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  1. I dunno, when looking at Zodiark for example, i'm strongly reminded of the concept of the "old gods" that are extremely powerful but merciless deities of creation (i.e. Nix from greek mythology or Pan-gu from Chinese mythology) In this sense, darkness doesn't only equate to evil, but more to mystery and primordial chaos. Zodiark especially reminds me of this because of his final skill. The reason i brought this up is because darkness and light, even when not associated with pure evil or pure good, are paired with hate and anger or love and compassion (respectively) You're right these are only human feelings that motivate people to affect the physical world, but i'm unclear on how say, Aerith's hope and innocence in casting "holy" stopped a giant meteor from destroying the world.
  2. I bought a book about the occult awhile ago and I was reading through it. Inevitably, there was a chapter about the 4 elements (air, water, fire, earth) and the possible fifth (aether/ether/quintessence). I then remembered, in many recent fantasy RPG's though, "dark” and “light” elements have surfaced and treated among the same lines of dictating the nature of things. Although I have no qualms about considering “light” or “dark” elements, What IS light or dark? In terms of the video games they are featured in, Light and Dark are not always indicative of good and evil (ex. Dark elemental Summon Zodiark from FFXII, Dark element afffiliated protagonist Yuri Hyuga from Shadow hearts. And conversely, Light affiliated antagonist Nicolai Conrad also from Shadow hearts (thats the only one i know of, but i'm sure theres alot more examples in some RPG's)). It also seems strange how these “elements” physically manifest themselves. In terms of good and evil, to me at least, it doesn't seem satisfactory that, say a “holy” spell”, is simply a concentrated mass of positive emotion or some sort of “godly” energy (what would differentiate that from “demonic” or “unholy” energy?) I have the same thoughts for “dark”, in wondering how human emotions and concepts of hatred and violence can manifest themselves to affect the physical world. I know that these elements simply do exist for the sake of the game, and I'm not questioning why they exist. I simply wish to know under what basis and conditions they would exist. Any thoughts?
  3. I actually never got around to finishing this game. But i don't think they could convey the same sense of awe that i experienced while playing. If they are really planning to present this movie in a LOTR-type atmosphere, i think that would convey a sense of "epic" rather than a sense of "awe". Epic meaning large conflicts, over-the-top manuevers, etc. and "awe" i thought was brought on by the large expansive plains and serenity of the game.
  4. 1. Do math sheet 2. Start spanish project 3. Get spanish test signed 4. Go over script for english project 5. Do SAT practice 6. Band practice at 8 7. Hopefully some shadow hearts or watchmen before bed
  5. I need help as well I don't remember much because i was under 5 at the time, but I do remember that it took place it a log cabin (or some kind of secluded room). There was a male or female (I think you could choose, or it could be either) adult pacing around this room in a circle. After some time, some kind of yellow monster would come, and i think the objective of the game was to keep the monster out (i remember one of my cousins who was playing murmuring "Oh, you forgot to get the window"). When the monster did break in, it would chase the character around the room (albeit the person in the room was still going at walking speed, while the monster would "jump" after them) The graphics were somewhat polygonal, which leads me to believe it may have not of have a DOS game at all, but while we're on the subject of old computer games i might as well ask
  6. When i rebooted the game it didn't freeze for awhile until i defeated this certain boss and now the cinematic won't play. I'm gonna try to buff up the CD, but the only thing im worried about is that the problem may be the game itself somehow. If i try to sell this back to gamestop and try to recover some of my money before hunting a new copy do you think they'll go for it? (From guessing, its most probable that the disk is the problem, because the PS2 is fairly new and the disk scratches are extremely shallow at the worst...)
  7. Scratches arn't that bad, although it does look like someone "smeared" scratches onto the disc in some places. I've seen do-it-yourself CD buffing kits in some stores, are they reliable if it does come to that?
  8. I bought Shadow Hearts Covenant used, and just started playing it today. The gameplay works fine, but whenever there is a cutscene the game may or may not freeze for about 15-20 seconds and then continue. I was annoyed but still pleased that the game worked. During one cutscene however, 2 minutes went by and the game did not unfreeze. I got thoroughly irked and turned the game off. From researching, the game has some capatability issues with PS3 (although i am using a slimline PS2, i don't know if that would make a different). Essentially what I am asking is, has anyone else had the same problem? Will it eventually get worse as the complexity of the game progresses? Or is it not a problem? (Its already passed the 30 day period btw, so i don't think gamestop will give me an 'equivalent working product' for this)
  9. Just got it today, maybe will play it once i beat Albert Simon in shadow hearts (and finish my homework..) Many players are rating this game fairly well while magazines and official sites give above mediocre to above average scores
  10. At comic con they had a freakin' Ice sculpture to promote the game
  11. I heard about this game awhile ago, but my memory was refreshed going to NY comic-con http://www.deadlycreaturesgame.com/ Comes out tomorrow, but i don't know if I should get it because im saving up money for Madworld. Anyone else interested in this?
