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  1. Gah, I think I joined right after those two. Guess I'll catch them next time around.
  2. I still have the Steel Pipes, Futankhamun, two Tails from the Crypt, a Scottish Snarl, and an Einstein. I'd totally take the Tiara for the Tail and Einstein, if that would work for you.
  3. Since we're getting near the end of this Halloween shindig, I figured I'd post my stack of extra items in case anyone's still looking for them. Right now, from the 2011 costume parts, I have a Futankhamun, a Steel Pipes, two Tails from the Crypt, a Scottish Snarl, and an Einstein. I also have a few of the random Voodoo-Cursed parts and an Eerie Crate, if anyone's desperate for them. If you want any of it, just hit me up in-game or on Steam.
  4. Wooo replays! And yeah Native, I was on an Eyeaduct-running server last night, and I got four or five gifts over less than an hour's worth of play. I think making the gifts drop individually for everyone means that we all get to take advantage of Eyeaduct's comparatively-higher drop rate (or at least it seems higher). After a bit of trading, I'm down to only needing the Idiot Box to finish all the costume parts; I even wound up with those new skeleton legs for the Scout as a bonus. Right now I have an extra Futankhamun, Soviet Stitch-Up, and Legend of Bugfoot, as well as a Soldier mask, so anyone can hit me up if they need those. Who knows...at this rate I might finally catch up to the current Halloween, instead of needing to get last year's crap every single time.
  5. Awesome! Things kind of died out right after you and GM left last night, since we wound up stuck on Gravel Pit with no one to change the map. On the plus side, I did finally get that stupid Impossible Defense achievement while we were derping around.
  6. I really wish circumstances had let us give that one more try immediately afterwards, because I think the addition of a Pyro would have finally put us over the top. I wouldn't have even minded that we didn't get a reward; the satisfaction would have been enough. Oh, and remember what a focused effort it took us all to beat Merasmus the first time? Apparently there's something where Snipers wind up doing crazy amounts of damage to him, so all we really needed were a few Huntsmen running around, and it would have been a piece of cake.
  7. It starts tomorrow! And miracle of miracles, they actually fixed gift-farming. It wasn't so bad with Mann Manor, because the map was bigger and there were only 9 masks to find, but I pretty much ragequit playing Eyeayduct last year over attempting to find 27 items from boxes crammed onto a tiny map.
  8. Well this thread's been asleep, but here's something to wake it up. Halloween comic hoooooo!
  9. I actually thought the controls in Hunters worked fairly well, but they were coupled with a game that was mediocre at best.
  10. I feel like this gem from an ugly-loadouts thread desperately needs sharing.
  11. Skinny Puppy and Type O Negative worked on the redbook tracks for Descent 2, but the original MIDI soundtrack for the first Descent (and the MIDI tracks in D2) weren't by them.
  12. Yeah, sounds exactly like one of those picture drama thingies.
  13. I think it all depends on how much the upkeep actually costs per month. If it's just a few thousand crowns here or there, it shouldn't be a problem, but if it's substantially more...well, there are only like 3 or 4 of us here, so it might not work. We need some new blood. And OOO posted an update on Facebook about the next Danger Mission. Its name? Ghost in the Machine.
  14. Ooh, here's another fun one. Jet Force Gemini is a fantastic third-person shooter/platformer by Rare for the N64, with an amazing soundtrack. (Srsly, y no ReMixes of it? ) Over the course of the game, there are a few mini-game segments where you have to pilot this little hover-bot called Floyd through these 3D mazes, collecting some items along the way. For most of them, even getting the highest rating (which isn't strictly necessary to beat the game) is fairly simple, but there's one track in particular that's absolutely brutal. Getting the required Gold rating is bad enough, but truly completing it? I can't even guess how many times I tried. My stupid stubborn perseverance wouldn't let me just forget it, and after many fits of fury, I finally pulled it off. And I'm never doing that damn track again.
  15. *blows massive layer of dust away* I think at least one other member of our all-but-mummified guild has played recently, but if you haven't, there have been a few notable additions over the past few months. The biggest has to be the introduction of Danger Missions: they're basically alternatives to the usual daily Prestige Mission cycle, except far more difficult, and with a big treasure room at the end and an increased Prestige award. There are three of them right now, with a fourth reportedly in the works, but my pick for the clear hardest so far is Compound 42. Picture lichens with a super-fast dash attack, which leave trails like Oilers, except they poison you in addition to being flammable, and they can be spawned from Polyp turrets...oh, and there's fire everywhere. It's pretty painful. More importantly for us, though, Nick finally posted some details on the long-awaited Guild Hall update. To summarize, each Hall will now have a control panel in it which enables a host of options. The biggest is the ability to purchase whole expansions to the Hall, which are basically additional rooms and hallways, including special featured rooms which contain useful utilities or a cool little hang-out area. There will be an in-game interface for customizing the Hall by moving furniture and accessories around. There's a central Guild Treasury where everyone can deposit crowns; they'll be automatically withdrawn on a regular basis as "upkeep" for whatever Hall expansions you have. There's also a storage area where Guild members can deposit and withdraw items freely. And to top it all off, the Guild Hall and Hall of Heroes will both be accessible from a brand-new area of Haven. The best part from my perspective is that this introduces a desperately-needed crown sink into the economy. Anyone who's played recently knows how obscenely high CE trade prices have grown, to the point where I've just given up trading for it. Hopefully this will be what we need to even things out.
