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  1. So here's a fun TF2 story. I was happy to see that everyone's present was a freeibe key, because I have no intention of ever buying one of the damn things. I decide to use it on my Winter Crate for the hell of it, instead of one I have lying around with a few hat possibilities, and I wind up with A Rather Festive Tree. Cool stuff. I then wind up getting another Winter Crate, which I trade to my brother. Now my brother just started playing TF2 this week, as I finally nagged him into buying the Orange Box during a recent sale. So he uses his key, opens up the crate...and gets an Unusual Flipped Trilby with the Vivid Plasma effect. Best of all, the bastard didn't even know what was significant about it until I gasped over it, and he doesn't even care all that much in the long run. So yeah, that was my night. (Though on the plus side, I did have a Whiskered Gentleman drop for me today, so it wound up being a pretty good day as a whole.)
  2. Hmm...even if I do the two relatively-easy ones today, I'd still only be at nine, so I wouldn't have a shot at the grand prize unless I shelled out for some random game in the list with money I don't have. Meh, screw it. I'm kind of miffed that neither Portal nor any of Half-Life 2 (or hell, even Alien Swarm) showed up anywhere in the objectives, since those all would have been easy pickings.
  3. Sounds awesome too, though I'm not used to the sound yet. I keep wondering what the hell it is. (Figures...I just craft the last Polycount item I need, and suddenly a whole bunch more! Wheeee!)
  4. Just speculation. I'm hoping that they're both popular enough that they'll show up before the end.
  5. That Treasure Hunt thing is...interesting. It was one thing to spend $4 for an amusing poker game that gave me five items, but I'm not about to go out and buy multiple games I have little to no interest in just for the sake of getting a hat. I already have two of the objectives by default, so if I luck out, maybe I'll get enough from Half Life 2 and Portal to get that first hat.
  6. Um...Metroid Prime Trilogy, much? (Or The Conduit, or several other titles...)
  7. I don't do much more than lurk around here and download ReMixes, but I wanted to thank you guys for hosting two great servers. I've been on RED for several hours over the past two days snagging achievements, and I'm sure I'll be playing there a lot more trying to track down the rest of the masks. Kudos.
  8. I was amused to see Nekofrog channeling Nathan Explosion in the write-up, because this song reminded me of something from Dethklok's repertoire from the very first time I heard it. I'm not usually much of a fan of growly death-metal lyrics myself, but with comedic writing this good, how can you not love it? ("Yum yum yum, potassium!" has to be one of the best death metal lyrics ever penned.) The guitar work is fantastic, Brandon's singing is spot-on, and the whole song just screams epic boss fight madness. Very excellent stuff.
  9. I still have your final version lying around somewhere; I really liked where you went with it. It's funny, but I never thought about Numbers being in 7/4. It's a shame it didn't get past the judges; FreeSpace really needs some representation on here.
  10. Awesome. Oracle of Ages was the first Zelda title I ever played, and in some respects it still remains my personal favorite. There were some great songs in the soundtrack, and I can't wait to hear what you guys have done with them.
  11. The original composer of this piece, Tim Larkin, made a post on the Myst Online forums expressing his enjoyment of the ReMix. Congrats, Tansunn!
  12. Fantastic reworking of Tim Larkin's Badlands theme into a much more electronica sound. The original track was one of my favorites from Uru, and this manages to retain all of the emotion of the original. I'm getting in a serious groove listening to it. And as a little fun fact, the source wasn't used in the boxed Uru: Ages Beyond Myst release in 2003, or its two expansion packs (though it did appear on the original Uru soundtrack). It wasn't until the release of the Age called Minkata during the GameTap days of Myst Online: Uru Live that it actually found its way in-game. (Also, everyone should totally play Myst Online, because it's free and stuff.)
