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    Concerning DRM and Securom: My little bro bought the game straight from the EA website downloader. We don't have DRM or securom as a result. Don't ask me how that works, but we can both play the game using the same username at the same time using our networked computers. Oh, and the game itself is quite amusing...am I the only one making friends with every single other race? I'll go conquesting on my next monster.
  2. $15 shipped for katamari damacy, $15 for bully and $30 for devil may cry anniversary collection?
  3. 'Cause I enjoyed kingdom hearts but didn't really want com sora or riku.
  4. Um...well, if they're up for grabs I suppose... *insert cleverly and appropriately named pokemon here*
  5. Hey guys, I haven't gotten a chance to try out the trading feature yet and think now's as good as ever. I'd like my kadabra to evolve so is anyone willing to trade, then trade back? Also, some pointers on special instructions required to get setup in IRC would be appreciated. Not what you would call "computer-savvy". EDIT Guess I should say I probably won't be on for awhile, but I will later(maybe early to late afternoon?)
  6. I mentioned this in the Wii forum, but ultimate frisbee on the Wii could potentially be nine kinds of sweet.
  7. I work in a warehouse and (when I'm working the morning shift) I sign for packages every single day. And I'm 20. Shouldn't be a big deal; I wouldn't sweat it.
  8. Anybody else reminded of some of Schastakovich's stuff? Especially the first 1/3 or so...
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