  16. That fight was a royal pain, but it was the sort of pain where you knew you could beat it if you just did a little bit better on your next try. I don't know how many deaths I had, but it was really gratifying to finally pull it off. Kind of reminds me of the elevator sequence near the end of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, come to think of it. And speaking of Arkham Asylum, one thing that drove me crazy during that was trying to get the high score rankings on the combat challenges. Some of those levels were just brutal in the score that you had to achieve. By the end, though, I wound up getting pretty dame good at the combat system, and I flat-out shattered a few of the required scores, so that felt pretty damn good.
  17. I loved the sailing in Wind Waker too, and I honestly didn't think the Triforce pieces were a big deal. They didn't take all that long if you used the teleportation song, and I usually work my way through all the treasure maps anyway, so it's just a few more on top of those. It certainly wasn't nearly as tedious as having to repeat the Ocean Temple multiple times in Phantom Hourglass.
  18. Heh, I kind of feel the same way. I think it's because the area is so sprawling, and the Space Pirates that populate it have a good chunk of health, so it just takes forever to get where you need to go, and just as long to find your way back out. It's really brutal that first time when you might not have as much health; there's one long stretch between save rooms that gave me grief at one point. This brings up a related gripe of mine: games that continuously spawn enemies at a certain point (a ton of titles are guilty of this), or a la Metroid, games that respawn enemies after you've moved on a room or two. It's especially painful in a Metroid title, since you're inevitably going to be backtracking a lot. Like, I just walked through this room two minutes ago...do I really need to fight the same crap again? *cough*Chozo Ghosts*cough*
  19. Far too many to count, but here are a few examples that come to mind: --Pretty much any forced-stealth portion of a non-stealth-focused game ever (i.e. excluding something like Splinter Cell). They're almost universally frustrating, and rarely fit the flow of the game to which they're attached. I haven't played Skyward Sword yet, but a few that come to mind straight from Zelda are the Gerudo fortress in OoT (and corresponding pirates' hideout in Majora's Mask), and the Forsaken Fortress in Wind Waker. They're not incredibly-hard in terms of gameplay, and there's not a real penalty for failure, but you'll wind up having to attempt them over and over and over until you finally get them right. Talk about killing your gameflow. --The vehicle segments in Jak II. It's bad enough that Naughty Dog took what was a cheerfully fun standard platform in Jak & Daxter and tacked on a poorly-realized pseudo-edgy GTA clone to it, but the missions involving vehicles were just a whole new level of frustrating. There were no health pickups during them, so you had to keep swapping to other vehicles constantly if you wanted to stay alive. I remember one mission involving destroying a few heavily-armed flying tanks that I swear took years off my life. Fortunately they really cleaned things up in Jak 3. --It's been complained about a thousand times, but the SRS BZNS GODSMACK LOLZ tone of Prince of Persia: Warrior Within. The platforming was still glorious, but dear lord they made the Prince a total douche. --Random encounters in any game ever. There's a reason I've played close to no JRPGs in my time, and the few I have played have often devolved into countless facepalming. FFVI, you're a fun game and all, but just uuuuugh. Also lol Zubats. --Something I've noticed mainly in Japanese action titles of a certain age, but really crappy fixed cameras. I've been stymied early on in my attempts to get through both the original Metal Gear Solid and Devil May Cry, mostly because of the godawful isometric camera views. The latter game was even worse, as said camera seemed to change positions at the drop of the hat, which stopped me cold at the first real boss fight. I do want to play both games through at some point, but it's going to be an ordeal. --Escort missions. Wryyyyy do I have to guard some brain-damaged NPC with the health bar of a porcelain statue again? --Poorly-positioned checkpoints. There hasn't been a real excuse to not have freely-available saves on consoles since the PS1 era, and yet they're still abused all over the place. Thank God for quicksaves on PC titles. That's enough for now, but I'm sure I can come up with a few more gems. These sorts of design flaws are easily my biggest gaming pet peeve.
  20. In the small amount of time I've spent with it, I think I enjoyed Heavy the most. Once you start getting upgraded, it's like those times that you stand there and wipe out half the enemy team, only multiplied by ten.
  21. Crap...why did I not check my friends list while I was sucked into Minecraft?
  22. I can't say I have any plans to buy a ticket...really not a fan of that system. I finally did get a chance to try out the game mode with a pick-up group, and we...failed pretty spectacularly. We were doing the first mission on the list, and we couldn't even make it past Wave 2. It's not like any of us were particularly bad at our individual roles; we just couldn't get it together, and kept being pushed back.
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