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  1. Pros: At the risk of sowing dissension, I love the different tonality between the original theme and the surrounding tracks and would be surprised if it wasn't intentional. The groove track poke you right in the "unsettling and never resolved feeling of anticipation". Might not be for everyone, though. Cons: +1 on the drums being a bit primitive, but this was OG OCRemix so that's not terribly surprising. Song structure is all over the place.
  2. Of all the Double Dragon remixes I've heard in the last two decades, this remix is the Double Dragonest.
  3. Putting the remix back in OCRemix, rearranging a ton of source material while augmenting it with an ecelectic assortment of instruments and electronica. Fantastic.
  4. "You got Parasite Eve in my Mass Effect!"
  5. Still slaps two decades later. Can't help but dance in my seat while I'm working.
  6. Very nice! Especially love the intro segueing "Land of Dwarves" into the main theme, as that piece doesn't get a lot of love. (Aside: Recommend updating the song's entry to reference that piece.)
  7. True. First verse of "El Layali" by Nawal El Zoghbi. This mix rocks a world of ass, but a cite would be nice.
  8. Sorry, I still gotta call this bad. Not because djpretzel is a bad singer--I really liked 7YearsBroken--but because this was just a pretty bad take. In any case, not the worst OCRemix I've heard, but pretty far down. Glad to see that with experience comes improvement; maybe one of these days I'll take a crack at singing. (If that happens, then fly, you fools!)
  9. I love this mix. I do wish I could understand the voices, though.
  10. Wow, nice job for a capella! I'm curious how you did the sound for the alien flying overhead.
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