  12. Wait... (Spoilers): How did sio take the headband from Afro if she didn't possess the number two headband? Even if the owner of the number 2 is granted the privilege of "defeating" the number one (in terms of killing them), then by that logic didn't afro not have to get the number 2 headband and just get sio? Hell, if he had the number one headband, why were all those other guys in the beginning attacking him?
  13. I see, research has yielded that I use combofix, mbam, mgtools, and sdfix (although i think its a bit excessive). I will use some of those and see what I can do. For general protection thought, its sounds as if AVIRA has fallen in terms of comparative quality, should I use something else then?
  14. From AV comparison research, I found AVIRA to be the most popularly recommended. With most google solutions, there are many far reaching and messy processes to get rid of the virus (downloading special tools). Because this is my fathers computer, i prefer not to install too much (and i'm not a huge fan of hijack this because I don't like fiddling with stuff that i don't personally know about). As for a windows reboot solution, I might consider trying to get rid of the trojan and other viruses using "classic methods" first because "twext.exe" is not listed as a high-risk virus
  15. Also, AVIRA live scan is disabled and i cannot enable it. Alot of glitches were happening to the computer prior to this and the combined effort of many viruses i think are starting to cripple the computer in a visible fashion
  16. That would be useful, althogh i looked in the system32 folder and the trojan is absent, so im guessing i'll need a bit more finesse
  17. So i booted up my dads PC, and the second i see the desktop an AVIRA warning pops up saying that a trojan "twext.exe" was found. Trying to delete it yields an error (access is denied). That said, is it serious? How to get rid of it?
  18. i was SUPPOSED to get a headcrab hat, but the valve store is sure taking its sweet time delivering
  19. I was downloading a file from megaupload onto my USB, when i guess something hijacked the download and a virus was downloaded along with the intended file. When i clicked on the icon for my USB stick in "My Computer", AVIRA said there was a virus and i opted to delete it. Now, whenever i click on the USB drive, windows treats it like a filem and the only way to access it is through autoplay and clicking "View files and folders". The content of my drive seems undamaged, but I would rather be able to save my USB before formatting it
  20. my cousin gave me two 1 Gig ram sticks, which if i put them all in I should have 3 Gigs of RAM, should that be enough?
  21. Would AVIRA be the operative problem? If so, would simply disabling live scanning solve the issue, or would i have to exit completely or uninstall?
  22. Ok, so as some of you may know, I was thoroughly angry when my computer was not able to support regular half-life 2 and portal. To remedy that problem i got a new graphics card. Knowing that half life episode one and two have more advanced graphics, i kept my fingers crossed that my system wouldn't eat itself again. It did. I was able to get a bit into the citadel, right after the part where the gravity gun is recharged. I first noticed something was wrong when the first letter of every word in the subtitles disappeared, then after the gun was charged, i noticed the gun was completely black and had no texture. Going into the next loading screen, the game crashed, with the sounds of Alyx's steps looping. When i was brought back to the desktop, it said something about an AVIRA antivir .dll, and part of the halflife2.exe needing to terminate. (in two seperate error messages). The screen was then permanantly stuck showing only about 1/4th of by desktop and the start pane. I had to restart the computer to get my display settings back. I'm asking for some help with this issue, preferably finding a solution that won't require a new graphics card. Edit: My problems most identify with "paged pool memory" issues. Although the steampowered website gives direction on how to remedy this, I am apprehensive about changing important system settings and i would like a second opinion
  23. So, today i made the switch from Verizon to FiOS. When i turned on the computer, my internet connection worked fine. However, after disabling my connection and attempting to reconnect the prompt for dialing my Verizon ISP cmae up and I clicked cancel. After that, i can no longer access web pages because my computer still thinks it needs to connect through the ISP. I looked through various internet options and tried deleting "my isp" from the connections, but nothing works. how do I stop Verizon from taking over my computer? Edit: the problem just stopped now, but how can i ensure that my new connection is my default and there are no references to my old connection in my internet settings?
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