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  1. Any fan of Earthboud will ADORE this mix, regardless of the rap element. This is one of those that at least demands a listen, if not a permanent playlist addition. Flik reminds me of Weird Al...
  2. Mmm...I'm so-so on this mix. It doesn't really fit my personal tastes, but it's very well made and very relaxing and mellow. Great instrumentation especially...the bagpipes, an easy instrument to screw up, sound perfect. Props.
  3. "Now it is time to take longer strides"--Peter Griffin anyone? Eh, it's a little low-pitched to be Peter Griffin. Anyway, this is a great song...I actually find Daft Punk more annoying than this mix suggests. The graty, underground feeling works well...reminds me of Earthworm Jim for some reason. Props mutagene, one of my favorite remixers on OCR.
  4. Well considering it is (was?) my absolute freakin' DREAM to remix Prophecy, and Harmony accomplished it with amazing skill, I LOVE THIS SONG!!!! It's got a little something for everyone...I thought it was good until 4:00, at which point it got GREAT. Makes me want to jump up and play a game of SoM right now.
  5. This is really a superb mix if you ask me...it pretty much is a caricature of Earthbound's general grooviness. For me it just conjures up that image of the wavy background colors during battles...I dunno, that whole game was on acid. Great mix though, 8 out of 10 in my book.
  6. This remix was pretty good...I thought the background beat didn't fit very well with Matoya's theme at first, but the more I listened, the more I liked.
  7. I have to say that even though I haven't been a big CotMM fan in the past, I loved this one. GREAT BASS. AMAZING BASS. Being a string bass player I appreciate that. I'm with Jemni on the song classification though--it draws mostly from FF7 it seems...
  8. There are a bunch of things that make this song amazing: 1) it's a remix of the best DKC2 song, 2) it's long but it keeps your attention the whole way through, and 3) the instrument selection is damn near perfect. It jsut screams DOWNLOAD ME!
  9. When I saw Kaijin AND Ailsean I nearly pissed my pants, and the song didn't disappoint. The only problem is some awkward harmony around 1:15, but this is still worth a download. Great work guys!
  10. This is an excellent representative of good techno...0:17 through 0:33 is particularly excellent. It's also a good length: not so long that you get bored, but not so short that it leaves you begging for more.
  11. Yes! Finally! An absolutely BEAUTIFUL Metroid remix! The transition at 1:43 is superb...in fact, the whole song is superb...recommended for pretty much anyone; it spans a wide array of musical tastes.
  12. I LOVE the Killing Game Show theme remixed by this song, and although it isn't quite as good as "Daft," it's still worth a download. Too short though...
  13. The name of the song fits really well I'd say, and this turned into a great song for me after the initial shock of the bagpipes. I think this song could give a Mongolian Scottish pride...it just exudes a feeling of nobility or something.
  14. This is a superb remix that really captures that weird nervous feeling you get in Midgar. Or maybe that's just me. I did think that Russell could've done a little more by the way of melody, but this is still a great song.
  15. If you listen to this song with headphones on, it makes your head sway involuntarily...whoa...
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