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  1. I don't think so, using it would be hard to come up with an array of moves for olimar, as well as trying to not make it excrutiating by overflooding the screen with pikmin
  2. one of my games (postal 2), crashes when it is minimized and will not restart (some sort of Direct X error, yes I tried reinstalling both Direct X and the game itself). The only solution seems to be preventing it from minimizing, however even if I don't press the "windows" key, sometimes some dialog box or something else (mostly the prompting of connecting to the internet), is there any add-ons or any options I could tweak so it won't be minimized by anything?
  3. I heard (from somwhere..i dont remember) all third party characters WILL be unlockables
  4. Night is near, beginning ending Dawning dark the skies are sending Cry of black and cry of sorrow End of light and end of morrow From without the night is calling From within the night is mauling Single sign of darkness dawning Wretched light of darkness morning Evil hears and evil watches Evil knows and evil judges Brings to bloom the darkest flower This will be the darkest hour From the dust and soil awaken spirits lost and souls forsaken They will rise from over yonder They will fly and they will wander Through the flames I see them coming Through the flames I see them longing They have come to end the living Unforetold and unforgiving They are here, they crave, they hunger With the damned the nights grow longer Twisted limbs and twisted faces Demons from the darkest places But have no fear, I've come to save you Trust in me that's all you can do I lay to rest your fear and worry Come to me! Come on, let's hurry! This is where you find your ending Welcome to a death so mending You try to scream, your life is dimming cause I'm from Hell and DOOM I'm bringing!
  5. They might try to pull the psuedo-race thing like in warcrat 3 the frozen throne with the "naga" people
  6. if it was, it would make gameplay choppy before a total crash would occur. This seems to be a scripting error rather than a physical malady
  7. I played it sucessfully before, so but it randomly stopped working, shouldnt it be something else?
  8. Ah..gotcha EDIT: didnt work, specifically I installed "DirectX 9.0c End-User Runtime" from microsoft. Did I install the wrong thing? EDIT EDIT: From google searching, i found people playing similar FPS games got a similar problem when they pressed the "Windows" key and then maximized it from the taskbar. I did that the first time to do something, uninstalled it ,reinstalled and played. I did it about 10 minutes ago (didn't see the pattern before) and it locked up during gameplay when I maximized it. I wouldn't expect the effects to stick AFTER I did it though. Is there a solution? Or do you think I will just have to uninstall and reinstall?
  9. went to DirectX site, update to ver. 10, didn't work
  10. Huge disappointment, took away all game information. Its just a ploy to restate already known information with maybe 1 or 2 new things in a daily fashion to keep crazed fans satisfied. Composer list doesn't mean anything, does not equate to remixed themes, and therefore does not equate to inclusion of characters either. Only remotely interesting feature was "how to play" section. I'd rather new gameplay information come online than all this garbage.
  11. I really dont get it, they said new information would be released 12 AM SHARP. In japan in is now around 7 AM, May 22nd. how can they say info is coming out TODAY then? 12 am already passed, and the ppl in Japan are ahead of us (ppl in the U.S.). Did they mean 12 am of the 23rd?
  12. According to google, its around 5 am japan time right now, but release was supposed to be @ midnight, im not believing its a crappy blog, until I see a crappy blog
  13. LockRect failed: D3DERR_DRIVERINTERNALERROR History: UD3DRenderDevice::ReadPixels <- UD3DRenderDevice::Present <- UGameEngine::Draw <- UGameEngine::Draw <- UWindowsViewport::Repaint <- UWindowsClient::Tick <- ClientTick <- UGameEngine::Tick <- UpdateWorld <- MainLoop I get this when I try to play postal 2: share the pain. I have played it before successfully but It just randomly stopped working. I have tried reinstalling and patching. I have recently installed black and white and installed AVIRA antivirus and uninstalled McAffe, could those be a part of the problem? EDIT: After seeing if it affected any other programs, I tried to initalize B&W and it said the core file "black.exe" or something was corrupt or deleted or something. I did I system restore and before I installed B&W and AVIRA and I got a different error. (couldn't post) But, still, does anyone have a solution to the above? As I willl try to reinstall and see what happens.
  14. I see, would using Ad-aware in conjunction with MS antispyware and spywareblaster be enough to compensate?
  15. I've heard registered AVIRA is the way to go however, what other functions are opened besides that reminder going away?
  16. alright I've done some research, however everyone keeps beating around the bush about small features and such but theres no straight answer whether I should go with AVIRA or NOD32. Also, should I uninstall McAffe considering it SUCKS?
  17. Ok so Antivir or NOD32? Since I do have a router, i WOULD say the firewall be unnecessary, but once or twice I had some trojans installed in my computer that allowed it to be hacked. (including the "dr watson" thing) Zone alarm seems promising but from what smoke said I want some feedback before I commit to it. Also, I have ad-aware SE, how does spybot compare to it though?
  18. ok, so I need new antivirus and firewall. Currently, I have McAffe firewall and antivirus. However as I have heard MANY times before, McAffe seems to suck. I have heard things about NOD 32, but how is it better? Also, I feel the need for a firewall, but I dont know of any individual programs that just instate firewalls and not any extra clutter like McAffe does. In the case of Trojans, sometimes my Windows Explorer crashes as well as a hidden program called "Dr Watson postmortem debugger". The program itself is not malicious, however, a friend of mine says it is exploitable. Any feedback would be appreciated
  19. I suppose, but, im really being pressured to get the symantec. In what ways is NOD32 better specifically?
  20. Warcraft III problem solved, went into windows firewall settings and did the rest. But theres still the issue of the Antivirus, my subscription expires shortly and I dont know whether to continue with McAffe, switch to Symantec or NOD 32?
  21. im not on a college network. And yes its a router, any specific suggestions/directions for how to make the change? and also, I was thinking that was going to happen with norton.. (apparently several years of shittiness have done nothing to make it rectify itself), so, how is symantec then? and if thats also terrible, why does everyone love NOD 32?
  22. I have McAffe firewall (yes i know) and it doesn't block my acess to battlenet, however no one can join my custom games. I have tried allowing the network on mcaffe, as well as allowing port/ip that warcraft uses. however, it still isn't working. Any suggestions? Also, since basically everyone here complains about how bad Mcaffe is when I bring it up, what is better? I know everyone recommends NOD 32, but how is Norton? I can get a free subscription but im not sure if I want to make the switch.
  23. Try the .hack series credits and opening sequence songs.
  24. Technically, because of Chain of Memories, Sora is allowed to be in Brawl
  25. For spring Break, I am going to China. Terra Cotta soldiers and the great wall only hold my tiny attention span for so much time. My friends claims when he went to China, he was able to successfully use a U.S. N64 without it exploding or whatnot. So is the urban legend true?