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  1. Hi Jose, I just sent you the image as you instructed Looking forward to the final product Also, can I post the image to my DeviantArt gallery? Or shall I wait until the CDs are out?
  2. Hi, Apologies for being so late. Here are the final images: (1) clean version https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/7Z_70J3xWvogh9WLTu7OAA?feat=directlink (2) what-I-think-is-a-good-design version https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/jUVfjcCk7Nq4u4SJEsts1g?feat=directlink I will leave the final design to people with better design aesthetics If the design needs the original version of the painting (instead of the clean version above), I can send this as well. Now, how do I send the print resolution (400dpi)?
  3. I have not finished the coloring 100%, but the final product won't be too different from this one so I'm posting it now. https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/0O0DQM2xdxf4_85FJBSQfg?feat=directlink The final touches will be the small details, so the overall look is more or less finalized. Please feel free to give feedback and change requests
  4. Dj Pretzel & Liontamer> Thanks for your prompt reply. They did encourage me to proceed with this Progress is slower than I thought, though. So far I only got it inked. Here it is: https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/cPTkh1AE64zadUGBWo-HAw?feat=directlink I drew Ken & Ryu separately, so if you want you can also have them for additional purposes other than the CD cover I will post another work in progress next week.
  5. Do we still have time for this? I don't see any deadline Here is an idea I have: https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/GIkNFn6w4kDG5yycEHBMbg?feat=directlink I'll need around a week to ink and color it.
  6. I just saw the trailer today and I'm impressed Really excited for the launch.
  7. Nice episode I personally felt that there was some awkwardness between Brushfire & the other 2 hosts when they interact; here's hoping things will flow more smoothly with more episodes And a question, please. What remix is the intro using? I recognize the original tune from Zelda Phantom Hourglass, but I don't find the game when using the quick search
  8. Hey, congratulations! (I'm so late ) Looks like a fun wedding you had
  9. Yay! As for the Carnival Night Zone barrel, my friend and I kept thinking that we should jump on the barrel repeatedly to get it down (like Abadoss did, perhaps). After a lot of frustration, I think we started to press down just to vent some frustrated energy (on hindsight, we were pretty lucky to get by this way). After a few more tries, we realize the up-down D-pad method But the opening of Ice Cap Zone more than made up for it (back then).
  10. Thank you, Sir Brushfire, for your effort I enjoyed the episode; it made my day brighter. Where did you get stuck in Sonic 3, by the way? (Is it the annoying up/down rotating drum in Carnival Night Zone?)
  11. Omedeto gozaimasu! More collab remixes please?
  12. Thanks for the credit for cover art, DarkeSword Could you credit SoulinEther too? I think he gave the initial background before friendlyHunter did the current background. I haven't listened to all tracks, but I like what I heard so far
  13. Yay! Thanks for hosting this. The website looks nice and slick. I'm also quite surprised that you use that as cover art instead of Wingless' (but I'm not complaining) :3
  14. Omedeto Here wishing happy days ahead for you two
  15. I'm downloading the HQ soundtrack now. Really excited to listen to it soon [edit after listening] It is a pity that the songs are not stereo. I think some part of "Seven Four" could have made use of some panning to convey the feel of large space I definitely appreciate the fix for "Tor", especially the ending.
  16. Yes, the readme suggests this (as well as so many posts here in this topic). I just wanted to post my thoughts when finishing the game for the first time just to tell these guys who made it how I appreciate their effort Akourah> Looking forward to the HD soundtrack Right now I'm enjoying the ones that come with the game (I'm playing them over and over at work like mad XD). Edit: Here's the fanart I whipped up just now It started out as an experiment with General Tor's design (his sprite is too simple for the style I went for). I added Iji because it felt natural Comments are welcome.
  17. I finally finish the game on the weekend. It's good. Even though the story is not new, it did manage to grip me The ending does not feel satisfying; but it works better than "everyone's happy" kind of ending. And I love the music. Kudos to Akourah/Mr Chris Geehan and co. My favouritest track is either Seven Four or 3 Cans Later. Do you guys accept fan arts?
  18. Heheh, interesting topic The range of frequency we can hear is decided by the cochlea. My understanding is that different part along the cochlea reacts to different frequency; and it happens that the whole length covers the frequency from 20 Hz to 20 KHz. I guess we can hear frequencies beyond 20 KHz if we can "extend" the cochlea (though that part is likely to be damaged quickly because of the fast fibration). Wikipedia reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cochlea#Function I'm not sure about ∞ Hz frequency. Doesn't that involve relativity since the vibrating object has to travel infinite distance in 0 s (faster than light)? I think it will feel hot because the friction within air particles that transfer the wave...
  19. dish

    Google Chrome

    Hey, thanks for that More precisely, resizing seems to work only for "textarea". An exception I found so far is Gmail's compose text box. The "To" text box is resizable; but not the text box to type the email body.
  20. Apology in advance if I'm pushing it. Are movie tie-in games allowed? For example "Transformers The Movie The Game"?
  21. dish

    Google Chrome

    Hehehe, good to know that many people think so. Another question: anyone know how to get to "web application mode" (for lack of a better term) other than selecting Page icon > Create application shortcuts? Quite cool to pretend that websites are desktop applications
  22. dish

    Google Chrome

    Anyone else thinks that Google Chrome logo looks like a painted Poke Ball?
  23. Woo-hoo! Looks pretty with the glows. I like what you did with the composition
  24. If anyone is interested to use my sketch for the cover, just drop me an email and I'll send you the 300 dpi version In case you wonder why I don't post the cleaned-up sketch here... well, my brain had a such glitches from time to time (I will still work on it after this album is out because I want to color it. I will post it when I'm done.) [edit] Another glitch on my side. My email is dennyisk at gmail dot com.
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