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    Nintendo Wii

    Tell me about it, its not bad enough we missed it the first time now we have to miss it again! Its mean the way they dangle the carrot of TGFX in front of us then take it away.
  2. Am I the only one who became physicaly ill after looking at that picture?
  3. Am I the only guy here happy with hs old style DS? sure this Lite looks good but ts not that much of an upgrade. Besides with Metroid Prime rocking and New Super Mario is due in 4 days, then Brain Training on the 15th having spare cash floating around will be a little hard to get hold of for the next couple of weeks.
  4. There's your vote, hope you use it wisely...
  5. Has Reggie Fils-Aime been suggested as character? I think it'd be good to see if he can match his talking about ass kicking with actions. This is post number 666 for me... the most evil post I'll ever make
  6. I've never played the game in question so pairing this track up against the source is a tad hard for so Im going treat of this as a totally new piece of music. And that said this remix is a very cool minialistic song, Not much happens here but at the same time it really just works to offer a very fulfilling experience. I dont normally like this type of music but I enjoyed this, Top marks again TO... again!
  7. Yeah Triple J does rock hard.
  8. Sorry, dude. We never release until midnight on a Sunday, since the shows are intended for Monday listening. ^_~ Is this a good time to be pedantic and say that midnight on a Sunday was 24 hours ago? Its Tuesday here too, Anyway its all good as the yanks tend to be behind the rest of us Seriously I canna wait to listen to the cast at work in the AM... Night all, pleasnt dreams and other such stuff
  9. Internet: 2 Everything good in the world: 0
  10. Aye, where are those action shots, peoples?! You could buy me dinner first Ouch, that was so bad Im going to need to take a shower now.
  11. Highly unlikely. I dont know to feel about this
  12. Internet: 1 Taste and Class: 0
  13. What the hell happened while I was away?!? Wangless lost his chi? Ohhhhhh this is not good news, No more stupid German puns! Oh there where so many other accents he hadden't tryed! Well screw this Im going back on holidays
  14. Nice new intro... very nice. Thanks for not calling Snooper an Aussie, Americans just cant say it right for some reason... I think its genetic. Oh and your wrong wingless, Australia is still within the British Commonwealth Realm... We cant be arsed becoming a repulic just yet. More usless facts next week
  15. He he heh Having the PixietMixs as the ring tone on my Samsung would be funny... If only I could think of a way to explain it to my girlfriend why she can hear another girls voice everytime someone rings. Oh well nice job on both the mixes
  16. So its the 4th here down here right now so Happy Birthday PixieT... The 20th year is the best year trust me. Hope you have a grand day, well as grand as you can make it without going on a pub crawl!
  17. I remember when Urkel made his first appareance, He was a funny geek that made me laugh... Couple of weeks later Im pretty sure I was helping orgainise a Fatwa on him. Please just dont over do it.
  18. I haven't a problem with the intro, its fine the way it is... It does the job well enough.
  19. Dorks... Honest to God dorks! The last three minutes brilliant, its nice to know there's other people that talk incessant crap in a Greman accent. Love the show
  20. Very hot... you two are rock stars
  21. Welcome to fame, I take it your going to pop up on one of those "Where are they now?" TV shows in the next couple of weeks.
  22. Wangless... Sometimes its good to laugh like a six year old. Anyhoo I hope everything works out... be it the podcast stays in its current format or we get something new, its all good. Thanks Pixie
  23. As much as I'd hate to see the current podcast format to go the way of the Dodo at the same time I kind of like the idea of listening to "The Wingless Show"
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