOYSTICK. Sorry if I missed it...
  2. This announcement, along with Last Guardian, might be the deal maker for me...
  3. The presentation and combat are very similiar to the PS2 version, but on top of the basic magic attacks (minus gravity), there are a bunch more, as well as a mess of special physical attacks (plus finishes, command styles, d-links, shotlocks....yeah, there's a lot you can do). Basically, it's a more involved (and fun) combat system, but it does have a command setup slightly reminiscent of the card game.
  4. Speaking of voices, I'm largely pleased with the actors they got. Leonard Nemoy as Xehanort is winandahalf. Based on reviews, I was really worried that Terra would be terrible, and his voice does have a somewhat annoying quality sometimes, but its really not as bad as I heard. Haven't played Aqua's mission yet, so I'll withhold judgement on Ms. Lander for now.
  5. So, I'm really digging the battle system. I played CoM on the GBA and Days, and both combat systems felt clunky and repetitive. With BBS (and granted, I'm only a few hours in), there seems to always be another way to fight. Get tired of button mashing? Mix it up with your command powers. That getting old? D-Link to button mash with someone else's move set. Get tired of that? Start mixing in liberal amounts of that max guage power thing (not sure what it's called off the top of my head). Also, while kinda daunting at first, the Melding system is fairly simple and enjoyable. Still haven't quite figured out Finishes, though. Rather, haven't figured out how to level up and unlock certain specific finishers.
  6. From what I understand (and I very well could be wrong), it should play if you: a) Have CFW 5.50 gen-D3 and 5.50 Promethues Have the BBS UMD in the psp and c) Have BBS direct installed (or whatever) on your memory card. Guess I'll find out for sure in a few days...
  7. Got a confirmation today that my pre-order is in the mail. Needless to say, I'm looking forward to it.
  8. Just wanted to say I really appreciate all the work you've done for the site. Best of luck, and hope to see ya around.
  9. Hey, Is this thing still going on? You said you needed the cash quick almost two months ago. If the answer is yes, I'm interested in the MGS essentials collection; if the answer is no, then enjoy, and best of luck.
  10. Yup, each year I find myself looking to 4/1 more and more just to see the shenanigans. And I don't think you guys are shits.
  11. What the hell! Are you kidding me? I know I've been a long time lurker (6 years) and barely contributed anything, but I've been working on my first mix in hopes of at least submitting it and getting some critique. Now you're saying I can't do that because you'd rather have some fancy program than do actual work? Screw you guys. I'm out. EDIT: the worst part is, out of curiosity i plugged in some of the parameters my remix would have incorporated (it was gonna be an EAgames NFL mix), and the song that got cranked out was almost beat for beat what I've already created. You shits really know how to crush dreams.
  12. Hey guys, Happy New Year.
  13. A big thank you to whoever was Cho-sen to be my Secret Santa. Got my gift, and it's pretty damn sweet. EDIT: Also, I got my gift mailed a few days ago and the website said it would get there before Christmas *crosses fingers*.
  14. So, yes my order did exist. And then inexplicably self-cancelled. I'll do fast shipping from somewhere else tomorrow, but don't count on it being there by Christmas. ho ho ho
  15. Ug, online shopping is trying my patience this season. So I went to check the status of the order I sent, and apperantly there is no record of it having been placed. No record, that is, except for the payment I made. I've made inquiries and await a response. You'll get your present, I promise, I just don't know when.
  16. Well, apparently the store I ordered my present from is now out of stock and I had to get it somewhere else. Unfortunately this means it probably won't be in by Christmas:(
  17. You really don't. The first half was fun, but the second half was so awkward it was physically painful to watch.
  18. Mine's shipped. This reminded me about just how bad I am at picking presents. Oh well, too bad for whoever I got:).
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