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  1. So is anyone from OCR planning on going to any Evo events this year? If I make it to one I'm up for money matches.
  2. As someone on Smashboards said (not in exact words) "They should have a tournament where the loser gets first place. Whoever lost must be really good to have tried so little." Seriously. That's such a blatant john I'm almost wondering if you were just joking about this whole thing. "Oh, you beat me but that's because I didn't even bother trying." Playing Smash does not make you cool, and it's not the most popular game on the internet anyways. Games like DotA and WoW are a lot more popular. But if people did play it to be cool or whatever, why would that be so bad? Sure I think it's retarded to do that, but these people obviously aren't going to be determined enough to get competitive/travel to tournaments or anything, and nobody outside of their group will hear of them anyways. But if some people hear about competitive Smash from TV or something and are actually interested and become competitive players, then great - more players. There are thousands of little groups of friends out there who play Melee with just people in their own group, not knowing about the huge competitive scene. And whenever something happens like KillaOR on MTV or Smashboards talked about in Nintendo Power, more of these people find out about it and join the community. I know a professional Smasher in Anchorage Alaska who recently hosted a tournament in a room of a trading card store. He didn't even advertise it, just a little paper on the counter at the store, and over 30 people showed up, all who knew the basics of the game at least, and some who even played enough to know about things like using Falcon's down + b as a recovery to get 2 second jumps. But none of them knew about Smashboards or anything.
  3. Haha good point. Most of MLG is Halo anyways, Melee was barely advertised or anything like that. And yeah, the pros like Ken did go, MLG has really big cash prizes. I havn't been to an MLG tourney but it seems like if you dont have a chance of winning money, underground tournaments are much better because MLG is all official, and with Melee being only 15% or something of the tournaments next to Halo, there is almost no time for friendly matches. But MLG said since they aren't having anything Smash in the Pro Circuit this year, instead they are going to fund a few major underground melee tournaments throughout the year, so it seems like you get the advantages of both types of tournaments to me. And that's really nice of them, because they're just plain losing money.
  4. Actually though Melee has been in MLG for a while, it was just dropped from the Pro Circuit this year, though MLG says they aren't done with Smash yet. It's probably because they're worried about Brawl coming out in the middle of the season. But anyways, I'm also very excited that SSBM is in Evo finally. I'm definitely going to try to go to one of the Evo tournaments this year, and this is perfect timing because I was just about to get into Street Fighter games. Edit: And btw, what's so bad about Melee being in tourneys like Evo and MLG? Melee has pretty much always been in MLG up until now, and that hasn't hurt underground tournaments at all.
  5. Awesome, I play this game all the time with my friends, but the internet where we live is too slow to play with anybody from out of town on Hamachi. But I'm going to Washington today until the end of the month, so I may be able to play sometime. It depends on if I can find a new charger for my laptop though.
  6. Damn. That sounds like a total backfire of everything Sony was trying to do by overhyping and under supplying the system. It got so bad that people who want one don't even try to ask for them, because they automatically assume if any have come in, they've sold out already. Heh, well I don't think it's that bad. Aside from just a few systems that get overlooked that way, Sony shouldn't be having a problem selling whatever small amount of consoles they can make. And even for the ones that get overlooked that way, they usually wouldn't go more than a few days without being noticed and bought, I'd imagine.
  7. The thing is, it's not integral for playing games yet. Like I said, it is yet to be shown that the PS3 will have games unique from the Xbox 360 in that they will actually have to USE that extra space. Listen: I completely agree that more space is always better. It's just that right now, for people who don't own HDTVs, there's a question: Is that extra space worth $200 right now? Because buying a PS3 with a BluRay drive, not being able to take advantage of watching HD movies on it, the only way they can take advantage of using the BluRay drive they bought is by being able to buy games that put that disc space to use. The Playstation disc drive analogy is innacurate because for one, Playstation games DID use the space, and also it is irrelevant because the point I'm making is that you are paying extra money to have game discs that have more space. I never said having more space is bad. Why the heck do you keep bringing this up? It has nothing to do with anything. I NEVER said anyone was forcing anyone to buy a PS3. That is ridiculous. No, but the people who made the Xbox 360 do. The 360 is right in the same league as the PS3 in terms of games, last I checked, and the 360 is having no problems without that extra disc space. What does this have to do with anything? I'm only saying that for people who don't have HDTV, and there are still a lot, that the BluRay's value is questionable. When HDTV becomes more standard, this won't be much of a problem, but still; the 360 is a much better deal for anyone who doesn't have HDTV. Someone asked what made the PS3 worth $600 (or something along those lines) and I told them that it is actually a really good deal if you have an HDTV and plan on being able to watch HD movies. I also said that if you don't have an HDTV, you're spending money on something you basically won't use, and now I have revised that to: The value of the BluRay for non-HD owners is questionable, because it is to be shown whether PS3 games will be in a whole different league than 360 games, actually using the extra space.
