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  1. I know for me, there's a perception that crit jumps do more self-damage, since you still get the usual visual/sound effects that flip the mental trigger of OSHI- CRITS! Then I look down at my health and realize I'm still alive.
  2. Minecraft, oddly enough. I thought it was a fascinating concept when it first started becoming a phenomenon, but I didn't feel like I was "creative enough" to enjoy it myself. Fast-forward to today, after I've probably spent weeks' worth of time in-game, and apparently I was.
  3. Heh, I think that's where my little brother kind of gave up on the game, because he'd put it down for a while and flat-out couldn't find his way back to the boss he was trying to beat.
  4. Ooh, here's another fun one: beating Zelda 2 (via the GBA port). I probably will wind up trying this again, because I'm a masochist, but there were whole stretches of that game that were just brutal. At least the Temple theme is god-tier.
  5. Crap, I forgot to respond to this. I don't even think anyone else around here is still playing, so if you're looking to give away some extra stuff, I'll gladly take it.
  6. This is both bull and shit. Not that I want specific ones of those more than others, but ideally I'd like the chance to get every hat in the game far down the line. It's a really terrible precedent, too...like, there's no practical reason to remove these.
  7. There's usually been a decent crowd on the server at least some weeknights, but right now I think a lot of people are swamped with finishing up finals. (Ha, suckers! Um, I mean...so sad.)
  8. Many thanks for the random gifts, and for the Strange Flamethrower. I've been thinking about grabbing one of those for a while. I think it's already on the server, but pl_boundary is another snow-themed map.
  9. It was bad enough just listening to what leaked over to the main chat...
  10. At least that's better than your game crashing on a completely-stock map like mine did, and then taking a good 30 minutes to finish validating all the files when I tried to re-join. At that point I just gave up for the night.
  11. The really fun thing is that there are actually some of this past Halloween's items where the normal Genuine version is more expensive, because apparently there are more of the Haunted versions floating around. Yeah, I don't get pricing either. There might be a few of those I'd be interested in Lyrai, though I'd have to take a look at what the heck they're generally going for.
  12. It's kind of a sign of the general sentiment towards Dustbowl that most of us responded to him with "lulz" instead of "ZOMG HAXOR BAN PLZ."
  13. I wish I could remember what the hell we were talking about right before that clip that made me say that.
  14. The FF series medley Fire Cross definitely has some ska elements in it.
  15. Yeah, as far as I can tell, there isn't any upkeep charged for furniture or decorations, just full-fledged expansions. I have a Vanguard Stand freebie that I could toss into the communal pot. A few chairs/tables and some shrubbery all sound good to me. Unfortunately, I don't think there's any way that we'd be able to sustain a full-fledged expansion. There are only five people in the guild to begin with, and just three of us have so much as logged in over the past 6 months. I wish I could come up with a few more OCR people to join in.
  16. Samus is the traditional example, but when you stop and think about it, there's very little that even identifies her as female in most of the games. (Hell, that's the reason why the first game's ending was so noteworthy.) Even the Prime series, with maybe the exception of 3, doesn't make much of it. In terms of a role model to young female gamers, Samus isn't exactly the most visible. LALALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU NOT LISTENING THERE WAS NO SUCH GAME LALALA
  17. Just about the only character I can think of that fits that role is Jade from Beyond Good & Evil. They're extremely few and far between. Since this thread started out about Zelda, I wonder if the dad in the story has introduced his daughter to Spirit Tracks. Yes, you still play as Link, and the game is ostensibly about saving Zelda once again, but for once, Zelda stays with you for almost the entire game, and you actively control her in combat during the Tower of Spirits sequences. It's about the only time in the series when Zelda is a real character, instead of just rescue bait, and the game is one of my favorites because of that.
  18. I think what could possibly work is having an event server that isn't necessarily up and running all the time. That way, we could have it available for certain crazy shenanigans, and then stick to the regular BLU the rest of the time.
  19. Wake up, the Guild Hall update is here! Right now ours is a lovely empty rectangular room, so we definitely have some work to do. Unfortunately whatever my guild rank is doesn't really have access to the main expansion stuff, so we'll have to get a few people on and figure things out. In addition to the Guild Hall stuff, every player also gets free Calibur/Defender-line reskins based on their mission rank just for logging in. Oh, and at the moment, don't try to enter the Guild Hall from the new Garrison area in Haven: it'll insta-crash the game, and you'll wind up trying to enter the same area when you reload, which will get things stuck in a loop. Apparently Three Rings has an incoming patch to fix it.
  20. Bazillion was rather confusing at first, but it grew on me as the match went on. There were only five of us left for Outback, but it seemed enjoyable enough.
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