  13. FreeSpace 2 is just about my favorite game ever, so I was pleasantly surprised to see this pop up on the front page. I don't have any real formal knowledge of music, but I can at least try to comment on it. The production side sounds great to my untrained ears; very clear and crisp. As for the arrangement, I like the use and variation of the four-note main hook of the original throughout the song. I can pick up elements of the source's background chords in a few places throughout, including what I think may be key-changed instances of it (like I said, no formal knowledge). The one main issue I do have with it is that it doesn't seem to really evolve or play with the main themes all that much over its length; I kept waiting for things to get more dynamic or complex, and I felt like it mostly remained at the same level throughout the song. For all I know, that could be exactly what you're going for; I'm not sure of what the general patterns of the ambient genre are. I did like the ending section that starts around the four-minute mark, since that varied things up nicely, and I think that this current version is definitely more dynamic overall than the original you posted. All in all, I think it's a fairly good adaptation, albeit one in a very different vein from the source. I'm used to having the original blasting out of my speakers while hitting the afterburner and slamming down my joystick trigger, so to hear it in a laid-back ambient style was a bit of a shock at first.
  14. Hell. Yes. SO much win here. I'm air-guitaring like crazy. Awesome, awesome sound.
  15. I've been a huge fan of the Myst series for more than 10 years now; it's great to finally see it represented on OCR. The translations worked out very well, especially considering that the source material represents the work of three different artists over the lifetime of the franchise. The opening section brought back all kinds of fond memories of wandering around Myst Island, trying to figure out what the hell I should be doing. Very nicely done. (As a side note, the composers list should include Jack Wall for Myst IV and Tim Larkin for Myst V.)
  16. Oh, this is beyond win. It's like you took the creepy, disjointed feeling of the original track (and most of the game, for that matter) and cranked it up to 11. I just had the pleasure of finishing this game up a short while back, despite first playing it soon after it came out, and this fits it to a T. Excellent work.
  17. I just stumbled across this track in my music folder, and I was utterly blown away. Beautiful and moving from start to finish. I have to ashamedly admit that I've yet to play LttP (/me ducks rotten fruit of indignant masses), the segue into that oh-so-familiar overworld theme was perfect. I'm a sucker for solo piano tracks; there's a simplicity and elegance to them that just can't be achieved in any other medium. This definitely ranks as one of the best I've heard. Excellent work.
  18. I've never even heard of, much less played, this game, but the second I started listening to this, I was hooked. The drums were absolutely fantastic, particularly that bitchin' solo around 2:45 or so. The use of all of those Eastern instruments was instantly apparent and very well done, and I agree that it's reminiscent of some of the tracks from .hack. Nice job, djp. This will join a very small collection of ReMixes that I regularly listen to despite not owning the game.
  19. I only know the source tunes from having played SSBM, but I still really enjoyed this Remix. Not only is it a great arrangement, but as a double bonus, we get an amazing live performance to go with it. Add to that a cheesetastically awesome title, and this one's definitely a keeper. Nicely done.
  20. Oracle of Ages was the first Zelda game I played, and this mix perfectly captures the feel of the game and the emotion of the original track. Adding in the Ocarina of Time intro was absolutely brilliant. This is truly a beautiful piece of piano work.
  21. Finally! Hallelujah! Ever since I first stumbled across this site, I've been waiting for someone to remix a track from the Descent series, and since I saw the note in the judging forum about its passage, I've been eagerly awaiting its release. The Descent games are the only ones I've ever played online, and all three of them have truly excellent music, from D1's myriad of awesome MIDIs to D2's kickass redbook (and MIDIs, of course ) to D3's funky trance. Thank you for this truly great Remix, Dj Redlight. It's definitely far from the first track I would have thought would be remixed from the Descent soundtracks, but you did an amazing job with it. I can only hope that it's the first of many Descent remixes to come.
  22. I've never even heard of the system this game was released on, not to mention the game itself, but I really enjoyed this remix. I thought the female robovoice fit in well, and everything seemed very well put together. I don't normally download remixes of games I've never played, but I'm making an exception for this one.
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