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  1. I'm pretty sure its just one.
  2. All but confirmed officially, but on that note if it does ever turn out that everyone was wrong and he was fired for something really mundane the internets are going to look like such asses
  3. @Coop Most sources suggest that Eidos had a lesser role in this whole affair than a lot of people are making out. Rather they say it was mainly due to the new management that took over from the former Executive Editor Greg Kasavin (or whatever his title is) who are really marketers and salesman rather than of game journalist stock. For me that seems more likely than Eidos directly causing the firing.
  4. We won't ever get any "official" response, simply because no one who can say what really happened is in the position to give an official response due to their contract and business agreements. However, the amount of "reliable sources" reporting on major blogs and outlets, and hints from other gamespot staff makes the review scandal the most likely scenario.
  5. Yeah, I think Jeff will get hired by another outlet, or maybe he could start up his own outlet. As a result of this he's going to have a lot more clout and quite a following (he was already fairly popular) like you said. It would be crazy for someone not to exploit this before this story runs out of steam, whether it be himself or someone else . Also, another member of the editorial staff left without warning within the same time frame, which makes things interesting. http://uk.gamespot.com/users/TimT/show_blog_entry.php?topic_id=m-100-25233420
  6. Regardless whether or not you like Jeff Gerstmann or his reviews, he has always been honest with his personal opinion (even if it was sometimes inconsistent) and has never compromised his journalistic integrity with with advertising or fanboy pandering, as this issue clearly demonstrates. This guy has been around gamespot for +10 years, is the editor in chief, and is one of the few remaining editors from the pre-cnet days. So this is a pretty big deal IMO as a major hit for journalist integrity in game reviews and for gamespot. Probably what got him fired was his video review of the game, whi
  7. I read the jpeg scans a few days ago, which are the legitimate ones, so here you go. MAJOR SPOILERS!!!!
  8. Absolutely fantastic arrangement. However, my only issue, similar to Dectilon's reservation, is certain parts feel "dulled" down, particularly the vocals at the beginning. I don't know if its just my crappy monitors, but its the only thing that lets it down IMO. Although that does not take away from how great it is.
  9. @Mullenkamp Don't worry about it being too "tight", I won't spoil anything, but you won't be disappointed with Monster.
  10. Its fantastic, ubuntu is by far my favorite distro. With dell backing it this can only mean greater mainstream adoption and better support from hardware manufacturers for linux as a whole. Also, ubuntu studio should be coming out in a couple days, which looks very promising for video and sound. http://ubuntustudio.org/
  11. Hellcom

    Guild Wars 2?

    GW was/is a great game, particularly in PVP, which can get very completive. The level 20 cap is fundamental in this success. However, my main complaint about GW is the elitism in PVP that locks out newbs and causal players. For example, in order to get into any good groups you need a rank of 3 at least, but to get rank 3 need to get into a good group in the first place >.<. I'm also hoping they expand on the PVE by making it less linear and more of a core feature rather than a run up tutorial to the PVP action.
  12. Wait, I thought Kutaragi had resigned
  13. It always gets ignored, but Wild Arms of PSX has a great soundtrack. http://www.zophar.net/psf/wa_psf.rar Edit: I just check and that file doesn't have all of the sound track, and is in fact missing many of better tracks.
  14. Hellcom

    Nintendo Wii

    Well it does diversify their range and audience by including games that are not "nintendo-ish". Plus now I have even fewer reasons to by a PS3 now that Monolith Soft are going to be making Nintendo exclusives. More RPGs FTW! Xenosaga on the wii!!!
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