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  1. Whenever I download this remix, I get lots of skippage. Very strange.
  2. This is indeed a glorious day. Now the world shall know of Keen. The remix is quite excellent, as well. EDIT: And Apogee MEANS action. If you wanted to put a visual to this mix, I found something nice on the 3DRealms website: http://www.3drealms.com/fanstuff/images/ckcollage5.jpg Fits perfectly, don't you think?
  3. Yes! Finally! An SD3 mix! Not the song I would have liked, but a good choice. It has a nice beat . The flute sounds a little irritating at times but it averages out pleasing. I don't think there was enough of a musical climax, but to each his own. Overall, this is mix is definitely worthy of OCR. Which reminds me, I need to load my SD3 sound test. *listens to Religion Thunder*
  4. I have seen once, on the infinite reaches of this board, Dale or Mustin mentioning the possibilty of Team Gato 2. After seeing the CT OVA, I am more convinced than ever it should happen. With bilingual lyrics. And "You're so weak, and I'm so strong, I knocked your lights out, now run along." It would be the king of OCR. "Ah Gonalez!"
  5. Super Beryl from Sailor Moon: Another Story, for the Famicon. It's possible to kill her, but she'll just school you with her 9999 damage to all attack. You're supposed to lose, but try winning without a cheat code when you get killed in the first few turns.
  6. The very same Suzembachi who did that Black Omen mix on VGmix? NIEC WORK
  7. Tyrian r0x0r! The two player mode with ship linking...INGENIOUS!
  8. Nazi? Hitler? BANNED But, damn, I can say this is one of the best mixes on the site. Chilling.
  9. Dude! Darkshine Knight is easy! Did you class change the second time? He's weak against fire, use Fire Sabers if you have them. And, get this, HE'S NOT THE LAST BOSS. There's another final dungeon, and two stronger bosses. I think my hardest boss is the Dragon Emporer from Seiken Densetsu 3. I used Deadly Weapon to cut his maximum HP by 1/5. It did 11,000 damage. He beat my ass down. I killed him eventually, though. No! Scratch that. The Black Rabite from Seiken Densetsu 3. If you cast a dark spell, he'll counter by summoning a LEVEL 99 ENEMY against you.
  10. This is a nice, epic mix. I can't finish this review because I'm about to PLAY E.V.O. Now, why don't you go PLAY E.V.O. right now?
  11. Well, finally. I requested Bahamut Lagoon a while back, you'd think a Squaresoft game would get some remixes earlier. This is some quality *insert genre here*.
  12. This is how Metroid 6 should begin. I totally agree about the flashback/dream thing. This is my favorite Metroid mix yet. This is starting to sound like a series. Maridia DrownedinExile Brinstar DreamsinRed Zebes SulphuricOceanMix or something along the lines of it?
  13. Doesn't this sound like a Kefka mix? I was introduced to it by Mortisland's new movie, and I thought it was... Freaky.
  14. Look, it's Singing Mountain, it's on OC, it's CT, it's techno. I don't even have to hear it to give it thumbs up. Well, I heard it, so now I give it two thumbs up. Maybe if there were more Singing Mountain mixes (hint hint) I wouldn't like it so much, with better things to compare it to, but, oh well. Thank you Saiko!
  15. He was kindof hard. Well, hard for a Harry Potter game, anyway.
  16. Kono SEKAI DE!! I hereby crown DJ Crono the king of relatively new mixers!
  17. Argh! That jerk, changing his name for OC. I had to manually go through all my music until I found the name he went under for VgMix (plasma)! It's good, if you're into techno. Otherwise, just go listen to your classical covers of techno from last year, you TECHNO HATING MONSTER!
  18. This was my first OCRemix, so I can't really comment in an unbiased manner. Well, actually it was my second, but this was the one that got me to OC. I love Mortisland!
  19. You think HE'S tough? Go fight the Biolizard, if you haven't. *shudders*
  20. Hmmm, so what song is this? 1.05 - It's the dungeon music! Arrrgh! *mind fills with horrible memories* Okay, short and ambient. The sort of mix you have in the background while you play Dungeons and Dragons or read The Lord of the Rings. A great mix, unless you don't like techno, in which case, why are you here? 75% of the mixes are techno! Okay, I'm going to play Zelda 3 again. Oh wait, I'm in the ice dungeon. I hate that dungeon.
  21. This sounds SO familiar. I haven't even heard the original, though...
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