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  1. Blue screen of death, upon booting up windows, just as the log-on screen is loading up: BAD_POOL_CALLER 0x000000c2 STOP: 0x00000043, 0xc1820000, 0x00000000, 0x00000000 This happened after i hard-shut down the computer (held the power button down and turned it off) when I thought it was frozen. I did it however, while it was shutting down, and being impatient did not have me realize it was shutting down when I turned it off. So, in essence i pulled the power while it was naturally shutting down. Booting in all kinds of safe-mode does not work, debugging mode does not work, "last known good configuration" does not work. I know im screwed, and probably i'll have to get a new operating system. But, i heard theres a "in-place reinstallation" of operating systems, can anyone shed some light on the subject? If anyone has any other alternatives to this, suggestions are welcome. PS: Microsoft "support" is a load of technical jargon I cant understand so thats no help
  2. yes, careless whisper was the song. ty for your help! finally I know what this is now
  3. not so much, since i was almost a toddler when I heard it. It was played very often on the radio, maybe smooth jazz genre, a saxophone played those series of notes I posted. It was not a fast song, no static at all (1980-90?). From the voice it was (PROBABLY) a black musician (although thats not a very dependable observation)
  4. so I can't get this jazz song out of my head, i remember since I was maybe 6-7 years old (199X)from hearing it on the radio numerous times and i MUST find out what it is. I only remember what it sounds like, heres a vague part of the song E-D-A-F E-D-A-F C-Bflat-F-D C-Bflat-F-D I know im being ridiculously vague but can anyone help?
  5. I think the new update is just because nintendo knows SSBB will not ONLY be played by hypercritical 15+ year-old geeks on OCR
  6. he pokemon change move could be used as some kind of cheap dodge, do you think hits will cancel the change?
  7. i think you flamed him sufficiently for him not wanting to post in this thread again, btw: BUMP
  8. imagine if they only provided the list of musicians ONLY to irk the video game music community
  9. im silently laughing at all the ignorant people who kept bitching its not a fire emblem stage, despite the evidence
  10. problem solved, turned out to be a system registry issue, windows program auto-solved it
  11. CmdLineExt02.dll AVIRA says its Trojan Horse TR/Agent.BYZ, I got it when trying to run warcraft 3. I denied its access and warcraft 3 doesn't work now, I tried disabling active scanning and is giving me a "CD ROM is not in the drive" message, its supposed to be part of SECURrom so did tinkering with it mess up my game? (will i have to reinstall?) EDIT: It seems a cmdlineext02.VIR file was involved too, from scanning and deleting with AVIRA scan, the error still comes up and I still can't play, despite not being able to find it in the TEMP folder. The thing is though, I dont think I've ever had symantec antivirus. EDIT2 (sorry): It may not be the file at all, since i pirate alot of stuff, I never use CDs or ISOs (I use cracks) I just realized my CD drive is not accepting anything, and it doesn't even spin a simple music CD I put in. It doesn't recognize anything from daemon tools either (it happened a few days ago but I assumed it was just a one-time thing) am I sunk and need to get a new CD drive? or is it a driver issue? The windows device manager indicates both my CD drives cannot have their drivers uploaded because they are "corrupt or missing" (code 39)
  12. jesus christ, i SHOULD be offended at what he said before about the yoshi thing but not really
  13. I agree with the premise somewhat, no one is forcing the families to look at this. I personally do not feel much empathy (unlike many zealots who jump on the bandwagon and spout nonsense), i played the game myself and I have realized that its an absolution for tragedy to be interpreted in different ways by people. Sadness may be a universal emotion but its causes for people are different
  14. how did this release date come to be? Wikipedia must've drawn that date from somewhere, wheres the original source that stated it? nevermind saw wiki source
  15. I think it'd be better to use them as an assist tropy
  16. Who said anything about WW link being in brawl?
  17. I think stage interaction would be included in the description of the stage. Indicated by some grammatically hilarious quote i.e. Zebes: The acid from the bottom comes up sometimes! It's so hot that it will burn you! Quick! Quick! Jump to the top!!
  18. One thing i noticed was there was only 3 people fighting on every stage, 3 would be a weird number and i;'m guessing that slightly hints towards camera mode coming back
  19. most probably he just gets his helmet
  20. Opponents could just mean that it is an attack that can be directed against them, not necessarily all of them simultaneously
  21. Links Final Smash, well I suppose its balanced to strike only one target but always hit, marios final smash moves fast enough that you can dodge roll through it
  22. its really funny, comparing this to the SSBB board
  23. Thats a fire emblem stage, in the background the drapes have a symbol from fire emblem on them
  24. which area in metroid has elegant temple-esque buldings in the background, as well as a sunny background