  8. Once again, taking what I said WAY out of context and missing the point by a longshot. Usually you do crap like this just to make people mad, then after they respond you do your little "LOLZ i got a reaction," but for some reason you're still pressing it. So once again: IF you want to buy a PS3, you will also have to buy a BluRay, as it is part of the PS3. You buy a PS3, and money was spent on BluRay. Nobody is forcing you buy the PS3 in the first place, but I did NOT say that. Stop trying to make me look like an idiot. And yeah, it's always better to have more space. The question is how much that space is worth. After reading the responses to my last post, I'll agree that it was too early for me to assume that, because so far we have only seen launch PS3 games, as someone said. But you can't deny that someone without an HDTV who buys a PS3 is missing out on a huge advantage that people who have HDTVs would have. I know that from my perspective, I'm thinking I might buy either a PS3 or 360 sometime and I don't have an HDTV, so right now the 360 seems to be a much better deal, because until PS3 games prove that they can actually become unique using that much space, it's a waste of $200. And even if the games do, then you still have to decide if bigger games are worth paying $200 extra.
  9. The point I was making was that new TVs that don't have HD are still very common, which is true. Correct, nobody is forcing anyone to buy a PS3. But did I say that? No. You're taking this way out of context, completely missing the point and you know it. If you want to buy a PS3, you are also going to have to pay for the BlueRay whether you want it or not. Yeah, they provide a lot of space for that useful padding. Games don't need that much space; see the Xbox 360. If Xbox 360 and PS3 games are practically the same in graphics/size, then to someone who doesn't have an HDTV, buying a PS3 compared to a 360 would seem like spending $200 on nothing. Maybe in the future games will be made for the PS3 that actually use up enough space to make use of the BlueRay by adding craploads of music or something. Or who knows, maybe PS3 games will start to become completely unique from Xbox 360 games in size, actually requiring all that extra space for necessary things in the games, not just space to throw a bunch of extras. If that happens, then I'll admit I'm wrong. But as of now Xbox 360 and PS3 games are similar and roughly the same size.And still, one of the main reasons people can justify spending $600 on the PS3 is because it has the BlueRay, but the main advantage they see is that it allows them to watch HD movies. It costs a lot more to buy just a regular BlueRay player to watch HD movies on. Now, of course it's better to have a console that uses discs with more disc space than less, but having seen that the games so far don't even need that space, and that some games even fake it by using padding just to push the actual used data to the outer parts of the disc, I'm not sure it would seem so beneficial for someone without an HDTV to spend $200 more than they would need to buy an otherwise similar system, the Xbox 360. Of course there are other factors that decide which they will choose, mainly what games are for each system, but looking at just the systems, the Xbox 360 seems to be a much better deal than the PS3 for someone without HD, because it is basically the same thing (to them, of course). At least it's not enough different to make the PS3 worth $200 more. Again, to avoid confusion, I'm talking about people WITHOUT HDTV. If you do have an HDTV, it's a different story.
  10. Of course, it's definetely good for people who have HD, especially those who want to watch HD moves; You get a BlueRay player for really cheap. I'm just saying that at the same time it's actually bad for people who don't have HDTVs, because you're obligated to pay for something you essentially aren't going to use. Also I really disagree that it's near impossible to buy a new quality TV that isn't HD. My parents bought a brand new LCD TV less than 2 months ago that isn't HD, and they don't even know what HD is; they just went and picked up a nice-looking new TV at RadioShack. Same thing with my friend a little while before. Look around; there are plenty of new TVs that don't have HD.
  11. kinda like saying: "You paid $600 for a freakin playstation?" (or more) wait a sec...how is it that much better than the others to cost so much more? is it? call that a silly question. It's got Blue Ray, so it's actually a really good deal if you wanted to get Blue Ray anyway. But if you don't have HDTV, you're basically wasting money.
  12. Hey, look! Smashbros.com has been updated.
  13. Didn't I get yelled at earlier for saying that was possible? Oh well, I just meant to say that if something goes wrong with your PS3, be it an out of the box malfunction or not, it would probably suck because it will be really difficult to get it replaced and stuff, what with the high demand and low supply of PS3s.
  14. Wii for Mii: 2240 7138 7917 0960 Bahumet, I'd try disabling WEP from your router for just a second to see if you can connect without it. Also I think I heard you should set the channel on your router to 1, if it isn't already.
