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  1. Wha? My cell phone is ringing...::procedes to take it out and answeres it:: Hello? ::battle music in the back ground:: Hello?! ::phone attacks my head:: AH!!!! ::throws the phone to the ground:: OH its on now! ::whips out his katana and whacking away at the demonic phone:: TAKE THAT! AND THAT!!! I always though that was a bad plan...A damn creative song, my friend. Tis indeed imaginitive. I enjoyed it. May i download it as a ringtone? HA...if only i had to fight my cell phone everytime someone called me...Keep up the great work...::steps on his phone and crushes it...::
  2. Damn that's beautiful. You have a wonderful voice. That is the voice of a siren. Please don't lure my ship and my sailors to their deaths. Please I beg of thee,mercy! You have a very wonderful voice. I would come to your rocky island just to listen to it...i would swim so my ship didnt break up and cause many a men their deaths. I would listen to you forever. So nice...::stares with a glazed expresion...::so nice...
  3. The only thing I can picture when I hear this song is...Jenova-Synthesis raving. At the end of its count down, it whips out glow sticks and takes a little ex. Then, after that, its only a matter of time before she starts to rave like a lunatic. Of course, everybody else joins in with her and they have a big party. Cloud dons his pacifier and his orange cargo pants,Tifa puts on her cat in the hat hat,Barret just starts break dancing like a fool...Well, you get the point. Tis song is awesome. Just...awesome.
  4. Since when did Frog and Steiner march with Jonhy? When Johmy comes marching home, I didnt expect him to need an escort...However, it makes a really good song...only wish it was longer though...that seems to be the bad part of a lot of songs though...not long enough. But this is really good. Its up there with so many other songs. Just really good.
  5. Being a chocobo myslef...(ive had many owners...though i seem to be worth only a buck...)I find this to be a wonderful experience. I close my eyes and imagine my big yellow wings flapping through the air, soaring high above the clouds. But alas, when the song is over, I start to fall and I wake up from my little day dream. Tis a wonderful song, indeed. It brings tears to my humble choco eyes. Keep up the good work.Wark!
  6. FOOLS! What did you think the voices in the back ground were saying?Find my p**sy, yeah find my p**sy? Fan the pansy,yeah fan the pansy? Come on! get yer minds out of the gutters...This is like...a music site...not a porn site...besides, Ive noticed that video games, much less Fianl Fantasy, don't have genitalia...so it would be hard to find said misheard p**sy.
  7. Faints. And whilest in his coma, he dreams of Red XIII coming down from his grandfather's conservatory after his death. Saddened by the loss of BugenHagen, he travles through the cave under Cosmos Canyon to be with his petrified father. Finding comfort in the monument, he naps and has visions of his two great ancestors. They tell him that he must continue to fight for the planet. Years after Meteor was summoned and destroyed, thousands of people head to Cosmos Canyon to hear the great words of the wise Elder Nanaki. This is just one amazing opus. I can't get over it. It's just so beautiful. It feels as if there was some kind of divine inspiration behind it. Wonderful. I really must hear more of this kind of work. Again, simply beautiful.
  8. ::Trip:: "OW! What the f...oh...what's this? Hey! This is pretty good!" Yup...that's how it all happened...Actually, I came across this remix through Newgrounds.com. The flash animation "About Random Battles" gave me a glympse into this remixes soul. And after hearing that, I needed more.So, like a succubus...or incubus because I'm male...I found my prey and began to feast relentlessly on it's musical spirit. Not being sedated, I kept going back for more. Congratulations...I can't get enough of this remix...It just keeps charming me in to consume it through my ears... If this remix was chocolate cake, I would be fat...And I would say "screw weight watchers!"
  9. OH,Star, how you tease me so. First you impress me with your courage and then you seduce me with your wilder side... Um...yeah. I get a little carried away sometimes... But this truely is a very AWESOME remix. I love Cid's theme, and I wish someone else would do as a great an opus as you did for the first part, (maybe you can write more of it? please??), and the trancey techno under sea palace rules. You don't get much better than this. Actually...I don't think there IS a better...
  10. There aren't any words in any language to describe the noise I made when I first heard this song. It's soooooooooo good. GAH! I just wish more Final Fantasy characters had a mystical love children with one hit wonder pop. Just imagine it. Moogles mate with...um...lets see...nevermind, the children of everything are just too frightening. But this child, the Chocerana, this child is the most adorable kid I have ever seen/heard. Great job.
  11. Tis indeed a Liberi Fatali remix. I really like it...Meaning...um...that I kinda peed my pants it was so good... But this remix is quite awesome. LF has always been one of my favorite pieces from Nobuo's repitoir. I think it is a very comfortable song to listen to. In short, it is LF, really good, need a different pair of pants, you rock.
  12. This song rules considerable FACE. Ive always loved the blackmage theme. You've just reinforced it with STEEL. This song is unbreakable. Whicked sweet.
  13. Wow...just wow... You know a song of this calibur has reached said calibur when it is played at a chinese resturant. I kid you not. I was eating my general tso's when I heard the very familiar theme to Wu Tai...chopsticks fell. Mouth agape, I realized what it was and came to the conclusion that i must have it. I talked to the manager and said his son got it off of here. I mean, how is that not awesome?
  14. Oooo...Its so good. Its even better when its on repeat. It just blends with itself. It feels as if there is no end in sight that way. Absolutely wonderful. I want to open a massage parlor...or a zen garden. Both are cool. One of the best things ive heard from this side of reality. Just whisks you away.
  15. this is by far one of the most interesting remixes ive heard. It was one of my first ones too. I greatly enjoyed the synthness after wethosand lusec parts. The vynle esque sounds are coll aswell. a very good remix to say the least.
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