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  1. I agree with Mr. Pretzel: it's cool to hear a song that's been arranged a thousand times over reinterpreted in a fresh new way. Really digging this!
  2. I think I've had the same answer since I was all of 10 years old: Myst. At least so long as there isn't a 20-step puzzle just to use the damn toilet.
  3. Kinda last-second because I forgot about this thread. Do you remember Descent? (You should!) Did you love it? (Ditto!) Would you play an official prequel made in UE4 by a group of devs who really care about the franchise? Descent: Underground is for you! There's less than 24 hours left, and the goal is within striking distance, so help it out!
  4. I'm not a big RPG player, but I feel as though many of the games labeled as "RPGs," including the majority of the JRPG sub-genre, don't really fit. For me, the key lies in those first two letters; role-playing. When I think of the original D&D archetype all of these games are based on, it's not just about rolling a D20 in an encounter or leveling skills on your character sheet, it's about actually fleshing out a character and putting something of yourself into them. Look at the great BioWare titles like Star Wars: KOTOR and Mass Effect, where you decide most of how your character interacts with the world around them, even down to their gender and relationship preferences; that's pretty much the definition of taking a role and making it your own. Then compare it to something like Chrono Trigger: even though it's a beloved classic that I enjoy very much myself, there's little to nothing I can do to affect how Crono behaves as a character, and the overall story is extremely linear. Those are two extremely different philosophies of game design, and I think that labeling them both as "role-playing" is something of a disservice. So then what should we call games like the mainline Final Fantasies as an alternate? Hmm..."stat-based battling adventure games"? Okay no that's pretty terrible, but you get the idea.
  5. New weapons? (Presumably) sane Demo rebalancing? A whole new gamemode? An actually-legit CTF variant? GRAPPLING HOOKS?!? Okay let's get our butts in-game tonite and do things. Edit: Oh sweet, and craftable Giftapults too. Hope random anonymous people enjoy getting a dupe hat and untradeable Halloween costumes!
  6. The update seems like a major bust...the map was cut out because it was "too complex," and the only new weapon's a stock melee reskin. Oh, and you can pay money to collect ducks! Really not impressed with what Valve did here.
  7. http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR00486 I think I actually listened this one once while walking to class on a snowy evening. It fit perfectly!
  8. Game's still crashing every single time the bumper cars fire up, so I haven't managed a single achievement. This is usually the most fun gaming time of the year, but it's been a total wash.
  9. Well the few times I've tried playing this new map, I've almost immediately crashed when getting to the bumper car funtimes. Makes it kinda hard to work on achievements when you can't even play the relevant part. (Also where is everybody?)
  10. And we're live! Merasmus and Doomsday and bumper cars and I don't even know what else. My freebie gift cauldron had a Strange Haunted hat in it, which I guess is good, but I don't even know. Hope to see everyone in there tomorrow night!
  11. *blows dust off* We're only a few days away from this year's Halloween shenanigans, whatever they may be, but I've been so far out of the loop with this job stuff that I didn't even notice they've had all the past Halloween stuff enabled for a week now. Anyone been getting some playtime in?
  12. I wish I'd been able to stick around last night, but my playing experience had literally devolved into random CTDs every 5 minutes or so. I did a full wipe and reinstall of the game, so hopefully that'll improve things.
  13. Good good! I feel like we're nigh-incapable of getting things going without you prodding everyone awake.
  14. Heh, I haven't even played the beta maps yet, and they're already going change-happy on them.
  15. That barrel. So much rage. Sooooo much rage. For me it's been FFVI, despite several attempts. It's the only FF title I've ever played, and I keep getting to the point where I've finished everything besides Kefka's Tower, but I'm just reluctant to bring on the annoying-enemy-encounters-every-five-steps that I know is waiting there. Plus I want to get the best possible gear for my team, and that requires GameFAQs, but I don't really feel like sitting with my GBA in front of a computer. (Doesn't help that I also overwrote my savefile a few times like a total idiot.) So I just keep derping about on the Veldt, filling out everyone's magic list and getting those last few Rages, biding my time.
  16. Man the defecation is going to hit the ventilation on this one.
  17. I'm not a regular viewer of his, but I've really enjoyed his material in the past. Best wishes to him. Seriously, fuck cancer.
  18. Jesus...I was just going to post in here about getting some games going again, and this was the last thing I expected to find. I knew he had some personal issues going on, but I never imagined anything remotely that severe. If any of his family happen to read this, my sincere condolences.
  19. I generally enjoy it, but it would be nice to kill some stuff that isn't robots for a change. I got a hat from my stocking! Which was...hatless Engy. This game seems to like giving me hats which are not hats.
  20. God help us all. The banner additions are interesting, I'm immensely happy over the Soda Popper change, and the Short Circuit is apparently now a killing machine that's probably going to get re-nerfed somehow. There are also some interesting new bulletin board graphics that were added to Dustbowl, Badwater, and 2Fort...seems like it might be some sort of tie-in to the comic events. You know I don't think I've played a non-MVM round in weeks. That needs to change.
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