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  1. I don't know if anyone else has seen the movie "The Magnificent Seven" but the theme of that movie has some pretty close similarities to the song "Flight." I think it'd be pretty cool if someone could do an old western take on the song. But I have no idea how in line with the project that style would be.
  2. This song is awesome, but I can't help but think that the theme of this song was based off of the "Magnificent Seven" theme.
  3. Hey Claado, if possible, you would like to see this movie of yours acted out right? The people who worked on the other canceled Chrono projects probably could try CGing the movie. They probably still have some of their models left over.
  4. The trumpet triplets from around 3:00 to the end are too soft. I really wish I could hear more of the trumpets getting the main tune around 3:20. I don't like the switch to different instruments at 3:31, it should stay strong with the trumpets in my opinion. But its still a really good song.
  5. Man, both of your Frog songs are great. Do you still have anything left of the previous one? Would you consider releasing both tracks and having one as a bonus alternate track?
  6. I really wish I could help somehow. But anyway, keep going guys! This is all sounding great!
  7. Just throwing out an idea to you Global. Instead of just one dude sitting down, could you make that background people at the end of time talking to the guru? It seems like it would work pretty well.
  8. This song is almost like something straight of a movie soundtrack. Imagine, its a race (like in Chariots of Fire or Seabiscuit). The beginning is the people all getting ready to go. When the main theme comes in (54 sec.), that's when the race has started. All you see is the man firing the gun (no sound) and the people start racing off. The main hero is behind, but keeping up with the crowd. The camera shifts to the audience cheering for the hero running at 1:14 with the new strings. At 1:34 with the snare drum coming in, the hero gets his second wind and starts pulling forward. At 1:50, he's now up in 2nd place. From here to 2:08, he's gaining on first place. At 2:08, he barely pulls ahead and the finish line is seen. And at 2:28, the camera freezes on the frame where he runs over the finish line in first, with the guy right behind him. Then the camera blurs and fades out.
  9. Hey, ellywu2, why'd you take down Frog's Intervention?
  10. The vocals are good and all, but I don't know if they should be actually singing. Since this is a movie soundtrack, I don't know. I mean if it were for credits it would be fine, but I think it's up to Claado to decide whether to keep them in or not.