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  1. i agree...halo 2 was the real slap in the face
  2. harvest moon...seems like the stupidest concept ever but it is just addicting.
  3. i'm sorry but the last thing we need is another majoras mask. that's the only zelda game i thought was terrible. as for twilight princess my complaint is that the bosses were too easy. i have never found zelda puzzles to be hard. or at least the aggrivatingly hard kind like in shadowgate for NES.
  4. just curious but is there any alliance players on bloodscalp? if so you should send me a PM or we should start a guild or something, i currently have a 34 warlock
  5. i am in the works of trying a meagaman remix but i am lacking samples that i feel would make the song better. i am looking for... a good square synth that can get good distortion a good bass drum sample a good snare sample a decent sounding guitar sample
  6. i know this thread is probably kinda old but i would like any sig of master cheif washing covenant blood-stains off of a warthog or of samus staring down ridley (snes samus if possible)
  7. i realized that i created one of these threads but i do not have the option to delete it. what should i do?
  8. i would say jynx lvl 3 from mario rpg. though i was only about lvl 18 when i fought him, the only way i could beat him was to fill my entire inventory with revival items
  9. i hate to critizise cause i know my stuff sucks mega in comparison...but it's just too damn repetitive.
  10. This song is just amazing! i have been a huge megaman fan all my life and this has to be the best remix i've ever heard!
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