  15. Wasn't able to get one. We were all ready to camp out at Best Buy at midnight because they said that's when people can line up. Then they change it at the last minute so that people line up at midnight and everyone gets a ticket, then they raffle off 25 or so people who get to get in line, and they have to camp out to get theirs. But there was like 200 hundred people, so the chances were pretty bad. Now that I'm in Anchorage, I better be able to get a Wii. We plan on going to a midnight launch then going to Best Buy a couple hours before it opens in the morning to get 2 each, so we can sell one and still make profit. The people at Best Buy are confident that it will be easy to pick up a Wii, and they aren't sure if they're even doing anything organized with tickets.
  16. Well if you get one at a midnight launch, you might not have to wait in the cold, at least not the whole time. Also, I'm pretty sure you can make more than a few hundred bucks. Preorders alone on eBay have been going for up to $2000 for a while now.
  17. GZC and I are going to Anchorage in a couple days to camp out and/or wait in line for midnight launches for Wiis and PS3s. We're selling the PS3s though, and GZC is also selling his Wii to buy another later, if they sell for enough to make decent profit on eBay.
  18. Random Question: Can you waveshine with Fox? I've recently been trying it out and...well I suck at it. It's just something I'm doing to keep me busy because there's no one to play around me. But anyway, if anyone has any pointers feel free to educate this newblet. Are you talking about consecutively waveshining someone across the stage, or just wavedashing out of a shine? Waveshining consecutively is very difficult; I can waveshine characters like Peach all the way across FD somewhat consistantly when I'm just practicing, but I can barely ever do it more than 2 or 3 times in a real match, so I don't really bother with it. I probably should though, because even though it's only useful in a few matchups, it can be extremely useful in those matches if you can do it consistantly, because theoretically every shine can lead to them off the stage. And of course there are a lot of ways to get into the first shine: mainly down airs, and any time you do an aerial and it gets shielded, then the person tries to shield grab. That's because assuming you L cancel all your aerials, every time you do an aerial that gets shielded, you can shine out of it immediately, and it's quicker than the amount of time it takes for them to shield grab. So if they ever try to shield grab your aerials, they get shined, and the combos start from there. Not being able to waveshine characters like Peach all the way across the stage is certainly not the end of the world, though, and it's not something you should worry about until you have mastered all the more important things with Fox. But if you can't do regular waveshines, and by that I just mean wavedashing out of a shine, that is much more basic and much more necessary. After shining a character who doesn't fall from the shine, and doesn't slide too far, you just follow them right along with the wavedash and get to choose any move you want to do to them, probably the most important being grab. So as long as you have good combos up your sleeve for the character at whatever percent they're at, every shine leads you to that combo. And as I said earlier, every successful down air or attempted-shield-grabbed aerial can lead to a shine. It's not as useful for fighting characters who fall from the shine, like Falco for example, but it's still really useful. First of all you can tech-chase from it, and second for some characters (I know it at least works on Falco) you can waveshine directly into a jab, and if you wavedash far and quick enough, they will be forced to stand up from being down before they can do anything else, and from there you can start combos; the one that started the whole thing about using the jab to force someone to stand up out of the shine is the Thunder's Combo, which is really hard but really awesome when pulled off. You can find out about it in the Fox Character Specific forum on Smashboards. Oh and for actually practicing waveshining: if you're just practicing doing single waveshines, the best advice I can give is just think of doing a wavedash seperately from the shine. The way I do it is after the shine, return the control stick to it's neutral position and then do a wavedash, so it's just like doing a wavedash by itself. If you're trying to waveshine consecutively, here's what I did: Go to training mode on FD, pick Peach or Link for the computer. Do a shine, and just wait as long as you want. Then do a wavedash with the control stick as close to the side as you can, and then wait after you did the wavedash. If your wavedash was good enough, you should be able to shine them again from where you ended up without moving again. After you can do that, just keep on speeding up the process until you wavedash soon enough to have to jump-cancel your shine, and then until you wavedash immediately out of the shine. Then from there you can work on doing it continuously, the fun part. Hope that was helpful. Edit: heh, I just realized you probably only need the last paragraph. Oh well.
