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  1. Thanks much guys, getting me some black lagoon right now. Seems interesting. I'll check out Ghost in the Shell and Death Note also.
  2. I have been out of the anime thing for a few years but just finished Huruhi Suzimuya. It was really good and has resparked my interest. Can anyone recommend any newer series that are very serious, dramatic, sad or epic. Something cathartic to watch. I want to get attatched to the characters. Something really good, I don't have time to waist with a mediocre series. Thanks much in advance.
  3. Do not waste your time with the piece of shit known as Final Fantasy XII, what a piece of shit! STORY SUCKED. CHARACTERS SUCKED. MUSIC SUCKED. DON'T BUY IT.
  4. Hahaha that is exactly the response I was expecting. Actually their release "Genevieve" is an ambient masterpiece based on the drug dextromethorphan, but they are douchebags/tools as you said.
  5. www.velvetcacoon.com You guys know nothing of pretentiousness when it comes to music. Trust me.
  6. Indeed. Eve's PvE is LAME It's all about the player created content and PvP. OK, so I really have wanted to play this game for a long time. What do I do once I get in?
  7. You guys mean he looks aryan... and I like the N64 one better. I haven't played twilight princess yet though.
  8. I am so jealous of everyone who has this game.....................................................................
  9. Animal Crossing. If you like that sort of game, it fits what you want perfectly. That's one that I was seriously considering. Are there any good RPGs out yet? (I'm way out of the gaming loop right now) Mario and Luigi is pretty good I hear, but I didn't buy it because Paper Mario was a little to easy/simple for me and I heard it was similar. Castlevania DS is really good, but that has been discontinued so you would have to find it used. But, if you can find one, it is definitly worth your money. There aren't any good traditional RPGs out yet. There is one called Magical Vacation (or something) that looks pretty awesome, and is supposed to come out soon.
  10. Animal Crossing. If you like that sort of game, it fits what you want perfectly.
  11. http://www.studioarchcraft.com/project.htm I think this has been posted in this thread. But anyone who hasn't seen it definitly must.
  12. Square should have thrown a character in there.
  13. For some reason he looks like he'd be a pilot. God I could post these all day. So fucking rad.
  14. Sorry to randomly bump this thread up without wanting to discuss anythin, but I was wondering if any of you could help me. My CD-Drive is broken, the registry for the cd-drive is corrupt so I can't fix it in any way, not even buying a new one. I want to play WoW again, but I have no way of installing it now. i tried downloading the free trial client but it refuses to download properly. I was wondering if anyone knew any other sites that hosted the client or any other way I can get the game onto my computer. Thanks.
  15. You just drain his mp. With Queina. Yeah.
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