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  1. Its better that I dont think... wars start that way. I have postit stamps though
  2. Yeahhhh, that was weird. They weren't in the final preview I heard before we uploaded. I think something got messed up when that happened. Anyway, don't ask about The Rock.... I'm just ignorant about most "guy movies." Die Hard sounds like a Rock kinda title, that's all. So in other news, Please feel free to call in with your New Years resolutions for next show! That's 1-800-990-VGDJ! Bwahahahahaha You know...I might actually call. I've been meaning to for some time now. The thing is, though, I hate the way my voice sounds when recorded or...anything of the likes. Me too, any idea what causes that? Resolution: Get Aurora and Pixi to come 'down under' and visit me. For me the problem is getting caught midway though what I was saying and forgeting what I was ment to say at the end of my speach... happens all the time when I leave messages on answering machines.
  3. I dont care what the other say but I really enjoyed this mix because it was so different. After the doom remix project I was really happy to hear a different take on the same theme. This is a great mix thats welcome to my Ipod.
  4. What you mean, she's the originator of VGDJ. I think you guys just miss her as much as she misses y'all.. Its nothing personal I suspect I’m having a hard time letting go of Pixietricks
  5. Not sure Im too happy about Aurora coming back but getting Shnabubula on the show could be fun for an Ep or two.
  6. He can sing too? Id pay money to hear him do that, it wouldnt be very much but Im willing offer a bit...
  7. Very Slick, I really enjoyed this track. The vocals stared to lose it for me towards the end but thats more to my dislike of messing around with vocals than the quality of the song. All in all its a great, not brilliant but still welcome on my Ipod.
  8. He's not talentless, he just has talent in more productive areas Uh huh you know it Gurlfriend Uh huh *snaps fingers*
  9. If I had talent in remixing I’d put my hand up for Guile’s theme… To bad Im talentless I wish you all the luck of a thousand flying kicks
  10. Easily one of the best remixes Ive heard in a very long time. I loved it, I cant think of any faults, it all blends together in a very nice way and I like the voices, its very Macross'ish' Its very welcome in my WinAmp collection
  11. Koji Kondo remixes are hardly ever average let alone bad and this one reminds me of a nicer time when dewdrops are glistening in the sunrise of a cold December morning… Enough of the Iron Chef references, this remix is a lot of fun
  12. Well its about time we got another Super Mario 64 Mix and its a very very good one me thinks... I love the transy type feel to it and gives its a very different take to the other remixes Ive heard here. great
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