  19. How about a new video? wait, did you get banned again
  20. Thats all very well and good, but i only know one person who uses falco and hes doesnt even know what a short hop is, and there are no melee tournaments in the uk to my knowledge so... I think i can survive with a roll. Seriously, I played the best people i know in 4v4s today at school. After a few rounds they all had 11KOs i was on something like 50. One round i actually got all 9 Kos and didnt die. It's annoying sometimes, I want some really amazing people to play because i dont feel like i'm getting any better. I have no need for all these advanced and combo breaking techniques, cause no one ever uses the combos. The only thing they annoy me with is spamming B+ups with link. That must suck for you, having only worse opponents. The best thing to do probably, is just keep beating them. Find out what is different between you and them, what makes you win, and utilize it. Obviously your opponents must have some predictable patterns/habits, so make sure you punish them every time for it, and maybe every once in a while point out to them what's happening. Eventually they will be forced to drop their habits and get better. But this might make some people quit, because you have to punish their bad habits every time - some people will just get frustrated and quit. And once they get as good as you, you will have to start learning new stuff too. And Garde, I know waveshining is way too advanced for a casual player. But he was asking if their is any reason to use wavedashing as Fox, and in the long run, there definitely is. That's why I linked to that guide, which is perfect for a new/casual Fox player, because it introduces the advanced techniques one by one, starting with the most basic ones, going up to things like waveshining. The sections in the guide even set goals for you to accomplish to make sure you learn the things.
  21. http://smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=60570 This is a really good guide for learning advanced techniques for Fox. Fox's wavedash is one of the most useful in the whole game, because he can jump cancel his shine, which means he can shine, immediately jump cancel (a minimum of 3 frames after the shine, to be exact) and then instead of actually jumping, you airdodge at an angle into the ground before he jumps, so that he slides on the ground (you probably already know that's a wavedash). Together, this is called a waveshine and it is one of the biggest reasons Fox is the highest tiered character in the game. Waveshine can make some of the biggest combos. For characters who don't fall from getting hit by the shine, you can shuffle a down air into a shine, which is too fast for them to escape if they get hit by the dair, then waveshine immediately in the direction they went, which means you just follow right along them, and then you have the opportunity to hit them with anything you want, pretty much. You can go directly into an upsmash, or up throw to up air, both of which can start some big juggling combos that can end in death if you do it right. OR, after your waveshine, you could do another shine and the make that a waveshine. There are a lot of possibilities but I have to go fast so read that guide, and incorporate these skills one by one into your game.
  22. Man, I had a huge problem with nervousness at OC2. I can't wait until the next tournament I go to. I did so horrible and I have to make up for it. And I sort of made that mistake of picking a counter pick just because the character counters. I was playing against an IC and I lost with my main so I counterpicked with Marth, who I do know how to play, but he's not my main. I ended up pretty much just trying to wavesmash and do the same stupid tactics a lot, and I was too scared to try anything because I had no experience in the match-up. I got him to the last stock, but I know I would have been able to win by a lot if I had control of myself. I hate nervousness. I kept telling myself to stop doing what I was doing but it's like I had no control of what I was doing. Anyway I really want to go to another tournament now and do better, next time I won't let my nervousness get the better of me. And I won't pick any character that I'm not totally comfortable with. That was a stupid mistake, picking Marth. You have to know your character like the back of your hand, because your subconscious plays a huge role in your playing, and you're subconscious isn't going to be making good decisions and stuff if you don't subconsciously know all the properties of every aspect of your character.
  23. Yeah, Korean DJ is really good. I met him at OC2, he is really nice and energetic. He seems to have a really positive attitude. I didn't get to play him though, except in rock-paper-scissors to see who rides in the front seat of Ken's car from the airport. Nice job taking on Zoso, I hope they get those videos uploaded soon.
  24. Wait, Sony is putting PS2 games on their virtual console? Isn't the PS2 the best selling console other than the DS right now? It seems like PSX/PS2 games would take a really long time to download, and a lot of bandwidth, but I guess that won't be too much of a problem for people with really good internet connections. Like I said in response to linkspast, I know Sony is still doing their own thing with their system overral. I never said it wasn't worth it, I know you save a bunch of money buying the Blue-Ray player. The only problem for me is if I bought it, it would be wasting money on a Blue-Ray player, even though it's a good deal, because I don't have an HDTV to take advantage of it. So it's only worth it to those who value it. It's like if they included a skateboard with the Wii, and made the Wii more expensive for it, while giving a good deal on the skateboard. You could say you're getting your moneys worth, but not everyone WANTS the skateboard. And yes, including Blue-Ray in a system isn't as bad as including a skateboard, because Blue-Ray actually has something to do with the system. But the point is that not everyone can take advantage of the Blue-Ray drive they're forced to buy with the system. I guess I'll just say this is where we reach our agreement on the subject. But one thing: I don't know if you're implying that you think this is what I said, but that's not what I said at all. Here's a quote from me from earlier in this thread See? I said it.
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