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  1. Although I hear NOD32 mentioned by members always on here, I've heard from other sources that NOD32 is unreliable in some ways.
  2. I have McAffe, but I have some suspicions that since obviously no one anti virus program is airtight, that I may have some things here and there that can endanger my computer (ex. A got this error that "Dr watson post-mortem debugger" had died along with windows explorer. (windows explorer eventually righted itself)and some sources say it can be an acebot virus, a legit program, or a legit program that is easy to exploit by hackers) So I want to know, which anti virus programs (AVG, Antivir, AVAST, AOL anti-virus shield, etc.) should I use in conjunction?
  3. I can't find any exe. or install file in the winzip, am I missing something?
  4. Theres this weird audio file format known as MOD that I dont know how to convert, so far all that I have been given is crappy programs from Google searches, and other programs recommended by even crappier message boards. ANyone have a simple alternative?
  5. He said TORRENT if ur using Azureus, go to files, and right click and select "do not download" for the songs you don't want. Your torrent client will dl only the one you didnt check
  6. I've heard of that but I'm not sure of the compatibility with .exe files
  7. I came across it on google awhile ago, but when I google it now theres alot of results and I want to know which one is the best to use.
  8. Kinda unrelated, but when I re-read my harry potter books for the umpteenth time I accidentally called the stupid people in my social studies class "muggles"
  9. TOS had a multiplayer option? how did that work? Or was is something akin to FF:CC, I never played TOS so..bleh
  10. ok I found a method to download SWF files without any external utility, anyone know any utilities for extracting the audio/images/text etc etc. from the file?
  11. Anyone know any good (preferably free with the "DOWNLOAD FREE TRIAL AND GET CUT OFF FROM USING IT AT A REALLY BAD TIME" hassles) download utilities for downloading flash from a webpage? As well as that, any utilities for extracting images/audio etc? (Or even better, the whole latter in one program)
  12. I need some tips on defeating the first (distance wise) demon wall in TOR
  13. This song is phenomonal! (Did I spell that right?) It might be my headphones but the only complaint I have is the song is way too soft!
  14. Excellent! This is one of my many favorite remixes on OCremix. It starts of mysteriously foreboding then the tempo quickens and the trumpets or horns or whatever come in and that techno bass thing comes in and the melody really kicks in! Download NOW!
  15. The original song reminds of the sector 4 [AQA] from Metroid Fusion. But back to the point. This song surprised me at 1:06 cause I thought it would remain mysterious and stuff. Anyways, nice job.
  16. his collection is Brilliant, BUT WHY OGG?! I can't get it on my Ipod because of OGG!
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